New listings for my Etsy Shop…

I have so many items to list on Etsy. So much tatting…so little time to list. I am trying to get my you know what in gear and get these creations up for sale in my shop. Here are a few pics of my newest listings:

This will be the last of Snowflake-like listings for now as my mind shifts gears for the incoming spring season. Flowers, leaves and butterflies are now on my mind. I will soon be working on a Spring Gala to go with my Gala line of necklaces. It’s starting to swirl around in my head a bit and I am getting excited! You can find my other Gala necklaces here: and here:

Soon…hopefully this weekend, I will introduce Sophie my newest butterfly design. She’s a beauty!

I think I am still full….

Thanksgiving is now days behind us but I swear I still feel full from turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce…
I got on my elliptical for the first time in months to try to whittle my thighs back into a reasonable size :o)

The Keystone Summit is coming fast. In one week I will be at my husband’s industrial park displaying my fiber art and jewelry for a festive holiday sale. I will be one of 6 artisans there talking about my craft for the day. It’s crunch time. A LOT of work still needs to be finished, photographed, cataloged and priced. This piece is just one of several metal embellished keepsake boxes I will have there.

FlutterBlush Daydream. The leaves and butterflies are tatted along with the teeny flowers in the right hand corner. The Mum in the center is ribbon embroidery. Various sizes of silk ribbon were used as well as a very cool specialty cord that is a pink mesh tube. The center of the flowers are embellished with faux pearls. Tiny seed beads in matte pink and silver lined pink are stitched around the bottom of the scene. The fabric is a pale blue damask Aida.  Handmade cable in two shades of green border the garden and the entire inside is lined with deep red felt. The metal box is approximately 4″ x 3 1/4″ and has a hinged lid. FlutterBlush Daydream. A daydream for the two PIXIE butterflies that are enjoying this blossom…this little treasure will be at the Keystone Summit on the 7th.

I will have more photos of my work as I begin to record the pieces that are going to the Summit.

I am in love with boxes…

I have always loved boxes. Little ones. Decorative ones. The more unique the more I love them. I have a tiny box collection that sits on my dresser, collected over the years. Most are gifts from loved ones. Now I make my own little boxes, decorated the way I love…with flowers and butterflies…glittery crystals and silver. Each is unique and precious in its own right. Here are my latest mini-boxes. Each measures a little over an inch in diameter. Lined with felt and trimmed with handmade cable or satin cord. The padded lids have tatted and beaded flowers, butterflies or snowflakes.

Dainty Flake

Golden Dandelion

Blue Double Flutter

Silver Double Flutter

New Photos!

While I wait to travel to the in-laws for holiday photos I have made additional entries in BBB, Simplicity, and Rosette Barrettes. I have also added Infinity Bracelets, the Ice Crystal Snowflake Box under Butterfly Gardens and a Dainty Flake Stick Pin under Barrettes and Brooches. Some pieces have traveled to my art gallery, The Blue Heron in Volant, some are listed on Etsy and some will be going to the Keystone Summit for sale in December. Happy Halloween!

Tatting makes me happy…and keeps me out of trouble

As the title says…I have been a happy and good girl today. I have not been able to create as much as I would like over the last couple of days due to other responsibilities…household chores, bills and errands. All legit. I ran around like a maniac yesterday and was too wiped out to tat in the evening. I have to be VERY tired not to tat. Sometimes I think I tat in my sleep because I wake up and look in my sewing box and find little things I have made and forgot about…and it’s only been a day. Here are a few things that I have made this week so far. All are going to the Keystone Summit in December.

Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia mini-box. A Flair blossom that has silver lined clear seed beads tatted into an edge of graduated picots. The seeds are between the petals and the glass 32-facet black crystals that surround the 6mm Sterling bead in the center. The Dahlia is mounted on red velvet surrounded by a black pearl cotton handmade cable. Lined with black felt this tiny treasure measures 1 1/2″ in diameter.

Dainty Flake Keepsake

I make Dainty Flakes all the time. They become ornaments, pendants, earrings, applique and now…Dainty adorns a box. Crisp in white with AB (a permanent clear rainbow coating) glass seed beads between the rings and a large Sterling bead in the center…this is Christmas encapsulated on a teeny 1 1/2″ box. Mounted on deep red fabric and surrounded with white satin cord, this little box is lined with bright red felt.

Pansy Paradise

This Pansy is a new addition to my designs. Adorning a 4 1/2 x 3″ metal box, this is the fantasy land for the Pansy. Teeny PIXIE butterflies and buds of lilac and buttery yellow swirl around one of my favorite flowers. More photos and details can be found at the left within a few days.

Fluttery Fascinated

I am completely fascinated by butterflies. When I am not designing wearable fiber art or tiny boxes or seasonal snowflakes I turn my attention to patterns of butterflies. They amaze me with their fresh aloofness and graceful flitting. They feel like silk and look like jewels. Absolutely fragile and precious and easy. It’s not hard to be in love with butterflies.

This past summer, while spending the day at the Blue Heron Art Gallery, I found a stunning and completely intact Monarch on the ground. I have kept it in a box so I can continue to enjoy it. The wings are so soft you cannot feel them. The color so vibrant it is hard to believe. Beautiful.
Abagail is my original design. In black and gold she is remarkable. The metal box she adorns is 4 1/4″ by 3 1/8″. She is on display at the Blue Heron.

Summer Bloom

Finally a name….I made this several days ago but have been struggling with a name. The colors are so saturated and the garden is “popped up”. Usually, while I work a name comes to me that feels befitting of that piece. So now I introduce “Summer Bloom”. Because this garden feels like it is in full force, radiant with fresh full blossoms full of color and life. The colors are deeply saturated and the garden is delightfully “popped up”. Glass pearls shine in the centers of the multi-chain rich purple blossoms. All the tiny frilly flowers that surround them have coordinating glass beads in the centers as well. Everything has been hand-sewn to a deep green background that has small leaf impressions on it. The golden PIXIE butterfly has brilliant gold beads tatted into the wings and center. Purple, lilac, lemon yellow, gold, cherry red and berry are the colors of this garden. It is surrounded by a handmade cable of purple and magenta and fully lined with purple felt. All flowers and the little PIXIE butterfly are 3-D on this 3″ x 3″ metal box that is 2″ deep. This fresh keepsake will be going to the Keystone Summit in December for display and sale.

Citrus Flutter Butterfly Box

Citrus Flutter

This is “Citrus Flutter”, another wee keepsake box that is ready for the Keystone Summit I will be attending in December. This 1 1/2″ box has an orange and lemon shuttle-tatted butterfly adorning its lid. The butterfly is embellished with silver-lined yellow glass seed beads for the body and yellow beads with AB coating in the wings. AB is Aurora Borealis coating. It is a permanent clear coat that gives a rainbow effect to the glass bead and one of my favorite types of beads to use. A wee dark gold bead is used for the head. The butterfly has been mounted on white damask fabric that has swirls on the surface. The lid is trimmed in white handmade cable and lined with gold colored felt.
I made the little butterfly a long time ago. I frequently sit and tat little flowers or butterflies with no immediate idea of how I am going to use them. I keep them in a small box and pull them out from time to time until it strikes me what I would like to do with them. I am happy that this wee citrus butterfly has found a home.