Here Fishy Fishy!!!

My second fish is swimming into Snappy Tatter-land! In lilac and peach with berry colored seeds and silver lined gold glass for a “pop”…this brilliant little fish turned out perfect! Fishy Fishy has perfect Swarovski crystals embedded in the tail and front fin. The rocailles that make the gold stripe along her back have a square hole making them more sparkly than regular round beads. I have made long Strand earrings that match, too!

Fishy Fishy is listed on Etsy in my J Kohr Couture section of my Etsy shop.

More work and news is coming to Snappy Tatter-land soon. I did not get into the magazine that had messaged me. That is fine. Although the Editor loved my work, the publisher was not as interested. The jewelry designers in the magazine are fabulous but the work is more traditional than my handmade lace. Still, it is nice to be noticed and she did ask me to submit pieces in the future if I am interested.

I am getting through the most difficult part of the year with my chronic illness a little easier because of the nerve blocks I get. So that is good news.  I hope I can stay on top of Snappy Tatter things better. I just try to take it day by day. God gives me what I need and I try to be as helpful to my fellows as possible! Everything works out better when I live that way!

Live, Love, Tat!


A fish tale…Bubbles

I live in an area where outdoor life is the center of everything. Not only is the culture

the biggest fish I ever caught!

farm oriented…but hunting, hiking, fishing are all activities that make up the lives of the people of Idaho. I love to fish although I am not very skilled at it.  my partner was an Alaska commercial fisherman for much of his younger life which, if you watch any cable television, is a hard life that forges tough men.  Tis true. 🙂


I get all kinds of natural designs on my mind from time to time. It started with the obvious, butterflies and flowers and developed later into

Ray the Tatterpillar

tatterpillars (giggle), lots of various leaf designs and now…fish. Bubbles is my newest original Snappy Tatter creation. I spent many hours designing different tails before I ventured into creating an actual fish so there will be more coming in various shapes and sizes.

Welcome Bubbles!


Bubbles available in my Etsy shop through this listing. He is a one-of-a-kind Fish so if he sells online or in person, he will not be available again. But a new Fish will be spawned soon, just stay tuned to my Etsy shop and Snappy Tatter-land!

Live, Love, Tat!


Fingers Crossed…

Good news no matter what! I have been handpicked by an editor of a magazine to possibly show my work in a gallery or article. I was contacted last week and am now waiting patiently with fingers crossed while my work is presented to the publisher for approval. If approved I could be published in June! The current J Kohr Couture pieces below are being reviewed this week. I should hear by the end of the week whether they are interested or not. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

~Petite Summer Gala~


~Spanish Gala~


~Leaf Garland~


~Pink Dianthus Gala~


Even if I am not chosen for the magazine…it is very exciting that I was handpicked by an editor. The magazine, that I do not want to name yet, is absolutely amazing. So this is just very exciting for this small town tatter. If they are purchased through my Etsy shop there will be a wait time to receive the items so they can be shipped to the publisher, photographed and returned to me. Very exciting, peeps! Fingers crossed and prayers of thanks up!

Live, Love, Tat!



A bonfire on my desk

I follow this blogger…and you should too… 🙂

drunk on color

It’s been raining since Thursday… the solar panels are starving and I haven’t been able to use my laptop, for fear of draining my batteries beyond recovery. Sometimes I think I have watched enough water fall from the sky to wash the world away.

No matter. I have been writing letters. Yes, those letters, the ones I’ll be mailing copies of, to the dozen brave first customers who came to my ETSY shop over the past two weeks.

But there have been other letters, besides. Friends, and strangers, will also be getting something in the post from me this February. It’s International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo) and, for 28 days, hundreds of people have pledged to write a letter (postcard, gift card…) a day. You can write to people you know, or you can pick some lucky ducky from the list of addresses submitted to the InCoWriMo page.

It isn’t…

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So listen Idaho…we really love it here. The house is comfy and warm. We are settling in really well. Your scenery is just spectacular and I have to tell you, Idaho, I just love the western charm. You have some beautiful cities with the culture I love and these adorable quaint towns that are themed or just have some classic country charm. BUT WHERE IS THE SNOW??? I mean, we have a weird coating in the yard that refuses to melt because it stays just cold enough in the shade to create a jigsaw puzzle of white…but otherwise…nada. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Zip. I believe we get a reporting of possible snow from who Jay is now calling the “Weather Liars” almost daily…and there is an occasional flake in the air…it gets bitter and I mean, BITTER cold here but no white stuff. I am disappointed. 😦 We are almost to February and I am waiting…I will give you till April to show me a pure white fluffy blanket of the stuff I love.

I am joking, of course. When we moved here in the beginning of last summer we were warned about the previous winter. I guess it was really rough around here. We were up on the Canadian border last winter and in our own winter wonderland. Snow is one of my favorite things. At the beginning of the season we braced ourselves and when we went on a couple of our last scenic drives I took a few photos. Pretty beautiful…




I have never stood on frozen water before…that ^^^^ is Mackay Reservoir above and the ice is several inches thick. I stood on it, freaked out a little, and headed to the shore. Lol.

I have been working on this website. I changed the theme to one that matches the branding I have developed over the years for Snappy Tatter. I like it and think it looks more sophisticated. The galleries of work are still to the left but now social networking is to the right and is larger.

I have created a few new things. I concentrated on “Snowballs” this year, lace covered satin balls and eggs ornaments. I have a new large cuff design I am working on that will belong to my Couture line. I also have a heart necklace and earring and just created a Fish over the last few days…yes, a Fish. And he is a snazzy Fish, too.

I hope to showcase these things shortly. Now that the website is how I like it (I think) and I am patiently waiting on snow…I hope to pull my social networking around again. With everything available I still find that here is the best place to keep an ongoing journal of happenings and galleries of my works!

Live, Love, Tat!




I like to Move it, Move it…

Hello all! It has been awhile, I know. I am still here and am hoping to be moving to another online space soon. My new space will be custom designed for Snappy Tatter. In the meantime, I am working to open Snappy Tatter back up on Etsy after a short vacation where I made some dramatic changes in my life.

I am in Idaho now. Surprise! Jay and I moved to a small, high desert town surrounded by beautiful mountains. We moved from an A-frame with no running water, wood heat and about 600 sq. feet on a small isolated mountain…to a different A-frame with twice the space and pellet heat in a small western town where I have a lovely studio of my own…oh, and running water. Lol. And my work no longer needs to be stored away because here it is clean and warm and I have space to work.  Did I mention the water thing?


So back to happy tatting, I go.

The past 3 or so years I have struggled with an illness that flattens me at times. It is extraordinarily painful with a host of debilitating symptoms that repeat throughout the day. I have had this for a long time but it became more frequent and difficult to treat since my last year in Pennsylvania. This disability has kept me from my work a bit so I am adjusting the way that I do things in Snappy Tatter-land. Purpose is important for everyone, including the disabled. Creating handmade work and self-expression is vitally important for any artist. It is what makes our heart hum. I have found that working lace, drawing and embroidery are a wonderful distraction during times that I have fewer symptoms. So I must continue to “do” and create a new normal.

This “new normal” means I understand my limits and get the best out of my abilities. So behind the scenes I am working to streamline my more tedious processes, even though I love the tedious. I am also going to only list works that are readily available for shipping in my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter, for the time being. This takes a little pressure off of me. The important part is to create…so that is what I am working towards.

For my March birthday, which is also a horrible time of year for my condition, my sweetheart bought me a Wacom drawing tablet and digital software so I could create paintings on my laptop, on the sofa, between attacks of illness. I was instantly addicted once I started to get used to the elaborate tools involved. I have been able to create paintings using several different digital mediums.

“Fire Flower” was created using mostly variations of pastels, blenders, and oil paint from a photograph that my friend, Jan, took and posted to her Facebook page. I created this and then posted it on her page to thank her.

fire flower final

Next I finished “My Mac” a drawing using mostly variations of charcoal, pen and pencil. Mac is one of my furbabies. In this picture he was asleep at the top of the stairs in my home in PA. The sun streamed in on him as he dozed and I snapped the shot.

My Mac

The latest muse, “Mariposa’s Guest”, was found here in the desert. There are beautiful flowers called Mariposa here and I have been snapping photos left and right of them. When I snuck up on this one I found a wee little friend…a see-through spider. I am a recovering arachnophobic for sure. The rustic cabin in Washington with spiders the size of spatulas about cured me of that fear. I spotted and killed them so frequently I nicknamed them “dailies”…because I literally saw one daily. So creating this painting out of the oil, pastel and various blender variations was an exercise in tolerance…and keeping down my lunch.


I am hoping to get some professional prints made and offer them for sale or maybe some blank notecards with my paintings on the front. That is just another thing on the list for now.

So we live in a different place and are making new friends and are finding our way around the small western towns of lovely Idaho. We travel through the mountains and I have so many pictures of red sunsets. I deal with my illness as it waxes and wanes and have a new treatment that is helping, nerve blocks in my skull. We have a little family here with our crazy border collie, our kitties and silly guinea piggies. We saw the full eclipse in the middle of the desert in August. A week later Jay asked me to marry him on a mountain top. ❤ We are blessed in this little town and I never lose sight of the things that I do have over what is difficult for me.


Please do not hesitate to let me know if you are interested in custom Snappy Tatter work. I am very excited to get back to this aspect of my life!

Blessings everyone!
Live, Love, Tat!


My life 2.0



All of you know it takes a lot to draw me away from what makes me…me. A life of lace-making, designing, drawing and exploring the natural world. I found out what it takes to do that last year. I have always shared small details of my personal life so you can get to know me beyond being an artist. It almost feels like an obligation, albeit minor, to explain where I went, why I haven’t been here and why I am back. I think mostly because from here on I want to share my new life with you and my new life is very different now. Without a simple explanation it may actually seem like I was abducted by aliens and plopped back down on the planet a year later in a different life altogether. That is not a distant analogy.

Here is the short and simple answer for my absence…I was divorced at the beginning of the year. At the end of the year, I moved my fur babies and Snappy Tatter 2300 miles away to a cabin on a mountaintop in Washington to live with my sweetheart. So life seemed to be stagnant, move forward extremely fast, screeched to a halt, take an about-face and fly the other direction until it just started to cruise along comfortably again. And here I am.

I have still worked, I have still drawn and done some minor things to keep busy. I have taken lots of photographs to fill my beloved “inspiration” folder on my computer. I have kept my eyes open and my mind ready. But in order to keep my internal scales balanced I had to move some things around. Snappy Tatter as a business stopped in time. I had to be okay with that. My business is not what makes me thrive…my art makes me thrive. And that stays with me in the workings of my mind even when it is not being expressed.

Snappy Tatter is back. I am back. As all the repercussions of my relatively simple divorce fell into place I realized for the first time in my years…I can go ANYWHERE.

There is a meme online that says something like…she thought she could, so she did. That was my life last year. The man I fell in love with was miles from me in an opposite kind of life that I was in. I was in the greater Pittsburgh area…very metropolitan, full of culture and easy access to everything you can think of from every ethnic restaurant to healthcare. He was on a small mountain on the border of Canada in northeast Washington living a simplified, rustic life that required hard work and was about a half hour from the smallest of towns. Our connection was, you guessed it, the internet, the phone, Skype, texting.

When we couldn’t bear to be apart any longer, he came to be with me in PA while I searched for a new home in the countryside. I kept coming up empty with options as time was ticking away inside a house I had up for sale. SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD, SO SHE DID. I moved. Away from the state I grew up in to here…a place I could only dream of being.

My Life 2.0

Snappy Tatter is open again. I have a small area to work in with my drafting table and desk. I am still sorting through alllllll of my threads, findings, beads, paperwork, boxes, photos, pencils, tablets…it goes on and on. Much of my “things” are stored in a room above the porch that is uninsulated so we have enough room in this A-frame cabin with our two cats, dog, and the guinea pig. Yes, I have a dog now. My life is unbelievable now. So incredibly different. I am different. I wanted you to know…I had to unravel everything a bit to knit my life back stronger and better for me.

So there will be new work galleries coming soon of what I have done over last year for a handful of faithful customers (thank you for your patience, Heidi). There will be photos of my new work space, maybe a few of the lazy furbabies, this wee cabin, a couple of my Love including a drawing of his handsome face, and many of the vast acres upon acres of God’s land I am now blessed to live in. Life has changed…so will Snappy Tatter. That is truly what it means to be an artist…as life changes…so does the work. And how you feel about it. Welcome everyone, into my new life.

Live, Love, Tat!


The picture above…that is part of the drive that gets us to our home. It was taken when I got here in the fall last year. We have about a mile of undocumented drive we have to travel to get in here.