Welcome to Snappy Tatter-land!


I am an Artist and Shuttle-Tatted Lace designer. My fiber art designs are handmade and original, created in my home studio. I am a wildflower hunter, tea drinker, and intractable suicide headache survivor, taking life one day at a time.

This is my little space in the world to talk about the joys of designing and creating, my life challenged by a disability, and the people and activities that amuse me.

Live, Love, Tat!

End of the year…Fresh Start

Well, there has been no way to retrieve the 1000 or so photos that I lost when my computer fried up. The flash drive I store them on fried up as well. So this is just a note to everyone out there storing valuable info on flash drives…back up your backup.

So time to start over. Fresh computer. Fresh flash drive and fancy new camera for Christmas. Little by little my photos will be posted as I catch up on work with my Etsy site and my Operations duties with the art gallery I belong to, the Blue Heron.

The Blue Heron is in the process of renovating a new building to move into and I am designing the floor plan. As for Etsy, I plan to launch a chic, sophisticated line of jewelry in 2011 and continue designing one-of-a-kind Ice Crystals as well. I have several new Butterfly Garden Boxes to photo and list. Busy Busy.

It is hard to get focused after the family get-togethers, all the shopping, the weather….

These photos came from a second flash drive…some were saved (yay). 3 snowballs from my Etsy site. Click on the link at the lower left to visit.

All satin snowballs are 2.5″ to 3″ in size with an original tatted design pinned to the surface with wee sequin pins. There are glass beads, crystals, and glass pearls either tatted into the lace, added with pins, or hand sewn into the flake. Very labor intensive, unique, crispy and beautiful.

It’s been something else around here…

I finally got my house decorated and I LOVE it! I am very happy to have all the winter and holiday decor out especially with the fresh snow and frigid temps outside.

I have been lax with my blog…primarily because I have been working day in and day out to fill custom orders from the Summit last week and Etsy orders that are presents for Christmas. Maybe it’s a sign from above but I have had no choice but to slow down in my techno-communication because of the crash of my PC.

After purchasing a newer, faster, shinier computer and spending a day setting it up to my preferences I discovered something very depressing. I keep all of my photos of my work on a flash drive which became damaged when my PC crashed. I no longer have access to close to a thousand photos of my work over the years. All gone. I have printed at least one photo of most of my designs and put them in albums so I have that. And my OOAK’s (one-of-a-kind) have been stored elsewhere but for now I will not have the ability to chat about my work until I take more photos. I am posting more work on Etsy as I make it.

It is getting close to Christmas and holiday stress is here. I still have most of my shopping to do…I am a procrastiSanta as the commercial goes. As things calm down and I produce and photo more work AND find some time I will be back to chatting here soon.

Tis the season to be busy…

I have been a very busy girl. Aside from my desktop PC crashing, I have been preparing for the Keystone Summit last Tuesday, which I enjoyed immensely, and the holiday party we had at the Blue Heron on Monday. I have been very tired. I feel I am finally recovering and today I return to the Blue Heron where I am a resident artist to bring some of my new work and have a meeting with my Director. Because of the dreaded PC crash I am unable to edit  and save my photos which has hindered my ability to list new listings on Etsy or showcase my work here. I will be back to normal soon in both my energy level, and after buying a new PC this weekend. I am tatting away with holiday custom orders and will check in soon…

I think I am still full….

Thanksgiving is now days behind us but I swear I still feel full from turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce…
I got on my elliptical for the first time in months to try to whittle my thighs back into a reasonable size :o)

The Keystone Summit is coming fast. In one week I will be at my husband’s industrial park displaying my fiber art and jewelry for a festive holiday sale. I will be one of 6 artisans there talking about my craft for the day. It’s crunch time. A LOT of work still needs to be finished, photographed, cataloged and priced. This piece is just one of several metal embellished keepsake boxes I will have there.

FlutterBlush Daydream. The leaves and butterflies are tatted along with the teeny flowers in the right hand corner. The Mum in the center is ribbon embroidery. Various sizes of silk ribbon were used as well as a very cool specialty cord that is a pink mesh tube. The center of the flowers are embellished with faux pearls. Tiny seed beads in matte pink and silver lined pink are stitched around the bottom of the scene. The fabric is a pale blue damask Aida.  Handmade cable in two shades of green border the garden and the entire inside is lined with deep red felt. The metal box is approximately 4″ x 3 1/4″ and has a hinged lid. FlutterBlush Daydream. A daydream for the two PIXIE butterflies that are enjoying this blossom…this little treasure will be at the Keystone Summit on the 7th.

I will have more photos of my work as I begin to record the pieces that are going to the Summit.

FYI…Snappy Tatter is having a Sale!

I have decided to extend a sale to my ETSY customers over the holiday weekend. Shipping is reduced to $1 for the first item and $0.25 for each additional item. All of my PIXIES and tatted Butterflies are 20% off. You do not need to do anything to take advantage of this sale…the price has been adjusted. Sale ends Tuesday 11/30.

AND I would like to add a FREE Dainty Flake to anyone who purchases from my ETSY shop through my Blog or Facebook. You can get to my shop through the link at the left. Just enter “blog” in notes to seller at checkout and I will add a Dainty Flake to your order for free.

Please bear with me…

Hi! Please bear with me as I try to re-organize my sidebar to provide drop down menus…ugh.

Well, there won’t be drop down menus. After much struggling I contacted the “happiness” techs… and finally found out what I wanted to do cannot be done with my current theme. I thanked them because I can at least stop fooling around trying to force something that isn’t possible. I like my theme so I am going to work on this another way. I will be consolidating some of my pages in the sidebar. Eventually. With the holiday and the Keystone Summit coming fast it may be awhile.

I am in love with boxes…

I have always loved boxes. Little ones. Decorative ones. The more unique the more I love them. I have a tiny box collection that sits on my dresser, collected over the years. Most are gifts from loved ones. Now I make my own little boxes, decorated the way I love…with flowers and butterflies…glittery crystals and silver. Each is unique and precious in its own right. Here are my latest mini-boxes. Each measures a little over an inch in diameter. Lined with felt and trimmed with handmade cable or satin cord. The padded lids have tatted and beaded flowers, butterflies or snowflakes.

Dainty Flake

Golden Dandelion

Blue Double Flutter

Silver Double Flutter

Bubbly Effervescence…

This original Snappy Tatter shuttle-tatted design originated a couple of years ago while I was camping with my husband in the beautiful national forests of Pennsylvania. I don’t stop tatting for anything. However, when you have hiked most of the day, sweat most of the day, sat in front of a fire for hours and had no access to running water…you get a little dirty. My fastidious and beautiful husband turns into a total dirtball in about 24 hours. It is truly love to sleep next to that man in a 2 person tent for 3 nights.

Anyhoo-when we camp, which is frequently from April till October, I get inspired and I have time on my hands. So out comes the ratty substandard thread ball that is probably 30 years old. The knots are terrible. I don’t even try to make them uniform. The lace ends up with fuzzies because it is not tatting cordonnet and the thread breaks easily if I try to back out of a mistake. But I am only concentrating on the number of stitches, twists and turns I need to achieve the effect that is on my mind. I start with a sketch and an estimate of the number of stitches and will tat the afternoon away while the hubbs cooks primitive recipes on rocks, plays with knives, burns things and generally chats along in his sweet and endearing way.

This design, Effervescence, came from a desire to create a series of small and large bubbles in succession. It is a substantial bracelet. Very solid in feel and about 1″ wide. I have beaded it through the center as pictured here. I have also fully beaded it adding seeds as I tat and then threading larger beads through the rings. And I recently made a larger one with longer chains in a heavier weight navy thread that will go to the Keystone Summit in December for display and sale. The black bracelet shown here is for sale in my ETSY shop. (click the ETSY link to the left). Other variations are shown under Bracelets to the left.