The Pitter Patter of little feet.

I LOVE being able to work at home. I love that I set my hours, my goals, and stay in my pajamas till noon. I like to drink half a pot of coffee, eat lunch when I am hungry and bounce around my studio trying to get ten things done in the short amount of day I seem to have.  And I love the company of my two kitties, Mac and BeBe. Continue reading

Saturday morning fun!

I fully intend to start gardening this morning before the rain comes and I come back inside to my comfy chair to tat more Daisies for a special Bobby Pin order. My garden is totally overwhelmed with weeds from the mild winter we have had and even without the weeds it needs a complete overhaul.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a little fun snagged from emails, FB and the Web, to get everyone all sunshiny and happy. Continue reading

Squirt’s Palace

As many of you know, we have a Chinese Water Dragon here as part of our family. Our Dragon, Jackie, whom we affectionately call Squirt, previously resided with my younger sister-in-law and her family. When we began to take care of her, we realized that she was going to live quite some time and should probably have some room to roam. Continue reading