The sunshine in my life...

The sunshine in my life...

Everything is coming up like sunshine around here! I love taking custom orders. And I am always open to collaborating with customers including bridal parties to create just what they are looking for. A customer of mine loved her Sunflower earrings so much she ordered 3 more sets for gifts adding custom bracelets in gold with black Czech glass beads to match. Steps and Frilly Simplicity Bracelets in yellow and black.

The skinny bracelet style comes from my Halo collection and is called "Steps" as it looks like little footprints to me. The wider bracelet is called "Frilly Simplicity" and is a variation from my Simplicity collection.

The jewelry components are all silver plated including the toggle clasps. I find the toggles are easy to clasp compared to lobster style clasps and more secure than hooks. 
Sunflower earrings in black and gold
The Sunflower earrings are a simple pattern I call "Dainty" which I also use to make various flowers and snowflakes. For the Sunflowers I use fewer stitches and same sized picots to get a the dense compact look of a flower. Silver-lined gold Czech glass beads are both tatted and hand sewn into the design. Dark gold iris beads and large 6mm Czech glass rounds complete the beading. 
I have made a lot of Sunflower jewelry this year. Including a special brooch for a customer to give to her mother-in-law.
This was made with my traditional Sunflower pattern that I also make into a pendant. Two Oak leaves in olive and medium leaf green are attached to the brooch backing. The leaves are also original Snappy Tatter designs.
I am ready to create anything now that does not involve
For custom creations you can always contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.  Everything in my shop can be made in different colors and some variation in size...except for JJ Chic Couture. That collection is one-of-a-kind in design and/or the style of beading. Most of the Couture work is made as I go so I do not create patterns I can easily duplicate. I like having a collection that is more luxury and uniquely Snappy Tatter.
You can also visit my Etsy shop where I have many listings that are easily customizable. For now this shop has ready to ship listings that are not customizable but you can always ask if it is possible in another size or color.
I hope you enjoyed the Sunflower gallery!
Live, Love, Tat!
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