New niece and new Snappy Couture!

First, I have to share a photo of the newest member of my family. Meet Lindi Faith, my youngest niece! Shown here with me only 9 days old. Such a tiny tiny baby and so perfect, the little one brought on that weepy delighted feeling you get when holding something so precious! lindi

Also new is my latest Snappy Couture design, Aspen Trio.  Although it is not as beautiful and precious as my niece, it deserves a shout out as well.

Aspen Trio is 3 small leaves tatted together to form a contemporary design. This is a new leaf design that I had not yet used in my work. The leaf is smaller, and more compact. I don’t like to monkey around with variegated threads much unless it is for leaves which always turn out very cool looking. I think variegation takes away from the design of tatted lace with little exception. So my multicolor threads are all in shades of greens and autumn colors. I picked up this color last year and this is my first time using it. It is called “herbal garden”. I love how all three leaves transition in almost the same manner. I added jewel tone Czech glass beading at all of the connections, overlapped the leaves and added hand sewn, olive, Swarovski Crystal pearls down the center veins. I love the end result and you can find the listing in my Etsy shop here:

On one of our camping trips this summer, I spent some time re-designing my Maple leaf pattern. I think the result is more proportionally accurate. It is modeled after an actual leaf I plucked off a nearby tree. I came home, and once again using a variegated cordonnet, created this simple Maple leaf pendant with a wood disc back, Bordeaux Swarovski crystal pearl embellishment and chocolate brown ribbon necklace. A simple tribute to my favorite season. Autumn in western Pennsylvania is stunning!

Recently I did a little work for a charity providing a Pitter Patter necklace for a raffle for the Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas. I also made this necklace for the Butler county Humane Society fundraiser last year. Being an animal lover, I enjoy contributing to the fundraising efforts of rescue organizations.

I made the necklace in charcoal thinking it would attract more people than straight black or white. Plus, when I think of a Schnauzer, I think of the salt and pepper “old man” appearance of their coats.

You can find the Pitter Patter listing in my Etsy shop here:

There are several colors I can make it in and if you have something specific in mind, I may be able to accommodate you. Just drop me a line. I love to do custom work. In fact, most of my work from July this year till now has been custom or bridal! Hmmm.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Live, Love, Tat!


New items and new shop face!

Periodically I like to change my Etsy Shop banner and my social networking avatar to reflect the season. Much of my work is related to the flora and fauna that surrounds me and I like my shop face to reflect new work and the season I am experiencing here in western Pennsylvania. We are fortunate to experience four very distinct seasons here. My new shop banner:

From left to right:

Snappy Couture Maple Gala necklace

Framed Fiber Art “Follow Me”

Snappy Couture Poise necklace

A strung up Sophie Butterfly necklace

Sunflower pendant

Flair Cocktail Ring (sold)

My new Etsy Shop and Blog Avatar:

Birch Leaf Pendant Avatar


And fresh new designs are coming, maybe slowly, but they are coming to my shop as regularly as I am able. This includes a new style of earrings called “Wisp”. Click pics for more photos and full descriptions.


A new pair of Bounce earrings that are a little bit more frilly with sparkling Swarovski crystals that are half coated silver….shiny! shiny!

A new style called “Grace”. I will be listing smaller Grace earrings with Sterling later today, hopefully. I personally have the first Grace bracelet in black and am working on a very fine, delicate version in creamy ecru.


And my latest smile that is plastered on my Twitter and Facebook pages:

I will be rearranging my shop today and changing pictures so stop by and see the fresh new look later on!

Cheers everyone!


Snappy T’s got new threads

Simplicity with Birch Leaf

I am as addicted to buying tatting threads as my hubby is to camping gear. Tatting cordonnet has body like no other thread. My tatted knots are uniform and firm. My work rarely needs blocked or starched. I normally just press it a little with steam and let it cool. I recently purchased two variegated threads which I normally avoid. I always feel that thread changing color through the lace detracts from the design itself.

I purchased the variegated thread because it is autumn in Western PA and I am particularly fond of making tatted leaves from my own patterns. So I wanted to produce fantastic autumn leaves in honor of my favorite season. The result was beautiful. Yummy autumn colors alternating throughout the leaf.

This 18″ fully tatted necklace will be traveling to the Blue Heron Art Gallery with me tomorrow for display. The necklace pattern is Simplicity. Simple rings and chains with some graduation at the apex. A small amount of glass seed beads and Czech fringe beads in a dark amber color give this piece striking sparkle. The necklace color is mocha which is repeated in the variegated leaf. The leaf itself (called Birch) is suspended by a Sterling ring along with a large deep brown wooden disc. I love it. I am really pleased with the result and will be working more with this cordonnet. 🙂