So hard to say good-bye.

One of the hardest things I have to do in my life as a fiber artist is say “good-bye” to my work when it is sold. I work hard to create works that delight me and sing to my soul. There is a piece of me in each work of art…my imagination at the very least. There is a sadness behind my eyes when I carefully package my work and take it to the post office. Sometimes after I have paid postage I have actually picked the package back up as if to take it back home with me. That is why I take tons of photos of every little thing I make. I keep them in albums (I am starting on a third) and look through them from time to time to remember the work I have done as well as remind myself of the work that is still in there waiting to be expressed.

The Dandelion Gala is on its way to Australia along with a Majestic Dragonfly Pendant. Deep Breath. I love this piece. And there will never be another just like it. It was part of my Snappy Couture Gala line that I love so much. Farewell sweet Dandelion.

The Dandelion Gala

My heart is now wrapped up in a framed piece I hope to be listing later today and another Gala necklace dedicated to Spring.

Cheers everyone! Jennifer

Enter the Dragonflies…

I love the Dragonflies that float around my house. Living next to a stream brings all kinds of wildlife out of the woodwork…literally. We love our house and our land. And after the birches and maples fill in their leaves we enjoy a sweet little cubby on a dead end street in a quaint little town.

When we first moved here I noticed the delicate, flitting dragonflies that would land on the porch, the grill, the chairs, the sides of the house. I was beginning on my own as an independent artist and wanted to tat a lace Dragonfly…a Majestic Dragonfly as it came to be named. So like most things that become my muse, I studied them. I took photos and found more on the internet to try to get the most accurate Dragonfly design that I could. Turns out they come in all kinds of colors from very bright red to black to almost see through. Very cool. The wingspan is the same width as the length of the body. There are never (that I have found) obvious or long antennae as there are with butterflies and moths and the wings are split, actually tapering closer to the body. When they rest, the wings can lay flat or be raised. Sometimes the wings match the body and sometimes they are contrasting. Sometimes they are very bright and sometimes just black. Many colors are iridescent, shifting with the sunlight.

So many attempts were made to come up with a replica of the dragonfly that felt alive to me. The twisted body that formed was an accident but I use this style of tatting in both the Dragonfly bodies and the stems of leaves and some butterfly bodies. I just vary the numbers of stitches. At first I would try to stiffen the bodies perfectly straight but then I realized when the body just naturally lilted to the side it appeared more whimsical. Wings in various lengths and widths were tatted until finally I realized in the photos the length of the bodies were almost always congruent with the wingspan. As I adjusted the proportions repeatedly, I went from a very plain dragonfly, to one with a bead at its center further giving the impression of the fat body they have that tapers to a tail. My hubbs became my creative consultant around this time and gave me opinion after opinion and finally…voila. Dragonfly. In celebration of spring that is now here…and my anticipation of incoming Majestic Dragonflies…here is my tatted gallery of the glorious bug.

A new pendant on Etsy…