Tatted Snow Gallery

Snowflake patterns are one of the first things I learned to tat. I followed shuttle and needle-tatting patterns out of many good books as a way to learn what it takes to create particular design ideas, sizing, and the basic skills of tatting. I eventually began creating my own patterns. The galleries on these pages are my own designs.

Typically, Snowflakes are very time and labor intensive considering their size. Tatting takes about 4-5 longer to create something of equivalent size that is crocheted. This is due to technique being knotted. A Lark’s Head Knot (sometimes called a Cow Hitch or Double Hitch knot) knot is tied over and over in a manner that forms rings and chains. Because of the laborious effort of creating snow I only create so many each year because I also like to focus on my Fiber Art and Jewelry designs. There are just not enough hours in the day to get a real blizzard going!

I will add to these collections as new Snowballs and Ice Crystals are made!

Ice Crystal Beaded Snowflakes are on page 2.


Snowballs are gorgeous satin covered balls with decadent, beaded, original, Snowflakes mounted on them. They are Limited Edition Ornaments sold in  my Etsy Shop, Snappy Tatter  year round. 

(click photo for detail)

(sold) An original Snappy Tatter snowflake design with glass beading and Aurora Borealis coated crystals.

(sold) A continuous chain of Dainty Flakes and double rings with glass pearl accents and wee copper-lined blue beads.P1180621

A ten-pointed flake with glass Aurora Borealis coated Czech beading, a bright red spoked center and glass pearl accent on a 2.5″ burgundy satin ball.

(sold) A large Frilly-fied Snappy Tatter original flake with glass pearl accents on a 3″ Mallard Blue satin ball.

The Red Delicious-a large, decadently beaded Flair blossom and Leaf on a Christmas red satin ball. Silver-lined gold beads, Red and Aurora Borealis coated crystal, Czech glass in dark amber and clear seeds.

(sold) Two beaded, peach-colored PIXIE butterflies resting amongst Teeny Tat wee snowflakes with Aurora Borealis glass, pink Swarovski crystal, and Celestial Crystal rounds and tatted leaf clusters.

(sold) A simple favorite on a metallic red ball with Aurora Borealis Crystal embellishment.

(sold) Simplicity chains with bright Christmas red and AB coated crystal beading and single lacy picots.

(sold) The iciest of my Snowballs so far. A modern pattern loaded with clear cut crystal and silver-lined glass. Bling!

(sold) One of my favorites! Two tatted Holly leaves embellished with green Czech and Celestial Crystals and Holly Berry red Crystals. Large pearl pins decorate this lovely ball.

(sold) A royal blue ball with a crisp white flake in a simple design with pearl tipped pins and sequins.

(sold) A shimmery green satin ball with crisp white flakes secured with pearl tipped pins.


(sold) A Snappy Tatter original Flake embellished with red and pearl tip pins and a large with glass pearl on a bright green ball.


(sold)The Tuxedo Snowball with black Czech crystals, silver-lined glass, and Sterling tabs dangling from silver tatting.


Light blue satin egg with simple black tatting, lacing and white pearl tipped pins.

Ice Crystals

The Ice Crystal Collection is aptly named because of all of the glass, crystal and pearl beading that turns the lace into sparkling, fancy ice. Most of these labor intensive Flakes have beading tatted and hand sewn into the design. Some are perfect with a simple crystal or glass pearl embellishing the center. They are Limited Edition Ornaments sold in  my Etsy Shop, Snappy Tatter  year round. 

This photo is a collection I made for my mother-in-law to give as gifts.

(click photos for detail)


Simple Snappy Tatter Snowflakes

Flurry Flake
Pop Flake
Pop Flake
Medallion Flake No.1
Medallion Flake No.1
Bright Flake
Bright Flake
Twirly Flake
Twirly Flake
Frilly Flake
Frilly Flake
Burst Flake
Burst Flake
Glow Flake
Glow Flake
Puff Flake
Puff Flake
Star Flake
Star Flake







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