BBB-Big Blossom Bracelet

The BBB (Big Blossom Bracelet) in red and peach

BBB is a chain of big tatted flowers and one of my original designs. I have been making it for a long time now. Although I have the pattern diagrammed in my pattern book, I seem to change it frequently. It started as big flowers individually tatted together and then beaded, but with my infinite desire to make the thread ends as secure as possible and save myself the time of hand-sewing in beads I have learned to work more efficiently. I tat beads in while I work and tat the center ring and outer chains together in one successive round. Thus, fewer thread ends to hide. Sometimes I add frilly picots and sometimes none. Just depends on what I fancy.

I made this bracelet in black with a teal center for my sweet niece, Alyssa. A center bead in fuchsia made the blossoms super modern for a nine year old. She is a blossom herself, just starting to bloom as a creative and talented girl.

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