About Jennifer Kohr

I design original works of tatted lace jewelry, small fiber art works and embroidered paintings. I also paint using Corel digital software and create Mandalas for coloring or decorating. You can purchase my lacework in the Snappy Tatter link below and find my art work in Pixels.com

Crazy Snow

Snow in Snappy Tatter-land on April 15 is CRAZY! Snow ornaments in snappytatter-land for sale, not so unusual. I make new ornaments each year so the assortment I have available is always changing. Currently I added all of these:

Look for these in the tatted ornaments section. My ornaments sell fast each year.

Live, Love, Tat!


Fall down 7 times, get up 8…

I am a work at home artist. A couple of decades ago I became “permanently disabled” by the government guidelines after years of working through crippling anxiety and a rare neurological disorder that causes extreme head and eye pain multiple times a day. At the time I felt like life was over for me and I became extraordinarily depressed and rarely left my apartment for the next 3 years. Fast forward a bit, time and less depression led me to taking my creativity to the next level. I had desire to contribute to society as well as take better care of myself, I had been working as an artist for as long as I can remember. I draw and paint and embroider and always have. I am largely self-taught although I did take art and design classes during my years at college when I was young but my degree is in Opticianry.

Not knowing what to do next but knowing I wanted to try to do something outside the home, I answered an ad in the paper to be a private caregiver for the elderly. I was able to work a few hours a week which helped my quality of life on every level. During this time I was learning to tat. I had had one lesson from a woman who belonged to a lace-makers guild and from there I took the basics and began to create my own designs…mostly snowflakes and simple pendant and bracelet patterns.

One night I saw the online platform for artists and the handmade movement, Etsy, as a blurb on the nightly news. I was curious, looked into it, opened a bare bones shop, and sold a bracelet. BOOM…Snappy Tatter was born. That was April 30th of 2009 and I have learned so much since that time. My work has now sold to every continent except Antarctica, of course. And if penguins wore pendants…I may sell there as well. Lol.

Later in 2009, I was in a gallery outside Pittsburgh, PA, and the curator noticed the dragonfly necklace I was wearing. My then husband piped up and told him I had created it. I soon became a best selling artist in the Blue Heron Art Gallery for the next two years. I worked hard to create new patterns from scratch for my Etsy shop and the gallery. I also coordinated the other artists in the gallery for the Director. We had a wonderful enterprise going on until the board that oversaw the gallery decided to disband us and use the building for other purposes.

I was heartbroken. I loved being around the other artists and the activities and fund raisers we had. I began to go to art festivals to sell my work. How I did this, I do not know. The preparation and actually working the festival was incredibly draining. Aside from the 3 days in bed I would spend after the festival was over, I did have heavy lifting help from my then husband. I did shows and festivals for a couple of years. But with divorce and my neurological condition overwhelming me, it has not been an option for me to work a festival for several years.

So what’s a Snappy Tatter to do…back the car up turn the wheel and go another direction! I moved to Northeastern Washington state to live rustically with my now husband in a 600 sq. ft. A-frame cabin on a mountain in the woods. We were surrounded by hundreds of acres of untouched Washington forest that was unbelievably beautiful. We had electricity, one satellite TV station from Canada and a 55 gallon homemade stove for the long, drafty, cold winters. Notice I did not mention running water. That would be because we did not technically have it. Although, Jay, my partner, did rig a garden hose and pump system in a 275 gallon holding tank outside the kitchen window. He drilled a hole in the wall, brought the hose through and voila….I had water that ran on an electric on/off switch for my lovely stainless steel double sink. The work it took to live in Washington where I had to haul fresh spring water daily made me slim down considerably. Life was simple, but it was hard. I got to bathe outside in the sushine in a large rubbermaid tub because I am just that small. Bathing and having to have Jay wash and rinse my hair was probably one of the most amusing things we had to do. My sense of what a “clean house” means had to change with living with a barrel stove. The house would get sooty and always smelled like smoke so no more tatting for me unless I created and finished it outside. Jay purchased digital software and a tablet for me to paint/draw digitally so that artistic part of my self was satisfied. Jay worked to keep wood cut, harvesting the trees on his 4 acres and I worked hard to keep the inside of the cabin clean and dinner ready. It was a very conventional relationship and we both were very happy except I was getting sicker by the day.

Eventually we had to do something. Every day I was going through this cycle of attacks that brought excruciating pain into my face, the back of my head and straight through one eye all on the right side of my head. I have a rare trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia which is fancy for “Cluster Headache”. But Cluster Headache does not give this condition the weight it deserves and that is why people call it “suicide headache”. People have and will kill themselves to escape the non-stop excruciating attacks that involve so much more than pain and feel more like an aneurysm with stroke like symtoms. It hurts worse than broken bones, burns or even childbirth and it’s only saving grace is that it stops before you die and comes back later. I was diagnosed the same year I became disabled after suffering seasonally for years and was put on basic treatment but did not follow up. I lived with CH until the attacks became daily and that was when I moved to Washington. We sought out a new specialist who confirmed my diagnosis and told me…I had changed to an Intractable CH patient. Intractable as in, does not stop. Attacks come all through the day at roughly the same times and are treated with heavy meds and 100% oxygen inhaled at a high rate. It was horrific and became my “new normal”. Lord knows I have adjusted to so much and this was the next thing.

We decided to move off the mountain after 2 years of very satisfying “living off the grid”. We moved back onto the grid here in Idaho where we have a nice half acre and a much larger A-frame home…with running water in the high desert surrounded by 2 mountain ranges with less than a thousand people in our “city”. Lol. By now we got used to the daily 3-4 attacks I would get and always traveled with oxygen and medications. And to get back to my lacework has been made possible because the air is clean and I have less hard work to do during the day.

I suppose I should wrap this up. I am up early this morning and just started writing…too much coffee, maybe, maybe not. I like to get to know the people I buy handmade from and was thinking that my patrons may feel the same. I am now married to Jay, living in sunny Idaho and the clusters are not a daily issue due to new treatments and nerve blocks that are injected around my eye and back of my head. My extreme anxiety doesn’t fail me, though, so I still work through that. One thing that counters my anxiety is my work. Whether I am drawing Mandalas, painting or lace-making…I am cool as a cucumber, so my work serves as a therapy for me. God works like that, I believe. Every bit of the life I have shared has been touched by something greater than me at work.

I may miss taking sunset “spa baths” outside in my Rubbermaid tub but running water in a real home can’t be beat. Me, my husband Jay, the dog, two cats and two little guinea piggies are right where we are supposed to be. I do hope you enjoyed the little snapshot into my life. I gotta get to work now…life is waiting. Bless all of you that took the time to read about my life.

Stay safe and Live, Love, Tat!

New items in the shop!

I have been working diligently to get the final items into my shop and available for sale. You can find the items in the photos above in the Brooches, Pins and Hair Accessory section to the left and up top. Right now I am grateful I have been able to work at home all these years. I have been working hard on Etsy, Pixels and here to make available items that someone may want. I know many of us don’t have much money. None of us have much room to spend money on anything but necessities, but birthdays, holidays and special occasions still happen. And your online and local artists and artisans hope to help make your occasions even more special with their one-of-a-kind creations. I do hope everyone thinks about this. These shops allow me a meager income that helps assist our very fixed income. Art and artisan work isn’t just for income. It is to fulfill something we each feel a drive to experience in our souls. It keeps us afloat emotionally and makes us feel special when others love our things as much as we do. I guess my message is simple, if you are able:


Keep on Living, Loving, Tatting and staying safe,


New Mandala for sale

Visit my Etsy shop to purchase this beautiful, intricate, 4 sided, Mandala. Here is a direct link: www.etsy.com/listing/623801469
I will also have this Mandala available in my PIXELS shop where you can turn it into a throw pillow cover, a shower curtain, a hanging picture, a notebook, phone cover and on and on.

Tips for printing and coloring my Mandalas and printables.
-print on “best” quality setting and make sure the entire image fits the paper
-use heavyweight cardstock that is meant for marker and pen
-wait until the ink is fully dry before coloring
-try not to cross heavy black lines with marker to avoid bleeding
-color tight spaces the same color as adjacent spaces to create color blocks when the spacing seems tight.
Ask me anything, I have been coloring all of the Mandalas myself, partly to kill isolation time and partly because I like to show what they look like when they are colored.

In the works I have an elephant coming and a new painting of a stunning Lily. I also have new pendants that are soon to be listed here.

Stay safe everyone,
Live, Love, Tat!

My PIXELS are getting bigger and bigger


Hi all! Some of you may know I have an additional shop that I run along with Etsy and here where I sell my tatted works. I am also a traditional artist and sell my work on PIXELS.com. I mostly work in realism, recreating realistic subject matter from my own photography, but my surrealism/expressionism is popular and some of my favorite works.

“Baby” painted from the reference photo below
Photograph of our kitty kitty, Baby

The cool thing about shopping on PIXELS is the variety of items my work can be printed on. Here are a few options aside from traditional prints, stretched canvases, metal prints and fully framed items: pillow covers, phone cases, beach towels, tote bags, small pouches, greeting cards, coffee mugs and t shirts. I may have missed a few options but the sizes and options of prints and products is staggering.

I also sell my photography on PIXELS.com…here are a few of my faves:

My expressionism can be very raw at times. The work is often inspired by emotional pain and the physical pain of my neurological disorder. I am disabled and have been for a long time but I am an artist and my work gives me a love of life, even through the pain I have to endure. Here are a few of my surrealism and expressionism works:

Coloring has become popular as of late. People like to color and relax. I admit it is very relaxing. I started off by making the black line drawn blanks using software, thinking I really didn’t want to color them in. And then that all changed when I saw what happens when you add color when my little sister and her daughters filled some in for me. So I have blank black line drawings for sale and if you don’t want to color it yourself, I can sell you what I have colored in myself. You can use PIXELS to print what you want on many of the options I listed above. You can also visit the section “Printables to Color” in my Etsy shop and download and print the Mandala on paper (I recommend heavy cardstock) and color it in yourself. Many of them are so tedious in design, you can spend hours filling in all the spaces, like the one below.

At PIXELS.com you can find endless options when it comes to buying my artwork. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you will find that I post from all three shops, this shop, Etsy and PIXELS. It’s a great way to see what I have and keep up with new works.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and take a moment to visit PIXELS to see the endless possibilities of how my work can be made into something just for you.

Live, Love, Tat, Photo, Draw!

Snappy Tatter gets her groove back!

I have finally been getting back into the groove of things around here. After Jay’s hospitalization, we were both finding we felt weak and tired. It was just a common reaction after such a long, stressful event. My husband is still struggling with his energy but we are both concerned that we will not be able to do the things we want to this summer, like hiking, if we don’t get used to moving our bodies more. So we are trying to take some walks and strengthen our muscles.

I have been working through the days adding new products to this shop and creating announcements that Snappy Tatter is moving to a second shopping website. My Etsy shop WILL remain open and all listings will be Made to Order (MTO). It is so much easier to choose variations for custom MTO work on Etsy that I am leaving those listings up and will be adding more. If an item is already made and ready to ship, you will find it here at http://www.snappytatter.com. If you order from Etsy, I will promptly create your order and ship it.

I have been with Etsy for 10 years now. I have seen so many changes and I have built up a nice customer base. I don’t want to lose that. The Etsy platform is easy to work with as well. I hope to expand my patrons and audience with this shop and my PIXEL.com shop where I sell paintings and drawings. I will talk about PIXELS later.

I want everyone to know that you can find all items a little less expensive here. Etsy has raised certain fees and changed their marketing structure (making it more expensive) forcing me to change my pricing on Etsy ONLY. There is free shipping if you order over $35 worth of items on Etsy though. Here the prices will be lower because of fewer fees and shipping is a flat rate of $4.50 for anywhere in the US.

These are changes that are happening but not completed. Now that I am feeling more rested and more pulled together, I am checking off my long list of things I have wanted to do for my work.

Here are a few of the latest listings that have been added to the category Motif necklaces and pendants and Fully tatted necklaces. There are more details, such as size and materials in the listings. Feel free to explore!

Live, Love, Tat!

Snow in the desert happens…a lot.

Hi Snappy Peeps! All finished, ready to ship, bracelets and cuffs are now listed in my shop here. The J Kohr Couture section is full and so are the earrings. I will be moving on to transferring pendants next.

The bracelets that remain on Etsy will all be Made To Order (MTO). There are so many options for MTO work, dozens of colors to choose from and beading is pretty much unlimited. You can order right in your size and collaborate with me through messenger right there.

I will not be closing the “Made to Order” part of my Etsy shop as it is so convenient. Everything that is ready made will be offered here and shipped promplty. I do not have the increasing fees of Etsy to deal with here so I can charge based on my time and materials (without 5% for this and 15% for that…and on and on). Also shipping is FLAT RATE here!!!

I am just so busy getting this all established right now but it is a satisfying busy-ness while I wait for the Arco desert where I live to thaw. The photo in this post is fresh powder from this morning clinging to every tree and shrub at the front of our property. [facepalm]

Live, Love, Tat!

Bracelets bracelets bracelets

Three new bracelets have been listed in my Snappy Tatter-land shop. You can find the full listings for the two Daisy Chain styles and the brand new design, PIXIE Band in the Tatted Bracelets and Cuffs section under Snappy Tatter products for sale at the top of your screen. More to come!

Live, Love, Tat!


Shop Snappy Tatter at Snappy Tatter!

It’s happening! My shop is filling up with all kinds of goodies so far. My entire collection of J Kohr Couture jewelry, earrings and two new jewelry sets can be found here now. This shop will fill with items that are ready to ship and easy to purchase. Just put it in your cart and hit the pay button and it will be on it’s way.

I have been with the Etsy platform for over 10 years now and there were times when working with them was so easy and fair in the beginning. It was a ready made platform that was simple to understand for someone like me that is NOT a computer nut. I happily hummed along in my little shop learning the ins and outs of what makes an Etsy shop successful. Then Etsy began to change some of the game including their fees and how and who is advertised where. With hundreds of thousands of sellers at their disposal they can make changes that make it hard for established sellers like me to decide to move or to just adjust. I know it has caused some to move on and find other online venues. I have stuck with them but after realizing that Etsy is advertising other tatter’s and other seller’s work in my shop pages…I am going to limit my use and hopefully completely expand to being here over time.

Rush earrings in mint with silver-lined glass beads

You can purchase from Snappy Tatter-land easily. Notice the restructuring of the menu at the top. Directly under the banner is a menu for items that are already made and ready to ship. You will also see that the pricing is a little different. That is because I do not get nickel-and-dimed with fees here on my own website so pricing can be a little lower. YAY!!!! There is little I like about having to raise my prices to meet excessive fees. Shipping will also be a flat rate of $4.50 for the US no matter how many items you buy and a flat $12.50 everywhere else. I will probably re-evaluate that later to make sure I can afford to give such reasonable shipping charges like any shop owner would but for now…simple is what I am striving for.

Bubbles the Fish Pendant in J Kohr Couture

This is all a very exciting part of my journey as an artist. All kinds of thoughts are swirling around of what I want to offer and how. Now I feel like I am my own shop-owner and not a member of someone else’s giant international bazaar. And things are working in my favor. I truly believe that when things are meant to go the way you are headed, there is an ease about it. Problem solving has few blockades and things just…work. So far, setting up listings and advertising, social media and a handful of behind the scenes things has happened with exactly the ease I speak of. I am grateful for that and hope it continues to be simple.

Heart String Couture necklace and Valentine earrings

Here you will find ready made jewelry, snow and snow covered satin ornaments, small works of fiber art, including the boxes and framed works, stationery that has been hand drawn and embellished with tatting and more. I believe I can also offer digital works for sale so my printable Mandalas may move here as well. My paintings and drawings will remain with www.jennifer-kohr.pixels.com. unless I decide to start offering prints here. That’s down the road. See? The wheels are turning like it has a hamster in it that drank a pot of coffee.

Dainty earrings with silver Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Ultimately the plan is simple…(muttering…simple, she says)…but this is my idea for the time being. Here in Snappy Tatter-land you will be able to purchase ready made items that will ship within a couple of business days. Those items are also remaining in my Etsy shop (at a slightly higher price) until I feel comfortable emptying the shop EXCEPT for Made to Order items (MTO’s). Those items will remain in Etsy because of the ease of choosing the variations you want for custom work. You don’t even have to talk to me…you can just make selections there and I will fulfill your request and ship it so it is very easy to use. Here I do not quite have that same option. As I create new creations they will come here only but I will remain with Etsy and I will continue to advertise there (and get lost in a sea of other advertisers). I will let you know if there are changes in this idea.

So, for now, shop for J Kohr Couture, earrings and jewelry sets by clicking the menu at the top under my banner. Please let me know in the comments if you are interested in custom work or bridal work. You can also always reach me at jjskohr@gmail.com.

In the works right now…more Rose jewelry, more tatterpillars and up next Bracelets and Cuffs will be added to the sales menus.

Have a lovely evening everyone!

Live, Love, Tat!


A painful event in my life…

Hi everyone. I have been away but not because I have wanted to be. The past 6 months have been terribly trying for me and my husband. I spent a long time hospitalized last September until mid October. (I am fine now). Then my dear husband got sick on New Year’s Eve and nearly lost his life. He had to be hospitalized over an hour away so I was splitting my time between being at the hospital and a local hotel for 5 days and spending 2 days here at home making sure life goes on for all of our furbabies. I have not felt so much emotional pain and exhaustion in my life. I watched my beautiful husband wrestle with the Flu, pneumonia, sepsis, near kidney failure and almost bleeding out into his stomach all of which happened in the initial 24 hours. He was in the Intensive Care Unit all but about 5 days out of 30. For the first 15 he was barely conscious and on life support. I did not know if he was coming back or what I would do if he did not. I felt like I was just thrown into this painful, helpless position and all I could think was…I need him so much.

I have strong faith and I prayed daily for guidance, support and strength. Friends from all over the US who know us reached out to me and helped lift me up with prayer and kind words during this exhausting time. Some helped me stay in the hotel close to him, others called me or messaged with me, sometimes late into the night. I kept going through this back and forth of things maybe being okay and soul crushing blows of his health taking two steps back. I cried daily. I was burning out at the hospital holding his hand and talking to him daily, unsure if he understood me (he developed ICU psychosis). But then I would be home and worried sick that something serious would happen while I vigorously cleaned the pellet stove, the guinea pig cage, litter box, and showered and repacked myself.

We are home now and January is a ways away but Jay and I both are dealing with the trauma of his month long hospitalization. He is still very tired but he is here. The frightening part is over. I have a different perspective of our relationship and how dearly I love him.

How much energy one or both of us will have each day is unpredictable. I thought I would let everyone know…I am not out of the business. I actually have some big plans I will talk about later. My life screeched to a halt on New Year’s Eve and nothing mattered more than my family.

My husband would have died within hours if I had not gotten him to the hospital ER. I want everyone out there to hold their loved ones a little closer…kiss foreheads and hold hands. I pray something of this magnitude does not have to effect your life and you all can be well. Take care of yourselves during the spread of the newest virus (the coronavirus) that is attacking us and protect yourself from deadly diseases like the flu and pneumonia with a simple vaccine. My husband had neither and may not have had to fight for his life had he taken that one step.

I pray all of you stay protected and well.

Live, Love, Tat!