My PIXELS are getting bigger and bigger


Hi all! Some of you may know I have an additional shop that I run along with Etsy and here where I sell my tatted works. I am also a traditional artist and sell my work on I mostly work in realism, recreating realistic subject matter from my own photography, but my surrealism/expressionism is popular and some of my favorite works.

“Baby” painted from the reference photo below
Photograph of our kitty kitty, Baby

The cool thing about shopping on PIXELS is the variety of items my work can be printed on. Here are a few options aside from traditional prints, stretched canvases, metal prints and fully framed items: pillow covers, phone cases, beach towels, tote bags, small pouches, greeting cards, coffee mugs and t shirts. I may have missed a few options but the sizes and options of prints and products is staggering.

I also sell my photography on…here are a few of my faves:

My expressionism can be very raw at times. The work is often inspired by emotional pain and the physical pain of my neurological disorder. I am disabled and have been for a long time but I am an artist and my work gives me a love of life, even through the pain I have to endure. Here are a few of my surrealism and expressionism works:

Coloring has become popular as of late. People like to color and relax. I admit it is very relaxing. I started off by making the black line drawn blanks using software, thinking I really didn’t want to color them in. And then that all changed when I saw what happens when you add color when my little sister and her daughters filled some in for me. So I have blank black line drawings for sale and if you don’t want to color it yourself, I can sell you what I have colored in myself. You can use PIXELS to print what you want on many of the options I listed above. You can also visit the section “Printables to Color” in my Etsy shop and download and print the Mandala on paper (I recommend heavy cardstock) and color it in yourself. Many of them are so tedious in design, you can spend hours filling in all the spaces, like the one below.

At you can find endless options when it comes to buying my artwork. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you will find that I post from all three shops, this shop, Etsy and PIXELS. It’s a great way to see what I have and keep up with new works.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and take a moment to visit PIXELS to see the endless possibilities of how my work can be made into something just for you.

Live, Love, Tat, Photo, Draw!

Spreading the Love…Etsy artists I am in love with.

I haven’t updated the “Sites I Enjoy” category in awhile. So I thought I would take this lazy Sunday morning to add some more sites that are truly interesting to me. I am constantly looking around Etsy for exceptional talent and skill in the artistic and craft realm and there is tons of it! Etsy is a wonderful online market that allows small-time artists and artisans, like myself, to market themselves to the entire world. I have sold my work to every continent, except Antarctica of course!

So-for your enjoyment I bring to you a few more of the Etsy artists that I have fallen in love with:


  from Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I love the richly saturated colors and whimsical nature of Jasmine’s work. Dreamy but also amazingly intense, her creations draw you in and make you want to embrace her characters and fall into their world.

Halcyon Mermaid butterfly big eye lowbrow fantasy art print by Jasmine Becket-Griffith 12x16 BIG

Halcyon Mermaid


from Jeannie Paske

Thought provoking and emotional, Jeannie’s work pulls at my heart strings and touches me in a way that makes me feel like she has known me and is creating a piece just for me.

The Brilliant Hush Of Conclusion

The Brilliant Hush Of Conclusion

Botanical Creations

from Kathryn Sherwood

I added real, pressed, Queen Anne’s Lace flowers behind glass doorknobs to my studio cabinet. And I enjoy every day I see the frozen flowers that add a special touch to the room where my own creativity blooms.

Fall, Winter and Christmas . Womans, teenager, girl  ... Ruby red  wild pressed daisy pendant/necklace.

Pressed Daisy Pendant



Needle felted creatures by Kasey Sorsby

Kasey creates stunningly amazing goblins, dragons and fantasy creatures that are so beautifully made you feel they are about to stand up and say something to you. They touch the whimsical part of me that grew up loving fantasy creatures. And the highly saturated coloring is truly candy for my eyes.

Custom Made  for you ooak Needle Felt Fantasy Goblin Wool Fiber Art Doll Soft Sculpture  Made to order

Fantasy Goblin

I hope these shops enrich your life and expand your mind. When I have time after my December show, I am hoping to have these artists as guests here on my Blog so we all can learn a little more about them.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!