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Snappy Tattter

Handmade Lace Cuff Bracelet in black -Fearless Grace

Handmade Lace Cuff Bracelet in black -Fearless Grace

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A bold new triple row tatting design from the shuttles of Snappy Tatter! Fearless Grace was originally designed to be a watchband but I fell in love with the simple, edgy, pattern and chose to turn it into a daring cuff instead.

This is a Snappy Tatter original design you won't find anywhere else.

measures 6.25" long and 2.5" wide

Tatting is a knotted lace technique. Thousands of knots are tied to form very durable lace with a strong cordonnet. I use 100% Egyptian cotton tatting cordonnet in all of my work for firm, uniform knots. I shuttle-tat all of my work. Shuttle-tatting is the original way of tatting dating back at least two hundred years. It allows me to form smaller, firmer, knots and have more flexibility with my designs.

All rights reserved Fearless Grace © 2014 Jennifer Rickert

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