Here Fishy Fishy!!!

My second fish is swimming into Snappy Tatter-land! In lilac and peach with berry colored seeds and silver lined gold glass for a “pop”…this brilliant little fish turned out perfect! Fishy Fishy has perfect Swarovski crystals embedded in the tail and front fin. The rocailles that make the gold stripe along her back have a square hole making them more sparkly than regular round beads. I have made long Strand earrings that match, too!

You can find this on display down at the Artisan Corner Shoppe in Blackfoot where I am doing very well as an artisan. Much of my expensive showy work is selling and it is the slow season! I am very happy to have found a brick and mortar shop that is a good fit for Snappy Tatter.  What I really want to do is one-of-a-kind and glammed up…really special work that sings to me, my nature, and is an expression of what’s in my heart. I feel like it is appreciated here in Idaho!

Fishy Fishy is listed on Etsy in my J Kohr Couture section as well.

More work and news is coming to Snappy Tatter-land soon. I did not get into the magazine that had messaged me. That is fine. Although the Editor loved my work, the publisher was not as interested. The jewelry designers in the magazine are fabulous but the work is more traditional than my handmade lace. Still, it is nice to be noticed and she did ask me to submit pieces in the future if I am interested.

I am getting through the most difficult part of the year with my chronic illness a little easier because of the nerve blocks I get. So that is good news.  I hope I can stay on top of Snappy Tatter things better. I just try to take it day by day. God gives me what I need and I try to be as helpful to my fellows as possible! Everything works out better when I live that way!

Live, Love, Tat!