Brooches and Stick Pins

Dainty Flake Pin

Diana Butterfly Stick Pin

A sweet shuttle-tatted 3-D butterfly resting on a Sterling Stick Pin or brooch. It amazes me that every Diana I make looks a little different even though the pattern is exactly the same. I love each one!

Vivien Butterfly Stickpins

Flair Flower Brooches

Six-petal tatted flowers with beads tatted into the lace and hand sewn in. These flowers are mounted on nickel or Sterling pin bases.

MUM Brooch


Frivolity Brooches

2 thoughts on “Brooches and Stick Pins

  1. Would love to purchase one of your Diana Butterfly pins – I particually like the pink one you have pictured here (P102038). I looked at your etsy shop but I don’t see it. Will you be making any soon?

    • Hi there. I’m glad you love Diana. I sent an email to your address about a custom order. If you have any questions feel free to email.
      Thank you very much!

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