About the Artist

Snappy Tatter opened in April 2009 as a part-time outlet to sell my lace-work and fiber art. I was soon invited to join the Blue Heron Art Gallery in Volant, PA, where I sold my work from 2009-2011. Over time I have expanded from lacework jewelry to small fiber art works, as well as embroidered/tatted paintings.

My tiny empire grows everyday as my work is purchased from patrons around the world. I have competed in local fairs, garnering awards from first place to honorable mention and the coveted Judge's Choice awards. Snappy Tatter lacework has been in magazines like the October 2012 issue of Country Living Magazine and the 2019 issue of IOLI's (International Organization of Lace, Inc) annual magazine. My lacework has been requested for charities, interior design, display pieces for lacework conventions, and many, many, weddings!

I learned to shuttle-tat through my chapter of the Embroiderer's Guild of America over twenty-three years ago. I have been designing my own tatting for about 20 years and have been drawing, painting, and designing original fiber art and embroidery since 1989.

My work is frequently inspired by the natural elements as well as modern styles that I find attractive. I am always trying to push the boundaries of traditional tatting and embroidery techniques to bring my ideas to life. Snappy Tatter designs are whimsical and sweet, striking, chic and glamorous. I am fascinated with creating three-dimensional work and patterns that closely represent actual flowers, leaves, butterflies and even "tatterpillars"! Check out my JJ Chic Couture jewelry collection...one of a kind, high end, ornate and durable, works of wearable art!

My home is a lovely Cape Cod style house in the US. I have a wonderful studio that has everything I need to express my imagination. My husband and I live a simple life with our three cats, two guinea piggies and our busy border collie. Surrounded by the mountains, I find much inspiration in our local travels.

I am truly grateful and feel incredibly blessed for the gift of creativity that I have been given. I hope you enjoy my work and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Live, Love, Tat!
Jennifer, AKA Snappy Tatter