Hello everyone and welcome to Snappy Tatter! This is my new shop. I have another shop on Etsy where I have many Made to Order listings available that are customizable. www.etsy.com/snappytatter. For now, everything in this shop is ready to ship. I ship in 1-3 business days via USPS.

So far this shop is still a work in progress as I learn to navigate the new platform. There is so much work to do! Including, creating new works and current customer orders so I will be in and out making tweaks as necessary. I am really trying to get all my ready made inventory on here as quick as possible.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my work or me as an artist. I do a lot of custom work and will be happy to collaborate on something perfect for you. Just ask. There is a contact form below.

So while I finish my current orders and work on the appearance and content of this shop please enjoy what I have done so far and stop back soon. Everything will be changing daily for awhile.

You can stay on top of new blog posts and new additions to my shop by subscribing to my email list on the form below. I will do my best to update you all when something new happens.

I can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as well. The links are at the bottom of the page.

That's it for now.

Live, Love, Tat!


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