End of the year…Fresh Start

Well, there has been no way to retrieve the 1000 or so photos that I lost when my computer fried up. The flash drive I store them on fried up as well. So this is just a note to everyone out there storing valuable info on flash drives…back up your backup.

So time to start over. Fresh computer. Fresh flash drive and fancy new camera for Christmas. Little by little my photos will be posted as I catch up on work with my Etsy site and my Operations duties with the art gallery I belong to, the Blue Heron.

The Blue Heron is in the process of renovating a new building to move into and I am designing the floor plan. As for Etsy, I plan to launch a chic, sophisticated line of jewelry in 2011 and continue designing one-of-a-kind Ice Crystals as well. I have several new Butterfly Garden Boxes to photo and list. Busy Busy.

It is hard to get focused after the family get-togethers, all the shopping, the weather….

These photos came from a second flash drive…some were saved (yay). 3 snowballs from my Etsy site. Click on the link at the lower left to visit.

All satin snowballs are 2.5″ to 3″ in size with an original tatted design pinned to the surface with wee sequin pins. There are glass beads, crystals, and glass pearls either tatted into the lace, added with pins, or hand sewn into the flake. Very labor intensive, unique, crispy and beautiful.

With my style of art being a time-consuming process no matter how you approach it…I am scrambling to work on Christmas/winter/holiday work. I enjoy this time of year. I like to see the leaves fall. I like to clean up the gardens and yard and put everything away for the cold to come. I am reclusive by nature so my favorite days are those with the brightest sun and coolest air. My turn of the century home has long covered radiators “kitty warmers” in every room ensuring a toasty and draft free warmth. My studio has two large windows that get the sun through my entire work day. It is refreshing to be here.

I took a few things to the gallery I belong to on Friday before our weekend Holiday Celebration and Fundraiser. Here is what I have been up to.

I rarely use any type of stiffener in my tatting because the cordonnet I use is very uniform and stiff. I did touch a little to the points of these Dainty Flakes to pull them tight and pointed.

The Christmas Wreath was just plain fun! I am already making more of these.

Tatting makes me happy…and keeps me out of trouble

As the title says…I have been a happy and good girl today. I have not been able to create as much as I would like over the last couple of days due to other responsibilities…household chores, bills and errands. All legit. I ran around like a maniac yesterday and was too wiped out to tat in the evening. I have to be VERY tired not to tat. Sometimes I think I tat in my sleep because I wake up and look in my sewing box and find little things I have made and forgot about…and it’s only been a day. Here are a few things that I have made this week so far. All are going to the Keystone Summit in December.

Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia mini-box. A Flair blossom that has silver lined clear seed beads tatted into an edge of graduated picots. The seeds are between the petals and the glass 32-facet black crystals that surround the 6mm Sterling bead in the center. The Dahlia is mounted on red velvet surrounded by a black pearl cotton handmade cable. Lined with black felt this tiny treasure measures 1 1/2″ in diameter.

Dainty Flake Keepsake

I make Dainty Flakes all the time. They become ornaments, pendants, earrings, applique and now…Dainty adorns a box. Crisp in white with AB (a permanent clear rainbow coating) glass seed beads between the rings and a large Sterling bead in the center…this is Christmas encapsulated on a teeny 1 1/2″ box. Mounted on deep red fabric and surrounded with white satin cord, this little box is lined with bright red felt.

Pansy Paradise

This Pansy is a new addition to my designs. Adorning a 4 1/2 x 3″ metal box, this is the fantasy land for the Pansy. Teeny PIXIE butterflies and buds of lilac and buttery yellow swirl around one of my favorite flowers. More photos and details can be found at the left within a few days.

Soaking up the sun…thinking about snowflakes

I spent a lovely day at the Blue Heron Art Gallery in Volant on Saturday soaking up beautiful weather chatting and tatting. We had a nice flow of traffic. The Amish were there selling their baked goods (forgot to get the hubby a pie) and their knitted goods. I had a chance to show how tatting is done and explain what is involved in designing and creating my work.

Ironically, in this beautiful weather we are having here in western PA I am beginning to think about snowflakes. Tatted flakes. I love them and I can never seem to have enough to list in Snappy Tatter on Etsy. This year I have vowed that I will get a head start on flakes before the Christmas mania. Here is a newly listed Flake from my Etsy shop…an Ice Crystal. A new line I am very excited about. They will all be beaded with glass and embellished with crystals. I would like them to be the couture style line of tatted Flakes. Something sparkly and perfect. All original designs…and very flaky.