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Snappy Tattter

Shuttle-tatted floral necklace -Petite Summer Gala JJ Chic Couture

Shuttle-tatted floral necklace -Petite Summer Gala JJ Chic Couture

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When you wear the Petite Summer Gala, just try to step away from the mirror. This mesmerizing bouquet of tiny flowers is full of delicious saturated colors and embellished with classic Swarovski pearls.

JJ Chic Couture...
Glamorous Luxury Jewelry. Striking Fiber Art designed in a distinctive manner.

measures 18" long, central tatting measures 3.5" x 4"

All of the flowers and leaves are shuttle-tatted. In this work, each flower measures 1/2" to 3/4" wide. There are over 9500 stitches in this design.
JJ Chic Couture Gala necklaces are one of a kind that are never duplicated.

Tatting is a knotted lace technique that is very durable and firm. The flowers and leaves in this design took weeks to shuttle-tat, hand bead and finish into a stunning Statement necklace. All components in this work are Snappy Tatter original designs including the Flair flowers and Oak, Aspen, Holly and Ash leaves.

All rights reserved. JJ Chic Couture Petite Summer Gala © 2014 Jennifer Rickert

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