Gone but not forgotten…Snappy Tatter buying trends

The art shows and holiday bazaars are over folks. It was hectic and exhausting but well worth the time and effort. I met many new people and was able to show them a different type of artistry, fiber art and tatted lace. Many people I met had never seen this type of work and were curious as to what a fiber artist does. I was able to give small demonstrations and talk about the tools and cords I use and how I came to be a fiber artist years ago.  It is simply the medium I use now instead of pen and paper although I still draw to draft new ideas.

Anyhoo-this post is about some of my favorite work that is now in the hands of some Snappy Tatter fan somewhere beginning with one of my favorite Snappy Couture pieces that was actually purchased by my sister-in-law, Jen.

Summer Gala

Summer Gala

I can’t believe how lovely this looks on her. It certainly did not look this nice on me. I am so glad that someone has it that it seems such a perfect fit for.

snappy tatter 4ce

Isn’t she pretty! Thank you Jen. Here is your 15 minutes of fame.

snappy tatter 5c

Just perfect for her!

Another Snappy Couture design that is gone is the Maple Gala:

And here are other items that are treasured one-of-a-kind work that will not return to my shop:

The Duchess

The Duchess

Splendor with Hematite pendant

Splendor with Hematite pendant

Gold Vivien Stickpin

Gold Vivien Stickpin

Snowball No.22

Snowball No.22


Snowball No.1

Snowball No.1

Snowball No.16

Snowball No.16

Vivien's Playground

Vivien’s Playground

Darla Butterfly Box

Darla Butterfly Box

And now some work that may be reproduced in a similar way sometime:

Flourish with red jade beads

Flourish with red jade beads

Grace earrings with Swarovski pearls

Grace earrings with Swarovski pearls

Strand earrings

Strand earrings

Strand with Howlite

Strand with Howlite

Dainty Flakes with CZ's

Dainty Flakes with CZ’s

MOD II pendant with Czech glass

MOD II pendant with Czech glass

Many items have sold but these are a few of my favorite things. As the year winds down I am still busy tatting the days away fulfilling orders for Christmas. And I am thinking ahead for how I would like to spend my time at the beginning of the new year when everything settles down and I have more time to do whatever I want. I have some new plans that I will share later.

Etsy has begun to provide some new options for shop owner’s that I will have the time to take advantage of in the new year. For example, I can now have multiple quantities available in one listing. I also can provide various options for my simpler work such as color and size options. You can now pick the color and size from drop down menus as you purchase. Etsy is getting better and better at providing a venue that is competitive with other online shopping options but still is primarily a handmade marketplace. The options of accepting credit cards directly, having gift cards available and better search variances are creating a more professional environment for buyers and sellers alike.

In the new year I will be reviewing all 200+ listings as I usually do. I will be checking for discrepancies and updating photography and listing information. I will also be taking advantage of the variations options for my Made to Order work. I am doing that now in a few of my listings where you can choose cord or bead color and length. Going through each listing one by one is a time consuming process that I save for the (generally) quietest months of the year, February and March. This is very important to me. I am a nut for consistency and professionalism in my listings. So I look for poor photos, inaccurate spelling or grammar and update links that may go nowhere and correct as much as possible.

In the meantime, I still have Free Priority Mail upgrade for all domestic orders $20 or over until 12/20. And a $5 gift certificate to my shop is included in all December sales. I have to evaluate all Made to Order purchases on a case by case basis because of my current workload. Ready to ship items will ship in time for Christmas at this point.

Enjoy your day everyone!


Full Bloom, wearable roses…a vision fulfilled

Snappy Couture~Full Bloom

One of the things I love most about being an artist is watching my concepts come to fruition through hours of designing and focused work. When we were on our October cabin vacation, I took the opportunity to design a three dimensional rose, an idea that had been in my mind for quite some time. I produced several styles while perfecting the shape eventually coming up with the roses that are in this design, adequately named Full Bloom.


Full Bloom has been an amazing project. These Victorian Red roses are continuously shuttle-tatted as 2 or 3 connected parts each with 2 or 3 rounds of long picots, short and long chains, rings and lock stitches. The leaves are my skinny Oak design in dark leaf green.


The highest quality 100% Egyptian cotton cordonnet was used for this work producing very firm components with rich color and beautiful sheen. The components are tatted together and hand sewn together discreetly through the back side.


P1110812A clear stiffener was added to the interior of the roses and back of the twisted stems of the leaves so the design is firm and stable. Matte gold Swarovski glass pearls are hand sewn into the centers. Shimmery organdy ribbon with gold jewelry components completes the necklace.

This is a one-of-a-kind Snappy Couture design. Snappy Couture is my high-end, high-fashion, line of fiber art jewelry. My most elaborate and glamorous designs are in this collection. All are one-of-a-kind.



P1110795In the future I would like to create more of this work. It is labor intensive and requires much of my time so new pieces only come out a couple of times a year. In the new year I plan to work on more framed and wearable fiber art. I am also going to learn a new form of lace-making which I hope to incorporate into my collections.

I loved making this design. It will debut at the show I am attending tomorrow and Wednesday and then will be listed in my Etsy shop. Like all of my Snappy Couture designs, it saddens me a little to see it go but makes me feel overjoyed when someone enjoys my work enough to bring it home.


All rights reserved. Full Bloom, Rose and Oak leaf designs. © 2012 Jennifer Kohr

Snappy Tatter Gallery Updates

I spent the majority of my day here in Snappy Tatter-land updating my categories and galleries to include my newest work. Time to get your coffee or your tea and relax while you spend a little time perusing Snappy Tatter updates. This counts as “me time” for those of you who need a flimsy excuse. 🙂

New pics are added to the following categories:

Tatted Brooches-PIXIE Butterfly Stickpin, Mum Brooch and Diana Butterfly Stickpins

Tatted Earring Gallery-Bounce, Grace, Wisp, Flair, Flash Drip

Tatted Pendant Gallery-Dainty, Flair, Gerber, Majestic Dragonfly, Sara butterfly

Snappy Couture Jewelry-Leaf Garland, Teeny Tat Chic

Tatted Barrettes and Bobbies-Daisy Bobbies

Gallery of Tatted Snow-Snowball No.20, Janette’s Ice Crystal gallery, and Ice Crystals No. 31, 33 and 35

Gallery of Mini Fiber Art Boxes-Purple Berry Frilly Fleur and Hot Pink Frilly Fleur and a new pic of Sunshine Flutter

Gallery of Fiber Art Boxes-updated pics of: Dandelion Fluff, Pansy Paradise, Abagail, and Sophie’s Garden

Framed Work-Peach Tranquility, Buttercup’s Garden and Follow Me

MOD-new bracelets including the Double MOD that I wear

Enchanted-more pics

And brand new categories have been added:


Dainty, Flair Flowers and Flurry

and The Sophisticate

That is my latest update for Snappy Tatter-land. Follow me on my Facebook Page  or Twitter to be the first to catch all new listings in my Etsy Shop when they come out!



New items and new shop face!

Periodically I like to change my Etsy Shop banner and my social networking avatar to reflect the season. Much of my work is related to the flora and fauna that surrounds me and I like my shop face to reflect new work and the season I am experiencing here in western Pennsylvania. We are fortunate to experience four very distinct seasons here. My new shop banner:

From left to right:

Snappy Couture Maple Gala necklace

Framed Fiber Art “Follow Me”

Snappy Couture Poise necklace

A strung up Sophie Butterfly necklace

Sunflower pendant

Flair Cocktail Ring (sold)

My new Etsy Shop and Blog Avatar:

Birch Leaf Pendant Avatar


And fresh new designs are coming, maybe slowly, but they are coming to my shop as regularly as I am able. This includes a new style of earrings called “Wisp”. Click pics for more photos and full descriptions.


A new pair of Bounce earrings that are a little bit more frilly with sparkling Swarovski crystals that are half coated silver….shiny! shiny!

A new style called “Grace”. I will be listing smaller Grace earrings with Sterling later today, hopefully. I personally have the first Grace bracelet in black and am working on a very fine, delicate version in creamy ecru.


And my latest smile that is plastered on my Twitter and Facebook pages:

I will be rearranging my shop today and changing pictures so stop by and see the fresh new look later on!

Cheers everyone!


The making of a Couture necklace…Teeny Tat Chic

Introducing my latest Snappy Couture design…Teeny Tat Chic.

I had an idea of tons of brilliant, beaded flowers in a long strand with random beading throughout. Something modern and delicate in appeal with multiple colors blending together to make one lovely strand. Little did I know how amazingly labor intensive this was going to be!

I began by choosing some of my favorite colors for the cordonnet; salmon, peach, Victorian red, grey, charcoal and black. As I went though my beads I found I had many coordinating colors and styles in my stash. The beading includes; 2 and 3mm Hematite rounds, red Mountain Jade, Czech pressed glass in garnet and AB coated pink, Celestial crystal rondelles in dark and bright red, glass fringe beads in black and AB coated amber, and wee seed beads in pewter, AB coated pink, orange-red, clear, dark berry and purple, plus silver-lined gunmetal, clear, bright red and gold. And I may have missed a couple!

some of the beads used in this design

I beaded each individual strand with over 100 beads wound on my shuttle for each of the six strands. As I worked, I unwound  the shuttle, pulled up beads to my working hand and rewound the shuttle. I did this over and over, which is the main reason I had no idea it was going to take so long to make! I added large beads surrounded by seeds knotted in place between each tiny flower. The Teeny Tat flowers are all 8 picot rings with a shimmery seed bead in each picot. Every strand has 10-12 tiny flowers with beads knotted into the cord between. I hope all of that makes sense!

detail of Teeny Tat Chic

All strands are tatted together by large rings at the beginning so I was able to hang the work from a hook on my drafting table.

the strand hanging-the tail ends will be sewn in later

Next I wound the strands together two at a time and then loosely braided the three combined strands.

I took all six of the free ends and rewound them onto shuttles so I could tat connected rings on the end to make the braiding permanent.

I hand sewed all the loose tails back into the end rings.

Using smooth Sterling plated ribbon ends, chain and a lobster clasp I was able to turn this unique chain of Teeny Tat flowers and over 700 beads into an Opera length twisted necklace.

This Snappy Couture design was created over several days. It is a one-of-a-kind necklace that I couldn’t replicate exactly if I wanted to!

crazy details!

Me modeling Teeny Tat Chic in a little black dress with a plunge neckline

After all of the work, the beading, the tatting and the finishing, I am very happy with the result of a chic and feminine necklace that measures an elegant 24.5″ long.

You can find it in my Snappy Couture section of my online shop. My Couture line is some of my most labor intensive one-of-a-kind work. Some pieces are elegantly glamorous and some designs are tributes to nature with leaves, flowers and butterflies combined into wearable art.

The direct link to Teeny Tat Chic with more pics and specifications: here.

I am already thinking of another Teeny Tat Chic in shades of brown with turquoise and blue beading. Maybe in a shorter length.
But right now I am working on another Couture design that will have my new Rose pattern in it. Should be stunning!

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my process!



Teeny Tat Chic © 2012 Jennifer Kohr

(All Snappy Couture designs, Snappy Tatter original designs and their names are covered by copyright laws and are not available for reproduction. My blog posts are not intended to be a tutorial for reproduction of my work, just an inside look into the process of creating my work-thank you for understanding.)

Fresh Photos of Fiber Art!

The August earring bonus continues in my Etsy Shop, Snappy Tatter. I will make a set of Drip, Drop, Rush or PIXIE Butterfly earrings for each item purchased from my Fiber Art section. Find pictures of the qualifying earrings and Fiber Art in this post.This bonus is only available for a few more days!

I recently updated my Fiber Art listings paying particular attention to the accuracy of the detailed descriptions and photos. Here are a few of the newest photos for some of my Garden boxes: (click the pics for full descriptions, pricing and more photos)

Sunshine Flutter

The Crystal PIXIE Garden Party

close up!

Black and Gold Abagail Butterfly

Sophie’s Garden

side view

The Cobalt Butterflies Rejoice

detail view

side view of the pop up butterflies and texture

inside is fully hand lined with evergreen felt

One of my favorite Butterfly Gardens!

Pansy Paradise

detail view of beading and Pop up Tangerine PIXIE Butterflies

fully lined hinged metal box

I hope you all enjoyed this small gallery. I will be adding these photos to the Fiber Art category at the left. Next post will be about the making of my latest Couture design, Teeny Tat Chic.



Photos of work for the upcoming ArtFest!

Hi all! I will be attending the 3rd annual ArtFest in New Castle, PA, on Saturday and Sunday, May 26th and 27th, Memorial Day weekend. I will be bringing everything that is listed in my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter, as well as many pieces I have not listed yet. Here is the first gallery of my unlisted work.

Drip, Frilly Drip and Flash Drip tatted earrings with Czech Glass beads and Glass Pearls:

Drops with Czech Glass and Crystal, Swarovski Crystal or Glass Pearls:

Additional Earrings with Czech Glass, Swarovski, Glass Pearls or Sterling Rounds. Bounce, Decadence, Flair and Hope:

Tatted Pendants:

Daisy with large glass pearl and satin cord

New! Frilly Fan with CZ and Sterling chain

MOD in charcoal with Swarovski Crystal and gunmetal chain

New! MOD II with medallion and glass beads and handmade cable

Birch Leaf with Czech glass beads on wooden disc with sterling chain and beads

Maple Leaf with Czech glass beads on wooden disc with Sterling chain

Pitter Patter in black with Sterling chain

Tatted Necklaces:

Simplicity with Czech glass edge beading and Gold Lip Shell pendant

Flirtation with silver-lined glass and CZ center and silver organdy necklace

New! Graduated Simplicity with Lure motif embellished with a gunmetal findings and Hematite beading

Lure motif detail

New! The Sophisticate. Simplicity chains with Fleur motif embellished with glass pearls gunmetal bead caps and black chain

Fleur Flower detail

All work will be available at the ArtFest.  Most of my work is one of a kind because of the amount of patterns I have created and the flexibility to alter my own work. With the exception of the simplest earrings, I tend to tat my designs or embellish them in a different way each time I make them. I have a tremendous amount of colors to choose from in my stash of cords as well as tons of fabric, findings, ribbon, metallic and embroidery threads and beads. I frequently use exceptional quality Czech glass, glass pearls, Celestial, Czech and Swarovski Crystal, wood, shell, semi-precious stones, Sterling and Cubic Zirconia to embellish my work. The jewelry findings are Sterling Silver, Sterling plated, or Gunmetal plated or Black plated over Aluminum chain.

As well as bringing my photo albums of my work, I will have business cards, gift boxes and brochures on my history, the history of tatting and Fiber Art care.

I will be glad to take custom orders on any design except for the Snappy Couture designs and Fiber Art pieces which are always one-of-a-kind. And I am always happy to collaborate on bridal work.

Cash will be the easiest way to pay. I can take personal checks or credit cards and I will hold the item until personal check clears and then ship directly to your home. As for credit, I can send an invoice through PayPal and ship after it has been paid or set up a listing in my Etsy shop to be paid.

Hopefully, I will have access to electricity in which case I can take credit on the spot through PayPal or my Etsy shop. Keeping my fingers crossed as I noticed I did not check the box for electricity on my application. Ugh. I am going to bring a 20 ft. extension cord to see if I can snag some juice from someone close by.

It’s crunch time in Snappy Tatter-land, lots of tatting and working going on around here. This weekend I will be wrapping everything up with pricing, tags and storing my work for travel. I will add to my gallery of work as I have time.

If you have any questions, comment below or send me an email at jjskohr@embarqmail.com.

Cheers everyone! Enjoy your day!


Explore Snappy Tatter-land…lots of new pics!

I have been spending hours diligently adding photos of my work to the categories on my Blog. Some may have only one pic as there was only one of the design created so far or I do not have a photo of other creations of the design. (I truly regret the small period of time where I thought I was too busy to take a photo of my work…ugh!) I will be adding more pics as I create them and will keep posting updates here on my main page. For now, while I take care of taxes and pre-cruise packing and organizing!

The following designs have been added to or updated…

New Snappy Couture: Flyaway Butterfly Gala, Leaf Garland

Updates to: Cocktail Rings, Simplicity and it’s variations, The Debutante, Sweetheart, Chantilly, Obsession

Pendant Gallery: Blossom, Dainty, Faith, Flair, Flounce, MOD, Pawprint, PIXIE Ring, Tagalong, Rosette and Wreath

Earring Gallery: Bounce, Dainty, Decadence, Drips, Drops, Flair, Indulgence, PIXIE

Brooches and Stickpins: Diana, Vivien, PIXIE, Flair

Barrettes: small pink Rosette…I need to find pics of the Bobby Pins I have made!

New Design Categories: Allure, Bouquet, Chardonnay, Daisy Chain, Elegance and Embrace, Enchanted, Flair, Harmony, Heart’s Desire, MOD, Phoenix, and Tendril

It’s still only a partial list of the designs I have created but the uploading and organizing has really kept me busy this weekend! I hope everyone enjoys exploring the new pics while I keep busy with my anniversary, husband’s birthday, taxes, packing and traveling and a fun retreat with my Mom.

Cheers everyone!


Leaf Garland…Channeling my Inner Wood Nymph.

Like all children I had a extensive imagination of what I would be if I were not a little girl. A Mermaid?…to be friends with the sea animals, swim with the sharks, flip and turn through a coral reef as colorful and animated as a lush garden in the breeze? A Fairy with light as a snowflake gossamer wings, tiny, flitting and magical? Or my favorite, a Wood Nymph. A wee, sweet, mysterious woodland Goddess that sleeps in the crooks of trees, hides under colorful mushrooms, is rarely seen and protects all that is beautiful in the forest from the woodland creatures to every blooming flower and unfurling leaf. I wax poetic…


Channeling my Inner Wood Nymph, I have created a new Couture design called Garland. Made entirely of tatted leaves it is the most natural way to be glamorous. And the perfect accessory if you also happen to be a Wood Nymph. Like me.

This design was difficult to photograph. I needed to wear it to show how it really looked and since each leaf is completely different in design, beading and color, there needed to be many shots the whole way around. I hope that these pics really give the best representation of this work.


P1070840 P1070842 P1070838P1070855 P1070847

 P1070834 P1070835 P1070836


A look at how the Couture Leaf Garland was created

Nine original Snappy Tatter Leaf designs were shuttle tatted together using 100% Egyptian cotton tatting cordonnet in Leaf Green, Dark Leaf Green, Olive and Evergreen.

Beads were chosen in several shades of green to embellish the center veins of each leaf. Czech and Celestial crystal, Mill Hill glass and antique glass, and Czech glass seeds in a multitude of green hues. The large round cup near the lower right side contains lime green, copper-lined Czech glass beads that were sewn throughout for congruency and exceptional but tiny sparkle.

As the beads are sewn into the leaves, the leaves are attached to a shimmery green organdy ribbon that will serve to stabilize the design.

Wee gold Teeny Tat flowers are added for a little embellishment with gold glass bead centers. Then the ribbon is doubled back and attached to the garland. The work is measured and Sterling jewelry components added to create the right length. Finally, all the edges are tucked, pulled, pressed, straightened and slightly stiffened into place. This necklace makes a perfect choker. Especially if you are one who is blessed with a neck that is of the long, feminine variety. But for those who may be missing a vertebrae, like myself, it also looks lovely encircling the base of your neck.


This is the first of more Garlands to come as the wheels in my head were turning uncontrollably as I tatted and created this design. I plan to have floral Garlands and Butterfly Garlands as well. Because the work is so labor intensive and no pattern for the design was created, Garlands will be part of my one-of-a-kind Couture line.

The listing for Leaf Garland in my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/your/listings/94545995

I hope you enjoyed another look into a fresh design from my studio. More Snappy Couture designs can be found here:

Snappy Couture Jewelry

Feedback is welcome and definitely encouraged, especially from all the Wood Nymph’s at heart out there!

Cheers! Jennifer

(I am adding this because someone has asked: All Snappy Couture designs, Snappy Tatter original designs and their names are covered by copyright laws and are not available for reproduction. Blog posts are not intended to be a tutorial for reproduction of my work, just and inside look into the creation of my work-thank you for understanding.)

© 2012 Jennifer Kohr

Flyaway Butterfly Gala…from imagination to tatting shuttles

I have been wanting to create this design for some time now. I thought I would take the time to share how something like this develops from the spark in the brain to the clicking of the shuttles to complete fruition. I enjoy making the Gala designs immensely. Quite possibly more than any other jewelry designing…maybe. The Gala Couture are bib or statement necklaces intended to be a tribute to a time of year, a season, a sense of something. In this case, it is a tribute to my beloved butterflies; PIXIE, Vivien, Sara, Daphne and Emma. The idea was butterflies flowing around your throat in a release, turning this way and that. A flow. And a delicate invasion frozen in time. The idea was in my head. The trick is to get it to my shuttles.


I was first concerned about the sizing and shape of the selected butterflies and how they should connect to one another as well as the overall shape of the design. I looked through my current work to find various representations of each and made simplistic outlines of them on paper. After copying the b-flies and cutting out the shapes, I manipulated them on paper until I came out with this concept:

Thread sizing is written beside the b-flies along with color. I wanted the heaviest shade at the bottom with a gentle gradient to silver/white at the top. Black, charcoal, silver and white were the chosen shades. Chic, neutral and sophisticated. No beading was tatted into the actual b-flies, I wanted them to steal the show! Now that I have a map, it’s down to tatting. Hours of tatting.


My sizing was off a little but I was pleased with the result. Here is the collection, initially after a few more hours of sewing in ends, adding Hematite beading to all the bodies and making antennae. On the left it is shown with my favorite tools; tapestry and quilting needles, needle threader, a tiny crochet hook, exceptionally sharp Ghinger embroidery scissors and my wooden awl for pulling picots into shape and flattening knots inside a flat velour lined box that allows me to store works in progress away from curious kitties.


The design lacked stability and I was concerned that the necklace would not lay properly without something anchoring the design in place. I don’t want my patrons to have to fix or play with my work to get it right. It should be easily worn. So I decided to add sheer black organdy to the back of the larger b-flies. This became a task all in itself. I traced the shape of the b-flies on paper and used the paper shape to cut out the organdy. Next I needed to tack the organdy in order to sew it straight to the b-flies in the right shape so they would not go askew. I wanted them to fly away not create chaos. I used a bright yellow floss so it could be removed easily when I was finished and there would be no question that it was the tacking thread. After hand sewing the organdy to specific points that not only anchored the b-flies, was undetectable and added a few more Hematite beads, I trimmed it very…VERY carefully around the outside edge. I wanted it to show through Emma at the bottom and both Daphne b-flies without showing through the picots. I decided to create a plunge in the organdy in the middle of the b-flies.


After all of this work I realized that my Gala was not long enough on one side to create the shape I wanted and there were a few points that seemed a bit bare. The design was unbalanced and was heavy on one side. In come the PIXIES! I worked three more wee PIXIE Butterflies into the design, added beads and antennae as I secured them to the design. And the work is not over! Next I created two silver organdy bands for the necklace. While the glue was setting inside the ribbon ends, I flipped the Gala over and added an anti-fray compound to all edges of the black organdy. I straightened, trimmed and molded the antennae and made sure there are no weaknesses. I pulled picots and wings into shape adding a small amount of an invisible fluid here and there for moderate stiffness to retain the shape of the design. I went over the work about three times in this manner molding the Gala into the effect I wanted. Voila!


A labor of love, this one of a kind creation was well worth the time. The total length is about 15″ including the plunge with a 2″ extender to make it easy to adjust. I am seen wearing it above with a plunging blouse and below with a black corset top. I am particularly small (4’11”) and after seeing this on my best friend who has a wider chest and neck, I think this will be well suited for anyone larger than me…which is pretty much everyone. The width and length of the actual butterflies is 5.75″ x 6.5″ respectively. The wingspan at the bottom of Emma is 3.5″. A true statement piece I am very happy with the end result of my idea. There will be more Butterfly Galas as Abagail and Sophie were not included in this one. If you have any questions visit the official Etsy listing for all the specs: Flyaway on Etsy

I hope you enjoyed this peak into my creative process. Thanks for listening!