LuLu’s Garden

LuLu has her own garden! She lilts and poses gently above her own matching flower on the top of this 3″ x 3″ metal box. Resting on white damask cotton with a swirl pattern is this lovely shuttle-tatted 4 layer, 3 dimensional garden in shades of purple, lavender, gold, orange and raisin. The blossom sits like a cup with golden petals at its center embellished with gold seed beads and a glistening white pearl. The outside “cup” is deep purple and lavender, rimmed with a raisin color. Size 80 cordonnet which is about the thickness of sewing thread is used to make both the flower and the butterfly. Fly-stitched leaves in variegated green pearl cotton that have a touch of burgundy to match the flower are settled below. LuLu is a large and open butterfly shuttle-tatted in profile. Her wings are smooth chains with long picots in deep purple and raisin colored centers. Large jewel tone glass beads embellish the wings. The center of her body is a richly saturated orange beaded with matching glass seeds and a lavender pearl for her head. Floating and flitting…this is Lulu’s personal garden.
The box is 2″ deep and fully lined with lilac felt. Satin cord surrounds this little tatted garden.


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