The Garden Watch.

Well Happy Birthday to me! This past March 23rd marked the beginning of my 40th year on this earth and I thought I would make myself something special to commemorate the occasion. I have been wanting to work with watches for awhile. There are always so many ideas on my list. So I decided to treat myself to a functional piece of fiber art. I did not take photos as I worked like I do with some of my more expansive projects but I have loads of pics of the finished work. I will instead explain the steps it took to create my new watch while I show the photo galleries.


This began with a silver grey base of tight, small, tatted rings that were connected across both the width and length. It is a split ring pattern I call Pulse. On both sides of the watch face are additional tatted rings that connect Sterling jumprings to the watch. The grey tatting stops at the face, splits to attach to the face and then continues under the watch to attach at the other side and continue on around the wrist. Sound tricky? Yeah, a wee bit. 🙂

I added a ruffle to the edge using half of my Daisy Chain pattern which is a continuous pattern of flower petals. Dark gold seed beads were tatted into medium charcoal cord. Already I was feeling something glamorous but organic developing. After I was finished with the first side, I decided to hold off on the second side until I worked more. Ultimately, I liked the ruffle around my wrist but did not want to detract from the floral vine too much so I left the other side straight. I am a huge fan of ruffles and lace, go figure.

Next I added the olive green vine. With heavier size 10 cordonnet, I used my vine pattern to create the design. I tatted connections into the gray bracelet pattern through the leaves and the turns of the vine. This watch base was becoming very sturdy and much of the stretch was reducing with added layers making it very important that it was the appropriate length from the beginning.

To further anchor the vine, I whip-stitched a light mocha cord around it and through the original bracelet base. I chose the light mocha to subdue the olive color a little making the work more earthy.

Next the sweet little size 80 Teeny Tat flowers are added. Each is individually hand sewn into the work with a brilliant Swarovski crystal sewn into the center. The colors are some of my most favorite, salmon, brick, peach and very light orange. These little delights cup up around the crystals. Love, love, love it!

Now that most of the fiber artwork is finished (and days have passed), I needed to create a base that was durable, firm, and easily cared for. I needed to finish the watch in a way that it could be worn for a very long time. I want it to wear like steel. I began by attaching the silver Pulse base to the back cover of the watch with permanent resin. I can actually pull the back free with the bracelet attached to change the battery if need be. Small green leaves were permanently secured to the watch face, further securing it. And leaves were added to the sides creating a cup around the entire watch. I was able to remove some of the Sterling jumprings so the remaining rings were more discreet.


The final finishing was attaching the base ribbon and hardware. I used olive organdy ribbon to show some sparkle through the design. And under the the olive is a more substantial ribbon of shiny silver to make the tatted silver rings “pop”. The ribbons were discreetly stitched to the tatting. Sterling and gunmetal jewelry components completed the watch. I love my watch and I wear it all the time!

There you have it. My favorite new creation, the Garden Watch. It took many days to develop and finish and was well worth the time. I hope you have enjoyed my new work!

Live, Love, Tat!


The Garden Watch © 2013 Jennifer Kohr

(All Snappy Couture designs, Snappy Tatter original designs and their names are covered by copyright laws and are not available for reproduction. My blog posts are not intended to be a tutorial for reproduction of my work,  just an inside look into the process of creating my work. Thank you for understanding and not attempting to reproduce my work.)

Snappy Tatter Gallery Updates

I spent the majority of my day here in Snappy Tatter-land updating my categories and galleries to include my newest work. Time to get your coffee or your tea and relax while you spend a little time perusing Snappy Tatter updates. This counts as “me time” for those of you who need a flimsy excuse. 🙂

New pics are added to the following categories:

Tatted Brooches-PIXIE Butterfly Stickpin, Mum Brooch and Diana Butterfly Stickpins

Tatted Earring Gallery-Bounce, Grace, Wisp, Flair, Flash Drip

Tatted Pendant Gallery-Dainty, Flair, Gerber, Majestic Dragonfly, Sara butterfly

Snappy Couture Jewelry-Leaf Garland, Teeny Tat Chic

Tatted Barrettes and Bobbies-Daisy Bobbies

Gallery of Tatted Snow-Snowball No.20, Janette’s Ice Crystal gallery, and Ice Crystals No. 31, 33 and 35

Gallery of Mini Fiber Art Boxes-Purple Berry Frilly Fleur and Hot Pink Frilly Fleur and a new pic of Sunshine Flutter

Gallery of Fiber Art Boxes-updated pics of: Dandelion Fluff, Pansy Paradise, Abagail, and Sophie’s Garden

Framed Work-Peach Tranquility, Buttercup’s Garden and Follow Me

MOD-new bracelets including the Double MOD that I wear

Enchanted-more pics

And brand new categories have been added:


Dainty, Flair Flowers and Flurry

and The Sophisticate

That is my latest update for Snappy Tatter-land. Follow me on my Facebook Page  or Twitter to be the first to catch all new listings in my Etsy Shop when they come out!



Fresh Photos of Fiber Art!

The August earring bonus continues in my Etsy Shop, Snappy Tatter. I will make a set of Drip, Drop, Rush or PIXIE Butterfly earrings for each item purchased from my Fiber Art section. Find pictures of the qualifying earrings and Fiber Art in this post.This bonus is only available for a few more days!

I recently updated my Fiber Art listings paying particular attention to the accuracy of the detailed descriptions and photos. Here are a few of the newest photos for some of my Garden boxes: (click the pics for full descriptions, pricing and more photos)

Sunshine Flutter
The Crystal PIXIE Garden Party
close up!
Black and Gold Abagail Butterfly
Sophie’s Garden
side view
The Cobalt Butterflies Rejoice
detail view
side view of the pop up butterflies and texture
inside is fully hand lined with evergreen felt
One of my favorite Butterfly Gardens!
Pansy Paradise
detail view of beading and Pop up Tangerine PIXIE Butterflies
fully lined hinged metal box

I hope you all enjoyed this small gallery. I will be adding these photos to the Fiber Art category at the left. Next post will be about the making of my latest Couture design, Teeny Tat Chic.



Leaf Garland…Channeling my Inner Wood Nymph.

Like all children I had a extensive imagination of what I would be if I were not a little girl. A Mermaid?…to be friends with the sea animals, swim with the sharks, flip and turn through a coral reef as colorful and animated as a lush garden in the breeze? A Fairy with light as a snowflake gossamer wings, tiny, flitting and magical? Or my favorite, a Wood Nymph. A wee, sweet, mysterious woodland Goddess that sleeps in the crooks of trees, hides under colorful mushrooms, is rarely seen and protects all that is beautiful in the forest from the woodland creatures to every blooming flower and unfurling leaf. I wax poetic…


Channeling my Inner Wood Nymph, I have created a new Couture design called Garland. Made entirely of tatted leaves it is the most natural way to be glamorous. And the perfect accessory if you also happen to be a Wood Nymph. Like me.

This design was difficult to photograph. I needed to wear it to show how it really looked and since each leaf is completely different in design, beading and color, there needed to be many shots the whole way around. I hope that these pics really give the best representation of this work.


P1070840 P1070842 P1070838P1070855 P1070847

 P1070834 P1070835 P1070836


A look at how the Couture Leaf Garland was created

Nine original Snappy Tatter Leaf designs were shuttle tatted together using 100% Egyptian cotton tatting cordonnet in Leaf Green, Dark Leaf Green, Olive and Evergreen.

Beads were chosen in several shades of green to embellish the center veins of each leaf. Czech and Celestial crystal, Mill Hill glass and antique glass, and Czech glass seeds in a multitude of green hues. The large round cup near the lower right side contains lime green, copper-lined Czech glass beads that were sewn throughout for congruency and exceptional but tiny sparkle.

As the beads are sewn into the leaves, the leaves are attached to a shimmery green organdy ribbon that will serve to stabilize the design.

Wee gold Teeny Tat flowers are added for a little embellishment with gold glass bead centers. Then the ribbon is doubled back and attached to the garland. The work is measured and Sterling jewelry components added to create the right length. Finally, all the edges are tucked, pulled, pressed, straightened and slightly stiffened into place. This necklace makes a perfect choker. Especially if you are one who is blessed with a neck that is of the long, feminine variety. But for those who may be missing a vertebrae, like myself, it also looks lovely encircling the base of your neck.


This is the first of more Garlands to come as the wheels in my head were turning uncontrollably as I tatted and created this design. I plan to have floral Garlands and Butterfly Garlands as well. Because the work is so labor intensive and no pattern for the design was created, Garlands will be part of my one-of-a-kind Couture line.

The listing for Leaf Garland in my Etsy shop:

I hope you enjoyed another look into a fresh design from my studio. More Snappy Couture designs can be found here:

Snappy Couture Jewelry

Feedback is welcome and definitely encouraged, especially from all the Wood Nymph’s at heart out there!

Cheers! Jennifer

(I am adding this because someone has asked: All Snappy Couture designs, Snappy Tatter original designs and their names are covered by copyright laws and are not available for reproduction. Blog posts are not intended to be a tutorial for reproduction of my work, just and inside look into the creation of my work-thank you for understanding.)

© 2012 Jennifer Kohr

New Catalog in the left column

In an ongoing effort to streamline my Blog and make it easily read and hopefully…interesting, I have listed all of the Fiber Art Boxes that I have photos of in a simple catalog to the left. I will add to it as I have more photos and post an update here. Many are now listed for sale in my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter Thanks! Enjoy! Jennifer

Enter the Dragonflies…

I love the Dragonflies that float around my house. Living next to a stream brings all kinds of wildlife out of the woodwork…literally. We love our house and our land. And after the birches and maples fill in their leaves we enjoy a sweet little cubby on a dead end street in a quaint little town.

When we first moved here I noticed the delicate, flitting dragonflies that would land on the porch, the grill, the chairs, the sides of the house. I was beginning on my own as an independent artist and wanted to tat a lace Dragonfly…a Majestic Dragonfly as it came to be named. So like most things that become my muse, I studied them. I took photos and found more on the internet to try to get the most accurate Dragonfly design that I could. Turns out they come in all kinds of colors from very bright red to black to almost see through. Very cool. The wingspan is the same width as the length of the body. There are never (that I have found) obvious or long antennae as there are with butterflies and moths and the wings are split, actually tapering closer to the body. When they rest, the wings can lay flat or be raised. Sometimes the wings match the body and sometimes they are contrasting. Sometimes they are very bright and sometimes just black. Many colors are iridescent, shifting with the sunlight.

So many attempts were made to come up with a replica of the dragonfly that felt alive to me. The twisted body that formed was an accident but I use this style of tatting in both the Dragonfly bodies and the stems of leaves and some butterfly bodies. I just vary the numbers of stitches. At first I would try to stiffen the bodies perfectly straight but then I realized when the body just naturally lilted to the side it appeared more whimsical. Wings in various lengths and widths were tatted until finally I realized in the photos the length of the bodies were almost always congruent with the wingspan. As I adjusted the proportions repeatedly, I went from a very plain dragonfly, to one with a bead at its center further giving the impression of the fat body they have that tapers to a tail. My hubbs became my creative consultant around this time and gave me opinion after opinion and finally…voila. Dragonfly. In celebration of spring that is now here…and my anticipation of incoming Majestic Dragonflies…here is my tatted gallery of the glorious bug.

A new pendant on Etsy…

My personal Butterfly Garden

This work of Fiber Art is simply named “Butterfly Garden”. It is an indulgence I created for myself a couple of years ago. I decided to do a study in shades of white and neutrals.  Very difficult to photograph, I finally produced photos that are true to color.

The result is butterflies and flowers on a modern background of finely embroidered visual texture. Metallic vines and leaves cross the background adding more depth.

In the end I used shades of white, ecru, taupe, tan and nude. The large butterfly is shuttle-tatted  in several rounds with shades of ecru and taupe pearl cotton, used for it’s beautiful sheen.  The background is hand embroidered on 28ct linen. The many tatted flowers are sequined and beaded.  Wee tatted butterflies overlap onto the brushed metal frame. This piece measures 5 x 7.

This work required a lot of planning and time to design. I researched the perfect stitches, made tons of tiny tatted things, many of which I have used in other work. I chose the perfect color palette and threads in silk, cotton, pearl cotton, metals and nylon. Glass beads  and sequins to match. I just keep working and working until it all looks complete and even more pleasing than my original visualization.  Something special for myself.  The only place this can be seen is in my home. I hope you enjoy the Butterfly Garden.