Guest Artist Saffron Johns from otherworlds

Introducing a very talented guest Artist, Saffron Johns.

Saffron Johns from otherworlds

Perusing through Etsy can be a very daunting challenge when you are looking for truly skilled artists and artisans. But there really are people there who create because it satisfies their soul not just to make money, and they are harder to find. Saffron Johns from Other Worlds is one of these artists. Her unique, unbridled imagination and skilled way of bringing it to fruition puts her in a category all by herself. Crocheting and knitting with wire, beads, jewelry components and even small lights, she has developed her work in a way that allows everyone to see inside her bright imagination.

Crochet Wire Crown
Reserved for a lucky customer

I love when an artist finds the perfect medium with which to express themselves. And I love when that medium is not traditional because I know they are taking a chance of being obscure in a sea of more traditional work. I think that when you love what you do and and spill your heart and imagination into your work, people can sense that.  I felt Saffron’s work was so special that it deserved recognition as an exceptional artist here in Snappy Tatter-land. I wanted her as a guest not only to satisfy my own curiosity about her work and life, but also to give her work the exposure it deserves.

A gallery of her designs as well as social connections are found after her interview.

Saffron’s Interview

Imagination is an endless pool of inspiration and ideas where anything is possible. -Saffron Johns Continue reading

Guest Artist Sarah E. Hennessey from sometimesiswirl

I am excited to introduce my first guest Artist in Snappy Tatter-land, Sarah E. Hennessey.

Sarah E Hennessey from sometimesiswirl

Sarah E. Hennessey from sometimesiswirl is a fantastic artist I discovered while perusing the many talented artisans on Etsy. I immediately fell in love with her lively, swirling style and bold designs. I feel her style speaks to me and truly is a treat to the eyes. Modern, organic and flowing, Art Nouveau is how I would describe her work. Her designs are swirling floral originals and prints in ink, bold embroidery framed in traditional hoops,  swirling designs adorning vases and fabrics and sharp, intricate line-drawn cities. She creatively pushes her boundaries exploring new colors and textures as well as mediums. I follow sometimesiswirl on Facebook and am always amused by the  light sense of humor and candor of her postings. She is fresh and talented and I hope everyone enjoys this interview. A gallery of her work as well as social connections and a special Etsy shop coupon is found after her interview. read on for her wonderful interview and gallery of work…