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Snappy Tattter

Shuttle Tatted Bracelet in Shell Pink -Effervescence

Shuttle Tatted Bracelet in Shell Pink -Effervescence

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Modern and elegant, Effervescence is a design of intertwining trefoils. This Exotic Cuff is the result of many hours of tatting and designing. I wanted to design an effect of "Bubbles", thus Effervescence. In shell pink with matching beading, this bracelet is the perfect accessory when you want to stand out from the crowd.

measures 6.75" x 1.25"

Tatting is a knotted lace technique that is durable and firm. All of my work is shuttle tatted with the highest quality 100% Egyptian cotton tatting cordonnet for small, uniform knots. Beading is handsewn into the lace.

All rights reserved. Effervescence © 2009 Jennifer Rickert

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