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The Dreamer embroidery framing is finally finished. Goodness gracious that was a process. I tried a couple different frames, different styles of matting, glass and acrylic glazing…I finally came up with this simple silver frame that has enough depth it could be used in a shadowbox manner. I found fantastic 8-ply heavyweight archival matting that is perfect. So no matter how hard I try…I cannot seem to get my Dreamer fiber painting to have a crisp photo for Etsy. The detail photos are all crisp, the color perfect, and I am happy with them but the framed one will not translate to a crisp photo. The actual photo in my computer is perfect and needed little editing. So I am posting the photo here for a reference for potential patrons. Click on the photo to be taken to the actual Snappy Tatter listing. Enjoy!


Live, Love, Tat!



dreamercopyrightSnappy Tatter shop listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/217104312

I happy to introduce one of my latest fiber art designs, Dreamer. The original thought in my mind was different than the outcome, which frequently happens in my work as it evolves. The conception changes as I work with the colors and texture. I change my decisions as to where it is going based on what I am feeling and seeing. My palette of colors was chosen and the linen pressed and stretched to a frame creating a canvas for me to work on. The colors were grouped in families; warm grays, browns, mauve, grapes, reds, oranges, and a family of contrasts in chartreuse. I used what is available here from my huge stock of threads, mostly cotton floss but also pearl cotton, rayon and metallic threads. All the thread was cut into usable lengths and tied to cards for organization. All the skeins of thread were kept in small packages that were secured to a large ring. The organization it takes to start any of my projects usually takes a couple of hours itself.

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This embroidery began with a drawing of the face in graphite. The face I drew was shortened as I stitched and the expression slightly altered to convey more contentment and appear more realistic.


I started to take progress photos of the stitching of the “hair” after the face was completed. I worked on this for an hour or two at a time. Every time I stepped away I saw how the colors needed worked and re-worked to create a blended effect. There are approximately 34 colors in this work. I have to use my threads to blend much as a painter blends their paint. Shades, tones and tints. The process was interesting for me. I have never created something like this before. It was neat to continually add more color, more depth to the design. The slide show below shows some of the progression of stitching. The colors are off because I took the photos under various lighting with my camera or phone.

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The result of my stitching and stitching was heavy layers of the cotton floss and the design became raised from the linen. Incredible texture was created due to the process I was using to paint the linen; Add a new color, work it into the previous layer, add low lights, work the previous layer into the new one and add highlights, repeat. Hours went by. The images in the slide show below show the depth and texture of Dreamer.

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After the hair was completed…or more accurately, I stopped nitpicking and reworking the design, I added the chartreuse to the spaces between the curls making my choice of colors “pop” even more vibrantly. In the final hours of work, I added pearl cotton, rayon and metallic threads for spark throughout the hair. But the icing on the cake was the brilliant Swarovski crystals that were added and the tiny little pop-up PIXIE butterflies that flutter about the curls. The PIXIEs are shuttle tatted with the finest cordonnet and wee silver-lined glass beads are tatted into the wings. The are hand sewn in and stiffened to remain 3-D. I created a swirl of shimmer radiating from the face to the tips of the flaming hair. In the next set of detail pics you can see the raised butterflies, Swarovski crystals and the chartreuse that peeks through the curls.

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I framed the work myself. I chose a simple silver metal frame and double mat in white and an ivory that matches the linen.

P1180778finalDreamer is now available for sale in my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter. You can find the listing and full description here. I am also joining another venue called fineartamerica to sell prints of this and other embroideries. When I have my account up and running, I will post here so you can stop by and tell me what you think! I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about what a Snappy Tatter does when she is not tatting! Comments are encouraged!

Live, Love, Tat!


New work for the Arts on the Riverwalk Festival!

Hello Peeps. I will have to keep my chatting to a minimum because there is so much work waiting for me upstairs. I thought I would drop in and share a few new items that are going to the New Castle Arts on the Riverwalk Festival on July 11th and 12th. Everything that is ready made in my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter, will be going with me as well. Here is a gallery of new items that are packed and ready to go!

~Infinity Cuff~

Always a fan fave, this version is made in dark charcoal cordonnet and embellished with turquoise colored glass, Sterling spacers and silver-lined gunmetal Czech pressed glass.


~Midnight Rhapsody~

A new dramatic Couture collar that is embellished with Czech glass in shades of blue and black and has a medallion in cobalt blue and black. It is 18″ long and ruffles elegantly around your neck.


Originally made in navy and mocha for my mother, I re-visited the pattern creating all white lace this time. The beading is perfect Swarovski crystal pearls and silver-lined clear Czech glass. Sterling accents and picot edged ribbon add to the elegance of this design.



~Pink Sweetie Mini Box~

I will come up with an adorable name for this small box that is a little less than 2″ across. The components are a Daisy, PIXIE butterfly and an Aspen leaf that are embellished with Mill Hill beads and Swarovski Crystal Pearls in silver and white. The garden is mounted on a softly colored damask upholstery fabric and trimmed with handmade cable with a metallic thread running through it. All of my small boxes are lined with matching felt. Everything but the metal box is handmade in these little fiber art designs.

~The Rosebud Blackwork Box~

A 3″x3″ metal box that is fully lined with deep red felt. The components are a Victorian Red Rosebud with a frilly center that surrounds a large Swarovski Crystal Pearl, evergreen Holly leaves and Blackwork embroidery of original design embellished with more pearls. Mounted on Damask Aida cloth that has a brilliant shine, this contemporary design is completely handmade, as well.

Hope you enjoyed the gallery. I’m off to finish more work which I will post soon.

Live, Love, Tat!


WIP Wednesday…Snappy Tatter Fiber Art

I often see my fellow artists and artisans posting photos on Facebook on Wednesdays for “WIP” or “Work in Progress” Wednesday. I thought I would give a peek into a piece I have been working on for the last year. My passion is my fiber art. Whether is is wearable Couture, framed or small box sculptures it is what makes my heart sing and brings satisfaction to my life. Here are 3 pics of work that is part way through. The embroidery is finished as far as I know but I have other elements I am in the process of adding. The next photos will hopefully be when this piece is finally finished. The face was drawn first and then I painted the design onto evenweave fabric with a large palette of colors in cotton, rayon and various metallic threads.

This is what a Snappy Tatter does when she is not tatting!




This is unnamed for now. Thoughts of titles are floating around but I will wait until the final stitches are laid and more elements are added to make that commitment.

This is my WIP right now. There are other things…a new watch is in the works and a smaller embroidery needs framed and two Couture designs are being worked on. Hopefully I will have pics of those things very soon as well as this finished design.

Live, Love, Tat!


Snappy Tatter Sneaky Peek!

I thought I would give you all a little sneaky peek into the latest framed work I am finishing. Lots of embroidery and some really intense tatting. I can’t wait to unveil this!



Have patience peeps…it will be shown soon!

Live, Love, Tat!


A new gallery of Tatting and Fiber Art for the ArtFest

The ArtFest is now less than a week away. Busy busy busy around here. But I thought I would take a break to add some pics of more work that will be going with me to the show.

Flourish Choker with gunmetal Swarovski crystals and Czech glass

Tatted Flourish medallion detail

Brilliance Choker with multicolor Czech glass tatted into the design

Brilliance medallion detail

Golden PIXIE butterfly with Swarovski crystal and leather necklace

Black PIXIE with aqua Swarovski crystal and leather necklace

Two tone MOD Pendant with silver-lined Czech glass and Stardust Sterling bead

Flash Drip earrings with silver-lined beads tatted into the design

Flair earrings in variegated ecru cord with glass and pearls

Simple Frilly Drips in charcoal with gunmetal findings

Little Miss Sunshine PIXIE Garden Box with Czech glass, teeny tatted leaves, variegated purple Colonial knots, and Swarovski crystal

Emerald Harvest PIXIE Garden Box embellished with dark gold glass beading and Swarovski crystal, tatted leaves and flowers, and a large glass pearl.

Izzy the Woolly Bear Tatterpillar

Candie the Tatterpillar in a spring green garden with Swarovski embellishment

And I couldn’t resist, I had to make one more Tatterpillar for the show. This Inchworm is cruising through a handcrafted garden on a 3″x 3″ x 2″deep collectible box. I spent hours tatting and sculpting the little guy, couching the tatted leaves to the linen, filling the centers with satin stitch, and adding all the little colonial knot flower buds. The garden was then trimmed and secured to the padded lid of the box, surrounded by handmade cable and fully lined with olive colored felt.

Inch by Inch…Life’s a Cinch.

The Inchworm Tatterpillar traveling through a linen garden of tatted leaves and colorful colonial knot flowers

P1090036 P1090038 P1090041 P1090037 P1090043

These designs are new and not listed in my Etsy shop, like the gallery in my last post. All items from my shop will also be going to the show so stop over there to peek at everything that will be available.

This upcoming Saturday and Sunday all one-of-a-kind work, Fiber Art and Snappy Couture will be deactivated to avoid work being purchased both at the show and on Etsy. The remaining items will go on a MTO (made to order) status which will be updated depending on whether it was sold when I return.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit!



Guest Artist Sarah E. Hennessey from sometimesiswirl

I am excited to introduce my first guest Artist in Snappy Tatter-land, Sarah E. Hennessey.

Sarah E Hennessey from sometimesiswirl

Sarah E. Hennessey from sometimesiswirl is a fantastic artist I discovered while perusing the many talented artisans on Etsy. I immediately fell in love with her lively, swirling style and bold designs. I feel her style speaks to me and truly is a treat to the eyes. Modern, organic and flowing, Art Nouveau is how I would describe her work. Her designs are swirling floral originals and prints in ink, bold embroidery framed in traditional hoops,  swirling designs adorning vases and fabrics and sharp, intricate line-drawn cities. She creatively pushes her boundaries exploring new colors and textures as well as mediums. I follow sometimesiswirl on Facebook and am always amused by the  light sense of humor and candor of her postings. She is fresh and talented and I hope everyone enjoys this interview. A gallery of her work as well as social connections and a special Etsy shop coupon is found after her interview. read on for her wonderful interview and gallery of work…

A fresh view…

We are back from camping at Raccoon Creek State Park. I have been busy working a new Couture piece and designing a pink ribbon for my friend at the post office. I have been cleaning the house and keeping up with the garden and all my newly planted flowers.

The site we were at had a wonderful view, was next to the bathrooms (yay) and down over the hill a little so it was more secluded that some sites. Raccoon Creek is an enormous park that can be packed with people but we always prefer to be as far away from everyone as possible. Luckily, our neighbors were very nice and quiet and the park cleared out on Sunday. We were left with a very peaceful couple of days to ourselves…with the Racoons.


Lots of trees and undergrowth. Very nice.


Contents include: a very old canvas tent that truly a dozen people could camp in, a lightweight blue canopy that we can sit out the rain under…for at least a little while, two camp chairs and collapsible table, Coleman stove and twenty year old Coleman lantern, 5 gallon water bladder, and two coolers. It’s just the basics but it makes a comfortable camp. We like to call it luxury camping because we have hiked with packs on our back with all the water/food/clothing we need for three days. There is no room for an extra teabag in those circumstances.


Rice, Chicken with BBQ, and fresh green beans all cooked over a good fire.

We avoided rain for the first day although it threatened us the entire time. However, it POURED through the night. Rain is very nice to sleep through and a very big mess to clean up the next day. There is just no such thing as a completely waterproof tent when you are camping in Monsoon-like rain.

The left pic is the swamp we woke up in,the next is me wiping the entire floor out, and the right is our cots made and everything clean.

I am a nester. When we get to camp, we take care of the essentials…put the tent and canopy up, unpack the car, start a fire…not necessarily in that order. As soon as these things are done, I nest. I shake out our bags and pillows, make our beds and arrange everything neatly on our picnic table. then I can relax by the fire my husband works to establish. I do this when we are hiking too. I like to feel like I have made a home for us to relax in. I don’t want to waste any time looking for things. And I make pack lists to follow before we leave.

Hubbs trying out his new fleece bag. It’s actually a liner for a sleeping bag. Through the years there have been multiple attempts to find the perfect sleep gear for him. Different blankets, bags, sheets, ground pads and cloths, ponchos….he’s high-maintenance, dear man. I have used one bag, one pillow case and one ground pad this entire time.

Seth is being silly with Emrad the camping Reindeer. Seth gave me Emrad the first winter we were together and he has been on every hike, camp and  in every cabin. We have tons of funny photos of this little red reindeer with candy cane striped stuffed antlers. Just a little silliness on our part.

Here is me, late night, in my favorite camping shirt which later ripped at the neck. I have had this lightweight cotton shirt for about 15 years. Very depressing….we cremated it the next night.

Bummer. Farewell favorite shirt. 😦

The second night the raccoons were restless. There was no one about so no food to steal, only crumbs in the campgrounds. We heard them clanging around on our gear but the food and garbage was in our trunk. We have always made jokes about them licking all our stuff while we are sleeping which totally freaks my husband out. In the middle of the night a raccoon decided the best place for a potty was in the middle of our picnic table. I will spare you the photos but needless to say, we threw out our plastic tablecloth. Ew.

This is our camp flag. Completely stitched in wool over one summer. It is staked where ever we go. It is all needlepoint and Crewel on canvas with a leafy green backing and frame.

An amazing amount of research and hours went into this work. It is one of my favorite accomplishments. My hubbs absolutely loves it. I was inspired when we stayed at a campground where all the RV campers had a small flag with the family name in front of their site. I thought…we should do that. Stake our ground when we camp!

I used a heavy weight Mono canvas. I think it is 18 count. The stitches that were used were: Victorian Step, Byzantine, Milanese, Tied Scotch, Oblique Slav, Diagonal stem, Staircase, Mosaic, Diagonal Cashmere, Roman, Vertical Brick, Scotch Checker, Oriental, Mini Leaf, Diagonal Mosaic, Irregular Byzantine, Upright Cross, Tied Scotch, Spider Web, Horizontal Threaded Chain, regular Chain, Long and Short Stitch and Continental and a couple I can’t remember right now.

Everything was chosen carefully to represent a natural scene as much as possible from the color to the stitches. the result is high visual texture and coloring that seems painted from a few yards away. When I was done with the stitching, I mounted it with green cotton fabric and added loops to the back so it can hang on the small flag hook. Then I quilted around the entire border with a random swirl pattern to keep the fabric flat. It handles rain, sun, heat, and a dark basement very well.

So, we are off again this weekend. Back to the park. Last time we took a long hike through all the different campgrounds to find the best spots and we will be staying in a wooded spot away from everything this weekend. We are super excited! Time to pack everything up again.

I have a new Couture design I am working out and another one on my mind I will try to design this weekend.

This is the tatting gear I take with me when we camp and hike. Sketchbook, old ball of crochet thread that can get wet/smoky and I don’t care, 4 shuttles, crochet hook, tiny scissors connected to a clip so I don’t lose them, measuring tape, mechanical pencil all in a cheap plastic box. This pic gives a preview of a ring on ring design I am working on right now. Fully beaded and black. I am hoping to have it completed sometime next week.

Two fresh listings in my Etsy shop: the MOD bracelet in a heavier thread with large, Deep Pewter, Czech Glass beading throughout. and MOD earrings in a lighter thread with Hematite seeds and center.



June’s coupon code for Blog Subscriber’s will be available till Friday. A new email will be sent out then with a fresh code for the month of July. I welcome orders while I am on brief camping trips. A notice of shipping times will be written in my shop announcement.

Cheers everyone!!!


I got a new Obsession…

Obsession was one of my first original Snappy Tatter designs and still one of my favorites. Designed while we were hiking the Laurel Highlands, this time consuming and very dense pattern makes a fabulous cuff. I have sold it several times and my mother-in-law wears a black one. Currently, I have a silver one and a larger black one for sale on Etsy.

The pattern came from  an idea that was not working out the way I had planned. It was the beginning of my attempts to design my own patterns and I was still getting used to the turns and twists that have to be negotiated as you try to work something out in tatted lace. Ultimately, this pattern became a striking cuff that needs little embellishment, just a line of beads through the center. http://www.etsy.com/listing/64736242


The Obsession lace already takes several hours to complete but one of these days I am going to go all out and totally deck it out with stones and beads and gems. Snappy Couture-it will be fabulous!

In the meantime, my newest version in the center photo has larger rings and longer chains making it one of the widest cuffs I have made at 2.5″ across. It has been beaded through the middle with Hematite and black Czech crystal.

I will add this to my gallery to the left.

We are having rainy day after rainy day here in western PA. And though it is doing wonders for all of my perennials….soggy days can bring the blues. I am remedying that with tatting various flowers over and over.

I will be at the New Castle Riverwalk Arts Festival this May 28th, my first outdoor show. And I would like to have many many things that scream “spring is here!!!!” So lots of flowers, leaves, butterflies, dragonflies. I think this will be fun. And it is in the neighborhood of the gallery I used to belong to so I am hoping to see many of my fellow artist friends. I will have the hubbs with me…he’s so good to me! So-hopefully I can get him to take lots of photos.

Good night all!


Oh! And Yay USA!!!!!

My latest work and latest news.

I have been a very busy girl. I finally finished my latest Snappy Couture design…Spring Gala. It is on Etsy and I will be talking about it here soon. And I finished a delightfully whimsical framed work called “Follow Me”.

I hand embroidered a silky damask background and added tiny flowers over lazy daisy stitches. The pattern swirls around an antique silver medallion with a flurry of PIXIE butterflies that are progressively larger. I really enjoyed creating this piece. Much of my work is very colorful but I do enjoy more subdued colors as well and this piece displays that. You can find more photos in my Etsy shop:


I have also designed a Lily pattern that I have used in my Spring Gala necklace. This is the first Lily I worked on in white, lilac and purple on a Sterling Bobby Pin. There is a tiny bit of yellow peeking through the center around a large glass pearl.

I am thinking an orange or yellow one needs to be next to match my day lilies that are coming up. There are more Lily photos in my Etsy shop as well.


And I have new Dainty Blossom earrings listed with glass beading and Hematite rounds.

So cute!


I have been very busy. I have been accepted into two new shows. I am now working towards an Art Festival at the end of May and another that is an open-air artist market in Pittsburgh during Saturdays through the summer. The show I am doing in May is the Riverwalk festival in New Castle PA. I will be at the open air market in Pittsburgh probably one Saturday a month. Tatting is a time consuming process so I can’t commit myself to too much or I will face tatter’s burnout. 🙂

That’s what’s new here. Lots of rain and lots of spring flowers. I think I will be working on a Butterfly Gala soon.

Blog Subscriber’s-look for May’s coupon code in your inbox tomorrow!

Cheers and good night!


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