Majestic Dragonfly

One of my first original designs, I have made the Majestic Dragonfly in many different ways. Like all of my work, I recreate this design a little differently each time. The basic pattern stays the same but the beading as well as the way that it is turned into jewelry changes. The original design was larger and unbeaded. The body was stiffened to lay straight and it was hung by the top of its head.

This dragonfly was smaller and shorter with a CZ at its center.

Suspended by its wings instead of its head, the red dragonfly has a brilliant center bead and matching tiny dragonfly earrings. The necklace is made from black satin picot-edged ribbon. This size became the standard size I used for all of my Majestic jewelry.

In royal purple with glass edge beading in various royal colors. This was a request from a family acquaintance.

The Mini Dragonfly made into a tiny pin with a glass pearl center. Like many of the larger ones, this little guy sold at the Blue Heron Art Gallery. I should make another one of these. Its just adorable!

This dragonfly has medium blue wings that are beaded on the outer edge with glass in various royal colors and is strung by its wing instead of its head. I think this is one of the few that have had antennae.

This glittery white one has tiny, shiny, silver-lined rocaille beads tatted into the wings and a CZ in the center. Very shimmery.

Strung on shimmery black satin cord, this dark turquoise dragonfly has tiny seed beads sewn into its wings in progressive colors from green to cobalt. The center bead is a black crystal with a green/blue metallic coating.

A larger Dragonfly with Dark teal wings that have the glass beading tatted into the wings. I really like this one!

~Twisted Dragonfly~

8 thoughts on “Majestic Dragonfly

  1. I love them! I have a long time existing connection with anything involving Dragonflies and these are truly amazing. My Favorites are the lace edge with beads.

  2. please please please can you do a pattern for the black and red dragonfly set and the white one i have looked every where and cannot find

    • Hi Lorraine. I thank you for your interest in my dragonflies. I do not sell my patterns at this time. If you are looking to purchase the dragonflies and not the pattern…you can find the listing for them in my Etsy online store. The Mini ones are not available right now. Thanks for your interest. Blessings

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