New Snappy Tatter pendants going to the Festival.

Hi Peeps! You can find all of the information for the upcoming Arts Festival in the post below. Here is a quick gallery of all of the newest pendants I have made for the festival. They are not available (yet) in my online shop, Snappy Tatter, which is currently on vacation while I get ready. My made to order listings will be available starting tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope to see many of you at the Festival. Enjoy the gallery!

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If you would like to know pricing or have any of these pendants made just for you, drop me a line!

Live, Love, Tat!


FYI… Upcoming Arts Festival Information

Hi Peeps. I have been getting questions regarding the upcoming Arts Festival, Arts on the Riverwalk. This is an annual juried arts festival, meaning artists and artisans are screened before they are accepted. I did not attend last year but was present the previous two years and it is an event that is worth traveling for. There are local artists and artisans from every field including photography, pottery, jewelry, clothing, painting and drawing and of course, fiber arts (that’s me) and many more categories. There is lots of food, activities for the children, street performers and music all day. The dates and times for the artist’s marketplace are July 11th, 4pm-8pm and 12th, 11am-8pm. The event is located in downtown New Castle at the Riverplex. The New Castle Artfest has been renamed and combined with the annual fireworks display this year so it will be loud and sparkly too. You can find more information on their Facebook page:

Visit my online shop, to see what will be available at the festival. All work that is MTO (made to order) will remain available in my shop over the weekend. All ready made work listings will be deactivated and taken with me.

I hope to see you there!


Keep and eye out here for galleries of work that will be going with me!

Live, Love, Tat!


New designs going to the Riverwalk

I have been scrambling to make more designs for this weekends Riverwalk Arts Festival. I have 100+ original designs and it is almost impossible to have them all made at the same time unless I were to shut down my Etsy shop. And every time I work one of my patterns I inevitably bead and embellish it differently. Sometimes I change the size or weight of the thread, add or take away picots…well, you get the picture. The possibilities are endless. I made two Serpentine Bracelets as shown below. the light mocha one has frilly picots and beads hand sewn through the center. The black and silver Serpentine has graduated beads instead of picots. Same pattern, two totally different looks. Later I hope to find time to introduce my two newest Fiber Art keepsake boxes, but I am busy, busy, busy. trying to get everything tagged so I can put up my tables later on and set up my display. I am not a “wing it” kind of person when it comes to my business. I like to know how things will look and how long it takes.  I guess it is relieving for me. I hope to also showcase the work that is going with me. It may be the last chance I have to photo everything. (fingers crossed)

Be back later!


Busy Bee…small gallery of work for the Arts Festival

I am getting ready for the upcoming Arts Festival and haven’t been listing my newest work in my Etsy shop. It will be listed when I come back, if I still have it. The Festival is 8 days from now and I am getting down to the wire. But I have lots of inventory and still time to make more work. Today I think I will be working on more small boxes and pricing/tagging my cocktail rings and barrettes. Luckily I have always enjoyed the business/clerical aspect of my work. When I have tatted and designed a lot, I take care of the more menial tasks required for my business to run smoothly.

Below is a sneak peek of the work that will be going to the Arts Festival. Everything that is listed in my Esty shop right now will be going as well.

Snappy Tatter’s Etsy Shop