Adams Ridge Holiday Show

This is where I will be this coming weekend peeps! All work that is available in my shop that is not Made to Order will be there with me. So you can actually see it in 3-D reality and touch it too. And if you really like it you can take it home with you for the fee on the tag plus a little tax so the misers of the State can get their share. 😀 All Made to order listings will remain in my shop and be available to purchase through the event. Ready made items will not be available online from Friday to some time on Sunday after I recuperate from all the excitement.


And I have great news: I will be able to take credit cards on the spot thanks to Intuit’s GoPayment app! Yahoo! I hope to see my local peeps there. And if you are the adventurous type and would like to come for the event, I can recommend a nice hotel for you to stay in. Happy Holiday shopping you crazy people!

Live, Love, Tat!


Hey ladies…The Camelia Bobbies are ready!

I am so glad I had this give away contest to name my new flower design. It was nice to hear flower names that I wouldn’t have thought of. Camelia is perfect for this design. Thank you Debbie A.! Your pink and white full size Camelia is done and ready to ship. Heidi, yours is the smaller one in Terra Cotta and a variegated cord called “spice cake”. It is a different version with 12 petals instead of ten. It is denser and a little flatter. I hope you like it. And for Christine, a black and medium charcoal 10 petal small version. It is less cupped than the larger one but I like it just as much as the other ones.

~New Camelia Bobby Pins~

The large black and silver one in my hair is my own. It took me about 20 shots to get a good picture of the back of my head. Yes, the pink is back in my hair! 🙂

The Camelias will be invading my shop by the end of the week. There are over 35 color options not including several variegated colors to choose from. Watch facebook for their listings.

The Bobbies will ship tomorrow! I hope you all like them!

Live, Love, Tat!


The “Name that Flower” Give-away ends soon!

Still time to enter to win a Snappy Tatter custom made bobby pin with my latest flower design. The flower is still un-named and the winner will be the person whose flower name I find most fabulous!

Enter in the comment section below or on Facebook or Tweet me!

A showy flower with overlapping petals that is a little trumpeted. Share with your peeps!


Get your entry in! The winner is announced tomorrow!

details HERE

Live, Love, Tat!


The Big “Name that Flower” Give-away!

Hello Peeps! I’ve missed you all so now it’s give-away time!

While I have been “taking it easy”, I have created a new flower. Yay! As most of you know or have realized by now, I love designing flowers and flora and their associated fauna, (mostly insects) and this one needs a name. This give-away is easy to enter and fun to boot! The question is: what flower does this design remind you of?  This flower is circular with many overlapping petals and could be considered a little trumpeted. Think 3-D, pop-up and large. Think of the flowers in your gardens that are big and showy. If you are not a gardener, botanist or floral decorator, 😉  share this contest with your friends and family and see what they come up with for flower names. Many of you are international Snappy Tatter fans or from different parts of the US than western Pennsylvania so think of flowers that are native to your area. I am eager to see what you have out there!


Here are the “Name that Flower” Give-away rules:

~Send me your flower name that you think best represents this design. If you can find a link to a great picture that would be very helpful. I would like a common name, not a Latin name (unless there is only a Latin name, in which case I will come up with a nickname).

~The winner will be the person whose flower name I have chosen.

~In the event that more than one person has entered the same name, I will award the prize to the person who FIRST sent in the name. Thank goodness everything is time stamped these days! It could be down to seconds, ladies!

~You may enter more than one name. Entering the same name more than one time will not increase your chances, it will just take up your precious time.

~I have patterns for a Mum, Dandelion, Marigold, Rose, Lily, Pansy, and Daisy so those names cannot be entered.

~Enter by posting a commenting below or on this post on Facebook or you can send me a Tweet or what is now becoming sooooo yesterday…you can actually send me an email at

The Prize? How about a custom Flower Bobby for yourself! Yay!

Here are more photos for you to use as a reference:

You will be the first kid on the block to be wearing this exclusive Snappy Tatter design and you can have it in your favorite colors. It pops up just a little so you can nestle it sweetly in your hair. The flower measures 2″ across and has a decorative glass pearl at its center. I have silver bobbies with white, pink, cream and silver pearls. The metal bobby pin measures 1.50″ long and is short enough to embellish shorter hair. These are the colors of cordonnet the winner can choose from for their bobby so you can start thinking about what you will choose!


Keep it for yourself or give it to someone special. It will come in a gift box wrapped in lovely Snappy Tatter floral paper with a red ribbon accent.

The black and silver bobby shown is for me but I will make one to go in my shop soon. I will time myself now that I have the pattern so I can get an accurate price. I am thinking the price will be between $28-$35 but don’t hold me to that. It takes a lot of time to work out a pattern and this may not take as much time as I think now that I have the numbers to go by. And no, I am not selling the pattern. Sorry ladies, maybe later this year!

This Give-away will end at noon (12 pm EST) July 31st and the winner will be announced shortly after. The newly named flower bobby will ship in 2-3 weeks!

Live, Love, Tat!


Questions? Drop me a line…

All rights reserved, please.

Flower design © 2013 Jennifer Kohr

Snappy Tatter Gallery Updates

I spent the majority of my day here in Snappy Tatter-land updating my categories and galleries to include my newest work. Time to get your coffee or your tea and relax while you spend a little time perusing Snappy Tatter updates. This counts as “me time” for those of you who need a flimsy excuse. 🙂

New pics are added to the following categories:

Tatted Brooches-PIXIE Butterfly Stickpin, Mum Brooch and Diana Butterfly Stickpins

Tatted Earring Gallery-Bounce, Grace, Wisp, Flair, Flash Drip

Tatted Pendant Gallery-Dainty, Flair, Gerber, Majestic Dragonfly, Sara butterfly

Snappy Couture Jewelry-Leaf Garland, Teeny Tat Chic

Tatted Barrettes and Bobbies-Daisy Bobbies

Gallery of Tatted Snow-Snowball No.20, Janette’s Ice Crystal gallery, and Ice Crystals No. 31, 33 and 35

Gallery of Mini Fiber Art Boxes-Purple Berry Frilly Fleur and Hot Pink Frilly Fleur and a new pic of Sunshine Flutter

Gallery of Fiber Art Boxes-updated pics of: Dandelion Fluff, Pansy Paradise, Abagail, and Sophie’s Garden

Framed Work-Peach Tranquility, Buttercup’s Garden and Follow Me

MOD-new bracelets including the Double MOD that I wear

Enchanted-more pics

And brand new categories have been added:


Dainty, Flair Flowers and Flurry

and The Sophisticate

That is my latest update for Snappy Tatter-land. Follow me on my Facebook Page  or Twitter to be the first to catch all new listings in my Etsy Shop when they come out!



Explore Snappy Tatter-land…lots of new pics!

I have been spending hours diligently adding photos of my work to the categories on my Blog. Some may have only one pic as there was only one of the design created so far or I do not have a photo of other creations of the design. (I truly regret the small period of time where I thought I was too busy to take a photo of my work…ugh!) I will be adding more pics as I create them and will keep posting updates here on my main page. For now, while I take care of taxes and pre-cruise packing and organizing!

The following designs have been added to or updated…

New Snappy Couture: Flyaway Butterfly Gala, Leaf Garland

Updates to: Cocktail Rings, Simplicity and it’s variations, The Debutante, Sweetheart, Chantilly, Obsession

Pendant Gallery: Blossom, Dainty, Faith, Flair, Flounce, MOD, Pawprint, PIXIE Ring, Tagalong, Rosette and Wreath

Earring Gallery: Bounce, Dainty, Decadence, Drips, Drops, Flair, Indulgence, PIXIE

Brooches and Stickpins: Diana, Vivien, PIXIE, Flair

Barrettes: small pink Rosette…I need to find pics of the Bobby Pins I have made!

New Design Categories: Allure, Bouquet, Chardonnay, Daisy Chain, Elegance and Embrace, Enchanted, Flair, Harmony, Heart’s Desire, MOD, Phoenix, and Tendril

It’s still only a partial list of the designs I have created but the uploading and organizing has really kept me busy this weekend! I hope everyone enjoys exploring the new pics while I keep busy with my anniversary, husband’s birthday, taxes, packing and traveling and a fun retreat with my Mom.

Cheers everyone!


ST News & Congrats to the first entrants in my Butterfly Pin Give-away!

Congratulations to the first entrants in my Diana Butterfly Pin give-away! Lesley C. you have been entered twice for “liking” the Give-away post. Barbara M.-thanks for the “tweet” you are in as well. Tweet again tomorrow for another chance! Good luck gals! Continue reading

Sneak Peek!

A gallery of work that will be going to the Keystone Summit show this week. I will be there Tuesday 12/6 and Friday 12/9 from 10 am till at least 2:30. My Etsy Shop will be back online this coming weekend after everything is wrapped up. This gallery is not everything that will be at my show, just the things I had a chance to snap a picture of this past weekend while working my tail off to prepare!

Adjustable Cocktail Rings!

Bracelets and Cuffs.

25% Off Cocktail Rings…

Barrettes and Sterling Bobby Pins

A few earrings…there are many many more

Necklaces, Statement Necklaces, Couture and Pendants

A partial display of necklaces on top of my sewing table…just figuring out which display pieces will need to travel with me.

Vivien Stick Pin…

Diana Stick Pin…

Pink ribbon Pendant…

A new Rosette Barrette.

Dainty Flake Sterling Bobby Pin…

Dainty Flake Brooch…

More Earrings…

And a new Snowball ornament…

You can contact me at if you have any questions or requests.

See the posts below for more pics of recent work.

Cheers! Jennifer

Storewide Snappy Tatter SALE!

There is a sale calling you!

Many items throughout my Etsy shop are 10% off for a pre-holiday sale! Earrings, barrettes, necklaces, bracelets, rings and gifts! The prices are already marked down so you can use your email subscriber coupon on top of the 10% off. This month is Free Shipping for everyone who receives my monthly e-Newsletter. Click the Subscribe button at the left to sign up for this newsletter and receive a coupon code for my shop every month! Continue reading

Black Flairs Abound…

I sat down with full shuttles the other day (before vacation-which was lovely) and created some black Flair blossoms with various beads tatted into the designs. I used heavier weight cordonnet and glass beading. I was going to make them into pendants but I felt like making them into something a little different.

The Flair blossom with a single dark gold bead tatted into the edges. Hematite rounds and a large black glass crystal are sewn into the center. The crystal is fantastic, brilliant and black. I recently used these crystals in a new Snappy Couture statement necklace I will be posting soon. The Flair is mounted on neutral colored upholstery fabric with a nice texture and then mounted on a Sterling pin base with a lever closure. Find more photos and the shop listing here:


Sunset Star

This mini-box keepsake has a five-pointed star with brilliant gold and amber beading tatted into the edges.  A frilly black Teeny Tat (tiny flower), Czech black rounds and a large Amber crystal are hand sewn into the center. The Flair was offset on gold sheer fabric and a wee orange PIXIE butterfly was added for  fun whimsy. The butterfly only measures 1/2″ and is shuttle tatted with the finest tatting cordonnet which is the thickness of sewing thread. The knots are so tiny you can’t see them without looking very very closely.  If you look at the petals of the Teeny Tat in the center of the star and the antennae of the butterfly, you will see the difference in the thickness of the threads I used for the tatting.  This little round box is fully lined with black felt. More photos can be found here:


Cocktail Ring

The final Flair became a Cocktail Ring. This Flair was larger because of heavier (and firmer) thread and more stitches. Pewter glass beads are tatted into the edges making them pointed. Silver-lined clear gunmetal seeds and Hematite were sewn into the center. The gorgeous purple focal bead is from the Czech Republic.  I love the simplicity of the design and the size of this flower for a cocktail ring. I think it turned out bold and flirty. I will probably make more this size. The Flair is attached to a stone agate base. You can see more photos of this ring  here:

I have many pieces of tatting around here just waiting to be finished. Today is the first day of spring and my Spring Gala Couture piece is nearly done. I worked on it over our lovely cabin vacation last week. I also have a new dragonfly, a pale pink rosette barrette and some leaves to finish. Hopefully this work will be done through the week. I have been distracted by my vacationing husband. We have been watching lots of movies and enjoying the beautiful sunshine  and our blossoming gardens.

My lovely little crocuses are out to ring in the Spring season and my 7+ varieties of daffodils are not far behind.  I am relaxed and refreshed after our break but ready to get back to my studio tomorrow.