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I have been a prolific artist all my life. I have evolved over the years from a portrait artist and surrealist to a Fiber-Artist currently. I have always been self-taught although I did study art history and basic graphic and design skills in college. In high school I competed and won awards in many local competitions with my portraits, surrealism and photography.

In the early nineties I exchanged my pencil for needle and thread and began studying embroidery and the Needle-Arts. I became proficient in many forms of embroidery and began designing my own pieces. I joined the Embroiderer’s Guild of America (EGA) and learned to tat during one of our meetings. Tatting is a form of lace-making using shuttles to tie hundreds and sometimes thousands of knots with a strong cordonnet thread.

I now design my own tatted lace, adding glass, crystal, wood, shell, semi-precious stones and Sterling beads as I work. My elaborate lace designs become one-of-a-kind jewelry, keepsakes and unique fiber  art. I still draw but mostly to design fiber-art and tatted lace.

Fiber Art is my passion now. I cannot put into words how much I truly enjoy what I do but I hope it is reflected in my work.

My creative process is very involved. My tatted jewelry and fiber-art take a lot of time and planning to develop and frequently are on my mind for days before I begin to pull it together. I will spend hours sketching and tatting a new design until I am satisfied with the pattern. I often like to work out new designs while hiking and camping with I work Sterling clasps and jewelry components into my lace to complete pieces of very durable jewelry. My jewelry can be sophisticated, ornate statement pieces or simple and whimsical motifs. All embellishing beads, gems and stones are either tatted into the piece or sewn in by hand.

My “Butterfly Gardens” are small works of fiber-art that adorn metal box lids or are enclosed in a frame. I add original tatted butterflies, flowers, leaves and snowflakes to linen or fabric that is often hand embroidered. Glass beads, sequins and metallic threads are used to embellish my work. I scour numerous embroidery encyclopedias as well as art and design texts looking for the necessary stitches and design ideas to fulfill what I am thinking of. I enjoy experimenting with color and texture designing pieces from variations of white to the highly saturated colors I enjoy most. I strive to create depth and a rich fanciful mood with my work. I find working with shuttles, needles and a variety of threads very satisfying, much like a painter with their brushes and paint.  My passion is always to take my needlework and lace-making to the next level where it becomes a unique and modern form of unique fiber art.

I am married and living in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania, USA. We have two cats, Mac and BeBe that keep us happy and entertained.
I work in my home studio designing new works for the The Blue Heron Art Gallery in Volant, PA, where I am also the Assistant Operations Manager.
I also manage my own online Etsy shop at http://www.snappytatter.etsy.com.

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