May Exclusive-Free Shipping and Gift Certificate Discount

Until 5/18 I will be offering 25% off Gift Certificates in honor of Mother’s Day. This means you can purchase a GC worth $50 for only $37.50! They are printed on heavy cardstock with my logo and a matching stylish envelope, perfect for gift giving. Additionally, for my e-Newsletter subscribers, Facebook Fans, Twitter and Blog Followers, FREE SHIPPING* will also be available. Just use the code “SNAPPYSHIPPING” during checkout to reduce the shipping to $0. You can combine this with the Gift Certificate discount too!

Any questions? Drop me a line!

*Free Shipping applies to all Snappy Tatter sales for the month of May, 2012. Coupon code MUST be mentioned or entered at time of purchase or during checkout to be redeemed. 

Better Than Chocolate!

Tell your husbands/boyfriends/partners/loved ones and “friends with benefits” that Snappy Tatter Lacework is better than chocolate for Valentine’s Day!  😀

Coupon code “BETTERTHANCHOCOLATE” gives your honey Free Shipping within the US in my online Etsy shop now until the end of January!

Visit Snappy Tatter on Etsy to see what is currently available for sale including Gift Certificates.


Cheers everyone!


email: if you need details on how to use a coupon code on Etsy or if you would like to purchase outside of Etsy.

Spread the Snappy Tatter Love!!! New Gift Certificates!

It’s one of those Eureka!-Slap my forehead-why didn’t I think of that before-moments…GIFT CERTIFICATES. Yay! I am now offering Gift Certificates in $25 and $50 denominations in my online Etsy Shop. They don’t expire, can be used with discounts and coupons, can be used for custom-made jewelry, and cover shipping! Yeah! Printed on heavyweight cardstock with a matching decorative envelope, this really is the next best thing to the little black Snappy Tatter boxes that have traveled all over the world!

Find them here: &

Or just poke around my shop, Snappy Tatter.

I am still working to list a few more winter/holiday themed items in my shop today including green and red Drip earrings, a new Dainty Flake Pendant and a Christmas Blossom Pendant. Trying to catch up…but I feel like I am walking the wrong way up an escalator! Keep track of my new listings by following me on Facebook and Twitter!