New Lace!

New Lace!

Hey all! I've been working on a new lace design. This is a new twist on one of my first designs called Chantilly. Shuttle tatted in 8 parts, matching seed beads were added one by one as the knots were tied. More beading will be sewn into the design. I am on the fence as to whether I should add pearls or crystals, and what kind of additional seed beads would really make it pop. The lace itself took several hours to shuttle-tat. It is about 2" wide and will be 6.5"-7" long when I finish attaching the jewelry components.

This will be a stunner when it is completed and will be part of my JJ Chic Couture collection. JJ Chic Couture are one-of-a-kind elaborate laceworks. You can find the collection in the Featured section below.

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