Sunflowers popping up everywhere!


I recently received a request in my shop, Snappy Tatter, for matching earrings for my Sunflower pendant. Fun! I was able to make my Dainty design into little Sunflowers with more frilly picots and the perfect beading. In the process I created a larger Sunflower that I turned into a bracelet. It was my first attempt to make an earring but was larger than I wanted and the beading wasn’t quite right to match the pendant. It is my first time using the metal bracelet blanks I bought awhile ago. I really like the result. The flower is stiffened for structure and attached to the blank with an industrial resin. Here is the result, peeps!

The metal cuff is one-of-a-kind, so snap it up if you like it! Here are the links to the Sunflower listings that are in my shop:

The Sunflower Cuff

The Sunflower Pendant (made to order)

New Sunflower Earrings! (made to order)

Live, Love, Tat!


I tatted the blues…

A recent custom request from a Snappy Tatter customer led me to working with greens and blues, not colors I normally work with except for leaves. I do have a nice collection of blues and greens from baby blue to navy to teal but my mind is always drawn to warm colors.


Sometimes working outside your normal palette forces you to use your color study skills to create something that is well coordinated. The main issue with this project was the customer’s choice of turquoise that is very bright and a forest green that is muted. This issue was solved with the customer’s choice of a variegated cord that drew the blue into the green gradually.

My customer proudly told me “Texas girls love lots of bling”. So I further blended the colors with hand sewn beading which is all Czech glass and Swaroski crystals.

The finished work is this lovely cool color Flair set of jewelry finished with Sterling jewelry components and silver organdy ribbon.

Live, Love, Tat!


All rights reserved, please. Flair jewelry set © 2010 Jennifer Kohr

Putting my best lace forward…

For those of you who may not know yet, I am in the process of writing a book. I was approached by a UK publishing company over the holidays last year. They needed an author for an introductory book on tatting and they thought Snappy Tatter rocks! Very cool. So step by step I have been going through this process to help them develop a presentation to submit for approval with their editors. Once approved, the writing and pattern designing begins. First I submitted a synopsis of the book and the chapter breakdown as well as a short Snappy Tatter bio. The next task was to create tatted items for photography. I recorded the patterns in both long hand and diagramming and submitted those as well. So now they will put all of this info together and create a brief presentation that is like a section of the actual book to be written.

Since this is to be an introductory book, the small motifs will be the very basic patterns that every tatter learns:

The Flourish bracelet is another simple design that is continuously tatted and requires no tricky techniques. I see similar designs around the web because again, it is a basic design. There are certain concepts in tatting design that have been around so long that they pop up in books and in people’s work all over the world. These are the kinds of patterns I will be introducing in a beginner’s book. (Sorry no leaves or roses or lilies or tatterpillars will be included) 🙂

You can find this bracelet in my online shop, Snappy Tatter, in this listing: Larger version with heavier thread: Black earrings: I can make Flourish into a choker as well.

Next I created 3 pairs of Decadence earrings. The colors were chosen by the staff at the publishing company. They have a vision for this presentation. This design developed from my Sweet Decadence necklace which is a very tricky design with what I like to call “non-traditional tatting techniques”. In other words, I made them up.

I beaded each pair differently in a simple hand sewn manner. I believe it is still questionable whether and how much I would be teaching on beading. But for the presentation we wanted everything to be its snappiest. You can find a pair made in a lightly variegated cord called cafe latte in my shop here: And the Sweet Decadence necklace is in black here:

Finally, the Chardonnay necklace. This is one of my first designs and has not been recreated in the last couple of years. It’s funny that I now look at it and see it as such a simple concept but when I was designing it, it was difficult. That’s growth and experience, I suppose.

It is embellished simply with Swarovski glass pearls. And I redesigned the connections to be more basic. The original connection at the top of each point was a crossover that gave interest to the pattern but it is another thing I made up to accommodate the design I was looking for. I may remake this and post it in my shop again because it really is a lovely pattern. If anyone would like one, drop me a line and I can tell you about sizing and pricing:

Well, that’s it for today’s show and tell everyone!

Enjoy your weekend!

Gone but not forgotten…Snappy Tatter buying trends

The art shows and holiday bazaars are over folks. It was hectic and exhausting but well worth the time and effort. I met many new people and was able to show them a different type of artistry, fiber art and tatted lace. Many people I met had never seen this type of work and were curious as to what a fiber artist does. I was able to give small demonstrations and talk about the tools and cords I use and how I came to be a fiber artist years ago.  It is simply the medium I use now instead of pen and paper although I still draw to draft new ideas.

Anyhoo-this post is about some of my favorite work that is now in the hands of some Snappy Tatter fan somewhere beginning with one of my favorite Snappy Couture pieces that was actually purchased by my sister-in-law, Jen.

Summer Gala

Summer Gala

I can’t believe how lovely this looks on her. It certainly did not look this nice on me. I am so glad that someone has it that it seems such a perfect fit for.

snappy tatter 4ce

Isn’t she pretty! Thank you Jen. Here is your 15 minutes of fame.

snappy tatter 5c

Just perfect for her!

Another Snappy Couture design that is gone is the Maple Gala:

And here are other items that are treasured one-of-a-kind work that will not return to my shop:

The Duchess

The Duchess

Splendor with Hematite pendant

Splendor with Hematite pendant

Gold Vivien Stickpin

Gold Vivien Stickpin

Snowball No.22

Snowball No.22


Snowball No.1

Snowball No.1

Snowball No.16

Snowball No.16

Vivien's Playground

Vivien’s Playground

Darla Butterfly Box

Darla Butterfly Box

And now some work that may be reproduced in a similar way sometime:

Flourish with red jade beads

Flourish with red jade beads

Grace earrings with Swarovski pearls

Grace earrings with Swarovski pearls

Strand earrings

Strand earrings

Strand with Howlite

Strand with Howlite

Dainty Flakes with CZ's

Dainty Flakes with CZ’s

MOD II pendant with Czech glass

MOD II pendant with Czech glass

Many items have sold but these are a few of my favorite things. As the year winds down I am still busy tatting the days away fulfilling orders for Christmas. And I am thinking ahead for how I would like to spend my time at the beginning of the new year when everything settles down and I have more time to do whatever I want. I have some new plans that I will share later.

Etsy has begun to provide some new options for shop owner’s that I will have the time to take advantage of in the new year. For example, I can now have multiple quantities available in one listing. I also can provide various options for my simpler work such as color and size options. You can now pick the color and size from drop down menus as you purchase. Etsy is getting better and better at providing a venue that is competitive with other online shopping options but still is primarily a handmade marketplace. The options of accepting credit cards directly, having gift cards available and better search variances are creating a more professional environment for buyers and sellers alike.

In the new year I will be reviewing all 200+ listings as I usually do. I will be checking for discrepancies and updating photography and listing information. I will also be taking advantage of the variations options for my Made to Order work. I am doing that now in a few of my listings where you can choose cord or bead color and length. Going through each listing one by one is a time consuming process that I save for the (generally) quietest months of the year, February and March. This is very important to me. I am a nut for consistency and professionalism in my listings. So I look for poor photos, inaccurate spelling or grammar and update links that may go nowhere and correct as much as possible.

In the meantime, I still have Free Priority Mail upgrade for all domestic orders $20 or over until 12/20. And a $5 gift certificate to my shop is included in all December sales. I have to evaluate all Made to Order purchases on a case by case basis because of my current workload. Ready to ship items will ship in time for Christmas at this point.

Enjoy your day everyone!


Gallery #2 for the upcoming holiday season!

This is the second gallery of work that will be shown at the three upcoming events I have scheduled. Much of it has been tatted over the past four weeks and finished recently. I like to photograph every item I create as a record of my progress as an artist. My followers and fans are the first to have the opportunity to purchase any of these items before they sell. Contact me through my Blog comments, Facebook, my Etsy Shop or through email ( if you are interested. Everything that is one-of-a-kind will say OOAK so you will know it will not be reproduced exactly the same.

click for larger images!


~New! Grace embellished with Swarovski pearls. (OOAK)


~MOD embellished with Hematite-a customer favorite!


~Flair embellished with Swarovski Crystals

~MOD Pendant with Czech crystal

~New Snappy Tatter design! Sparrow! (OOAK)

I am so excited to finally be able to show this design! It is a variation of my Phoenix and Angel wing designs and has been rattling around in my head for months. Ever since we put up a bird feeder for the first time this spring and I discovered that I was a bird watcher, I have been needing to create this. I have studied the wee birds in my back yard and love the variation of the sparrows. This is the first Sparrow design but I can think of many ways to blend the colors so there will be more from time to time. Created while on our cabin vacation it took several hours to design and shuttle-tat as I diligently created hundreds of uniform picots to make the frilly wing. Stiffened discreetly through the back and embellished with gorgeous bronze colored Swarovski pearls, this is my new favorite! Please feel free to share my newest creation with your friends!

P1110529 P1110530 P1110542 P1110557

~New! Strand earrings

~MOD earrings in cream

~Dainty Flake earrings with brilliant man-made diamonds

~Drop earrings with dangling pearl teardrops (OOAK)

~Frilly Drips and Drop earrings

~Dainty Flake Pendants are back!

All of the Dainty Flakes are embellished with Czech Glass and a Celestial Crystal or a Swarovski pearl or bi-cone crystal and clasp with a decorative floral box clasp. Back to the drafting table!

Ice Crystals and Snowballs are next! Stay tuned!

Cheers! Jennifer

The first sneak peek tatted gallery of the holiday season!

With three shows coming up in as many weeks, I am working diligently to create a variety of work for people to explore at my tables. I have learned that it is not in my best interest, because of limited time, to list all of these items in my Etsy shop as at least 50% will sell at these shows. I do, however, like to photograph every item I create to keep in growing photo albums as a record of what I have done. I am up to four albums now! I like to present galleries of this work so everyone can see what I am up to as well as have the opportunity to purchase before it sells at an event. Contact me through my Blog comments, Facebook, my Etsy Shop or through email ( if you are interested. Everything that is one-of-a-kind will say OOAK so you will know it will not be reproduced exactly the same.

click for larger images!




~New! Vine

~New Rosebud Brooch (OOAK). The first of a series of 3 dimensional sculpted roses.

P1110409 P1110411

~MOD earrings in black with Hematite

~Drips, Drops, Flash Drips & Frilly Drips

P1110417 P1110414 P1110415 P1110416 P1110425 P1110430 P1110427 P1110431 P1110434


~New! Strand earrings

~MOD Pendant

~MOD II Pendant

Now I have to get back to my coffee and my drafting table to finish more earrings, snow and fiber art designs. More photos to come!



Tatting the days away while wearing out my chair…

As many of you know, I have been under the weather with my seasonal asthma attack. It’s going on 2 weeks now since I got sick and up until the last 2 days it has been kicking my ass. While I recuperate from the insidious meds I have to take that make me both better and worse, I thought I would share a simple gallery of fresh work. All of these items can be found in my online shop, Snappy Tatter. Eventually I will be back at my drafting table finishing all the tatting that I have been creating while I have been stuck in my chair awake 21 hours a day. Then I will have a really big gallery to share!

(click the pics to see more photos and full descriptions)

One of my simplest and favorite styles, the Flash Drips:

Flash Drip earrings with pewter glass

Flash Drips with Aurora Borealis glass


My new “Grace” style in silver:

Grace with glass Swarovski pearls

I am currently working on a very tedious off white version of Grace that will be a bracelet that is delicate and feminine.


  A new Halo bracelet with heavier cord, large glass pearls and a Sterling toggle clasp. I’m thinking bridal jewelry, simple yet elegant.

Halo for brides


Vivien Butterfly in gold with gold stickpin

3-D Vivien


Wisp earrings in mint green with matching glass pearls and silver-lined rocailles:

Soon I will add photos of 9 pointed medallions I have been designing for a fellow fiber artist in Oregon. I am also working on a new Phoenix design for a customer that should be finished and photoed at the beginning of the week. It is a simpler version to fit her budget  better as this fully beaded design is very labor intensive. I try to be accommodating when it is possible in my jewelry designs.

I am working on tatted roses, which I will return to after I post this. And I am very close to finishing a nice, comfy, heavy poncho for winter. And no, it is not tatted! That would be insanity. It is crocheted, which can be a refreshing change for me from time to time. It’s sooooo much faster.

Don’t forget to get your Free Dainty Flake Snowflake this month! Make any purchase from my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter and start trimming your tree early with a wee snowflake from me! Just leave me a message during checkout that you would like your Flake and I will include it in your order!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Snappy Tatter Gallery Updates

I spent the majority of my day here in Snappy Tatter-land updating my categories and galleries to include my newest work. Time to get your coffee or your tea and relax while you spend a little time perusing Snappy Tatter updates. This counts as “me time” for those of you who need a flimsy excuse. 🙂

New pics are added to the following categories:

Tatted Brooches-PIXIE Butterfly Stickpin, Mum Brooch and Diana Butterfly Stickpins

Tatted Earring Gallery-Bounce, Grace, Wisp, Flair, Flash Drip

Tatted Pendant Gallery-Dainty, Flair, Gerber, Majestic Dragonfly, Sara butterfly

Snappy Couture Jewelry-Leaf Garland, Teeny Tat Chic

Tatted Barrettes and Bobbies-Daisy Bobbies

Gallery of Tatted Snow-Snowball No.20, Janette’s Ice Crystal gallery, and Ice Crystals No. 31, 33 and 35

Gallery of Mini Fiber Art Boxes-Purple Berry Frilly Fleur and Hot Pink Frilly Fleur and a new pic of Sunshine Flutter

Gallery of Fiber Art Boxes-updated pics of: Dandelion Fluff, Pansy Paradise, Abagail, and Sophie’s Garden

Framed Work-Peach Tranquility, Buttercup’s Garden and Follow Me

MOD-new bracelets including the Double MOD that I wear

Enchanted-more pics

And brand new categories have been added:


Dainty, Flair Flowers and Flurry

and The Sophisticate

That is my latest update for Snappy Tatter-land. Follow me on my Facebook Page  or Twitter to be the first to catch all new listings in my Etsy Shop when they come out!



New items and new shop face!

Periodically I like to change my Etsy Shop banner and my social networking avatar to reflect the season. Much of my work is related to the flora and fauna that surrounds me and I like my shop face to reflect new work and the season I am experiencing here in western Pennsylvania. We are fortunate to experience four very distinct seasons here. My new shop banner:

From left to right:

Snappy Couture Maple Gala necklace

Framed Fiber Art “Follow Me”

Snappy Couture Poise necklace

A strung up Sophie Butterfly necklace

Sunflower pendant

Flair Cocktail Ring (sold)

My new Etsy Shop and Blog Avatar:

Birch Leaf Pendant Avatar


And fresh new designs are coming, maybe slowly, but they are coming to my shop as regularly as I am able. This includes a new style of earrings called “Wisp”. Click pics for more photos and full descriptions.


A new pair of Bounce earrings that are a little bit more frilly with sparkling Swarovski crystals that are half coated silver….shiny! shiny!

A new style called “Grace”. I will be listing smaller Grace earrings with Sterling later today, hopefully. I personally have the first Grace bracelet in black and am working on a very fine, delicate version in creamy ecru.


And my latest smile that is plastered on my Twitter and Facebook pages:

I will be rearranging my shop today and changing pictures so stop by and see the fresh new look later on!

Cheers everyone!


September is Free Shipping for Facebook fans, Twitter and Blog followers!

Howdy all! Here’s the latest Snappy Tatter promotion for the month of September! Enjoy Free Shipping on everything until the next e-Newsletter by entering the code “SNAPPYSHIPPING” in the coupon box during checkout in my Etsy Store. Ask me for free shipping if you would like to purchase outside of my shop through email, blog or facebook. Read the September e-Newsletter in full…