Simplicity and its Variations

This simple design is one of the most versatile I have made. It is rings and chains that can be made several rows thick, graduated or with sparkly beads around the edge, big pearls up the center, lacy picots or no picots…well, you understand, I am sure.

~The Simplicity Choker~

Mocha cord with marble discs, light bronze Czech glass and autumn orange beading.

An Asymmetrical design I originally created for myself.

~Simplicity Necklaces~


~Simplicity Ring Pendants~

~The Simplicity Bracelets~

~Pulse Cuffs~

A wonderfully dense pattern of 2-3 joined Simplicity rows.


~Serpentine Bracelets~

Delicate to substantial in feel, a versatile, modern, winding design.


~Infinity Bracelets~

Rings around rings. A minimalist variation of Simplicity with clean lines.

~Petals Bracelets~

A flowery and feminine variation of Simplicity.

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