New work for sale! I’ve been busy.

Wave bracelet

I recently finished some of my raw lace into jewelry and listed it for sale on Etsy. Above is my new design Halo Wave. The curved bracelet can be worn with the arch facing you or facing away from you. It’s a nice flexible design made from the highest quality cotton tatting cordonnet. Black, charcoal and silver strands of Halo Wave are connected together and hand beaded with silver glass pearls and gunmetal silver-lined Czech glass seed beads.

I also finished 3 new Cocktail rings. Aster in white with yellow Aurora Borealis coated glass beads and a large AB crystal is a new ring design. Aurora Borealis coating adds a beautiful mutilcolor shine to glass beads. It is a double layered cup flower that is small and cute. Mounted permanently on an adjustable base it will fit anyone as all of my Cocktail Rings do.

Two new Flair Cocktail Rings were also finished, one in variegated shades of off white and another in black. The white ring was made from a lightly variegated thread called “mocha latte” and is beaded with cream colored seeds around the edges. Swarovski crystal pearls in white are hand beaded through the rings of the design with a large one for the center. It is mounted permanently on a silver tone adjustable base. The black version has pewter fringe beads tatted around the edge and is embellished with hematite tubes and a blue Czech glass bead center. Mounted on a gunmetal colored adjustable base it is perfect for everyday wear or for you best little black dress.

Two new ready to ship pins are available now as well. The popular Diana 3D stickpin was made in Azalea pink with fine silver lined Czech glass beading in the wingtips. A large pink Swarovski crystal pearl adorns the center. The stickpin she is mounted on is Sterling Silver and 2.75″ long. She is perfect for a jacket, collar, hat, scarf or to add an interesting pop of color to whatever you are wearing. I have a purple Diana stickpin that I frequently wear on my small button up sweaters. She stays 3D forever. I made a new PIXIE butterfly pin too. In heavy weight white tatting cordonnet, I beaded around her entire wings with lavender matte glass beads. The process is tedious as I bring one bead at a time into the lace as the knots are tied. She has a small Swarovski crystal pearl in her center, is stiffened to remain 3D, and is mounted on a small tie tac style gold pin base. Both are fun little flourishes!

Another new design has come to Snappy Tatter-land! Empress is a gorgeous ornate shuttle-tatted cuff that is available in black. I made an orange one for myself too. I wrote about it in yesterday’s post “I forgot the pattern :p”. 35 overlapping rings make the scalloped center. There are 3 more rounds of tatting that are very fine and interesting. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else because I have the secret pattern now. đŸ™‚ Durable, elegant and detailed, it is worthy of royalty!

I am having a great time settling into my new HUGE studio and creating new works again. There is still a lot to do with the house, like hanging pictures and unpacking some non-essential boxes, but we are happy here. The weather is sooooooo much better than Idaho. We don’t go straight from summer to winter and back. Lol. I love having four seasons again. It is warmer here than where I grew up in PA and the growing season is longer. This is great for Jay who is ready to plant his garden! He already has starts of cucumbers, melons and lots of corn. We will be up to our ears in veggies. The guinea piggies will be happy!

I have been struggling with my chronic clusters again but I found a very sympathetic and knowledgeable Neurologist here that understands my plight. He supports my current regimen of shots, oxygen and pills to control attacks and I am truly grateful for that. Outside of working in my new studio, caring for my guinea pigs and doing my nails all the time, I have taken up playing the flute again. I used to play in high school and thought I might enjoy it again. I was right. I am zooming through my beginner’s book and practicing almost daily. Jay gets short concerts on Sundays. He is happy that I am happy.

You can look forward to more new work soon and posts about my life here in our new home.

In the meantime, you can use “SHOPSNAPPYTATTER” as a coupon code for 10% off your purchase in my Etsy shop!

Have a blessed day!

Live, Love, Tat!


Snappy Spring SALE

Snappy Tatter’s Etsy shop has a sale running now until the end of April! Select items are 20% off and can be found in my Sale section. Would you like a peak at what’s for sale? I got you covered in this post. Below is a gallery of items that are still available for 20% off now.

There is a little bit of everything from my shop in the sale section now. 20% off is the biggest discount I have ever given so take advantage!

Live, Love, Tat!


Moving and Grooving

our new home awaits

We are in the process of moving back east, closer to where I am from. I grew up in northern PA and lived in Pittsburgh for most of my adult life. We found this adorable Cape Cod in WV and will be moving in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, my Etsy shop is in Vacation Mode as most of my tatting and jewelry supplies are packed. Although I am unable to create new work, the work that is available in this shop is already made and can be shipped promptly. Up until a week before we move, I will be able to sell and ship from here.

I also have new work listed for sale. You can find them in the categories on the left side of my page where you can shop. Here are photos of what is new: Flash earrings, Daisy Chain Bracelet, Decadence Cuff, Double Halo Bracelet, Flair Cuff, Shell Pendant, Innocence Choker, Tendril Necklace, Frilly Flourish two-tone Pendant

Feel free to shop to your heart’s delight here in Snappy Tatter-land! I will keep you posted when I move and my Etsy shop is up and running again. In the meantime…packing, packing, packing. Ugh!!!

Live, Love, Tat!


Bracelets bracelets bracelets

Three new bracelets have been listed in my Snappy Tatter-land shop. You can find the full listings for the two Daisy Chain styles and the brand new design, PIXIE Band in the Tatted Bracelets and Cuffs section under Snappy Tatter products for sale at the top of your screen. More to come!

Live, Love, Tat!


Annual RED Sale!

Annual RED Sale!

Snappy Tatter’s Annual February RED Sale begins today in my Etsy shop.

In honor of the Hallmark Holidays to beat all other Hallmark Holidays, Valentine’s Day, I am taking 20% off all listings that have red cord, red beads, red ball or fabric! It is also National American Heart Month, yet another great reason to have a RED Sale.

Although not all of my listings have been reactivated yet, I did take the time to activate everything for my RED Sale. The price is already adjusted so you may use any additional coupons you may have, including Free Shipping. All listings pictured below are part of my RED Sale. For the first time I am including Snappy Couture, Limited Edition Snowballs and Fiber Art Boxes and Framed works in my sale. The Sale will run through the month of February. Enjoy everyone!

(Click each pick to be taken to the actual listing in my Etsy shop where you will find creative details, materials, pricing and shipping information.)

Tatted Butterfly Garden Box -The Dandelion FluffTatted Flower Pendant -Red Christmas Blossom Pendant with Crystals and SterlingLace Christmas Ornament -Tatted Flake on Satin Ball -Snowball No.6Silk Change Purse with Tatted lace flowers and butterflyTatted Lace Christmas Ornament -Snowflake on Satin Ball with glass beads - Snowball No.1Tatted Embroidered Fiber Art Butterfly Garden -Peach TranquilityTatted Lace Bracelet with Red Czech crystals -Frilly SimplicityLace Tatted Cocktail Ring -Red Flair with Hematite and Czech glassTatted lace earrings in red and green -DRIPsTatted Flower Pendant in Red with glass beading -BlossomTatted earrings Red Drops with Sterling beadsLace Christmas Ornament Tatted Snowflake on Satin ball -Snowball No.16Tatted lace earrings in Victorian Red with black glass - DripsTatted Lace Flower Barrette -Red Rosette with LeavesTatted red Butterfly Brooch with Crystal -PIXIE ButterflyTatted Lace Flower Cuff Bracelet in Victorian Red -FlairTatted Lace Flower Pendant -Daisy with black leatherLace Tatted Cocktail Ring -Red Flair FlowerFiber Art Embroidered Box with Tatted Butterflies -Flutterblush DaydreamTatted Leaves Statement Necklace -Maple Gala -Snappy CoutureTatted Lace Bracelet in black with Red Jade beads -FlourishHandmade Christmas Ornament -Tatted Snowflake on Satin ball -Snowball No.14Tatted Fiber Art Butterfly Garden Box -Dandelion Radiance KeepsakeTatted Lace Choker - Snappy Couture Heart's DesireTatted Lace Butterfly Box -Sweet DarlaTatted Lace Flower Bracelet with red Czech crystals -Daisy ChainTatted Christmas Ornament -Leaf and Blossom on a Satin Ball -Snowball No.10