Mini Fiber Art Box Gallery

A gallery of Fiber Art Mini Boxes for you to enjoy. All are created and finished completely by hand. These delightful treasures measure 2″ in diameter or less.  They include tatted butterflies, flowers and leaves, Czech glass beads, Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski and Celestial crystals, Sterling, shell, semi-precious stones, embroidery, handmade cable, and are lined with matching felt.

Click the photos for a larger view.  Boxes that are available are directly linked to my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter.

Candie the Tatterpillar

Candie’s spiky profile

Izzy the Tatterpillar

Izzy’s close up

Vivien’s Playground

Emerald Harvest

Little Miss Sunshine

Purple POP

Butterscotch Blaze (sold)

The Orange Blossom

Red Dahlia (sold)

Flourish Flirt (sold)

Crystal Watermelon (sold)

Ruby’s Love (sold)

Sunset Star (sold)

Sunshine Flutter

Purple Berry Frilly Fleur

Hot Pink Frilly Fleur

A few of my favorite mini boxes of 2010.

Lavender Love (sold)

This is a 1 1/2″ mini metal box adorned with black and white floral fabric and teeny flowers with Sterling centers. The PIXIE butterfly is a rich lilac color and has been stiffened to be permanently 3-D. The cable around the garden is handmade and the interior is lined with lavender felt.

Citrus Flutter

This tiny box is adorned with a citrus colored shuttle-tatted butterfly. The background is a simple damask cotton in shades of white so as not to detract from the delicate beaded butterfly. Shiny silver lined glass beads are used for the body in a gold color. The wings have Aurora Borealis coated clear gold beads. The butterfly has been hand stitched to the cloth. The cable is handmade in white and the interior is lined with golden felt. This little treasure measures 1 1/2″ in diameter.

Silver Double Flutter (sold)

Named after the double PIXIE butterfly in silver thread that I recently designed. Embellished with Sterling beads in the wingtips, this little delight rests atop a wee 1 1/4″ round metal box. Surrounded by soft teeny flowers with bronze colored pearl centers, the Butterfly has been attached in a way that makes it seem as if it just came to rest…or is about to take flight.

Double Flutter in Black and Blue (sold)

Double Flutter PIXIE butterfly in deep turquoise and black hovering over a tiny Blacklip Shell blossom. Tiny silver lined beads create a shimmery spiral from the flower to the butterfly on a rich, leafy green background.

(sold) The sweet Dandelion on the lid of this box is embellished with random glass seed beads for a brilliant sparkle. The center crystal is amber in color with AB coating. The blossom is centered on lime green leafy fabric and white satin cord surrounds the garden. Lined with dark green felt, this 1 1/2″ round box is a favorite of mine. I love Dandelions.

Black Dahlia

(sold) A rich design with a raised and ornately beaded black Flair flower on a royal red velvet surface. Silver lined seeds are shuttle tatted into the edge and add sparkle to the center. 32 facet black crystals and a large Sterling focal bead make this flower a glamorous attraction. The edge is handmade cable and the wee 1 1/2″ round metal box is lined with red felt.

Dainty Flake

(sold) A delicate Dainty Snowflake with glass seed beads and a large AB crystal. The background is a rich red embossed with gold flakes. White satin cord surrounds the wee box which is lined with deep red felt. The Dainty Flake Keepsake below was embellished with clear AB seed beads and a large Sterling focal bead.

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