The Debutante

NEW, 6/14/14! A simple version of the Debutante with gold jewelry components and a gorgeous Swarovski crystal pearl accent.


~The Traditional Debutante~

Simple, yet classy and elegant, this Choker turned out to be a spectacular shuttle-tatted lace design. Both necklaces have silver-lined clear seed beads tatted into the connections for a glimmer of sparkle between the pearls. The white necklace is rimmed with ecru graduated picots to make it more compatible with every time of the year. The black Debutante has pewter colored glass pearls threaded through the lace. I used a heavier weight cordonnet and large glass pearls to give this delicate looking necklace a very substantial feel. A Sterling 2 1/2″ extender makes both Chokers adjustable up to 15 1/2″ so that it can be worn around the throat or at the base of your neck. Both ways look absolutely stunning. Please click the photos to get a wonderful close up pic. Tatting is a knotted lace technique that is very firm and strong. Hundreds and thousands of small knots are tied to form rings and chains. This particular design, although simple, was very intense to work as I tatted seed beads into the necklace connections and worked very carefully to make sure all the graduated picots were the same size.

The name Debutante came to mind because it reminds me of the way that you feel when you dress for a fantastic formal affair. Your first prom, your wedding day…these necklaces are amazing and feminine statements.

A custom Debutante Choker in navy with glass beading added to the interior of the picots and matte navy glass beads sewn through the design. Metal jewelry components are left off because of my customer’s allergies and matching ribbon was used instead.

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