Thinking ahead…time for Leaves and Snowflakes

I have been diligently tatting here in my home studio. Adding fresh fall and winter designs to my Etsy shop. I haven’t been blogging as much as tatting and having company here.

My father came last weekend with Squirt’s (the water dragon) new home which I have taken photos of  and plan to post about soon.

My husband has finished hand making a large wooden cooking spoon and I will be dedicating a post to him and his spoon making talent soon as well.

Also-I will be having another guest artist that I think everyone will enjoy. I have to get her questions out and the post formatted so hopefully I can introduce you to her by next week.

For some reason my regular life just seems so busy. I am going somewhere most days and weekends are full of company, family and gardening. I guess being busy is not a bad thing but I like life to go slooooow. Days are whizzing by. I have also been overwhelmed with Etsy’s new change to relevance being the default search for the site. I have had to go through all 166 listings and change tags, titles and descriptions to make myself more relevant to this search option. Frankly, it’s a little depressing that I am not as relevant as before. Sniff. So that has made me crazy busy. And just crazy.

I did notice that my pages in my menu to the left for Cocktail rings, Brooches and Barrettes disappeared and I have returned them to the top of the menu today. I probably had some intention of moving them and then life just carried me away before I finished. That seems to be the theme in my life lately. I am floating around like an Autumn leaf.

Speaking of which, here is my latest work, please click on the photo for more description and photos on my Etsy site:

Snappy Tatter

Maple Pendant in Variegation

For this Maple leaf I tatted with gold colored silver-lined seeds all around the edge and a mixture of gold and green down the stem. Tatting and beading in this manner is slow but so worth the time. The leaf edges seem dipped in gold.

Birch Leaf Earrings

My original Birch Leaf pattern with glass rocailles tatted all around the edges. They have a natural look to them that I am really enjoying. I used the finest cordonnet, size 80, and made the pattern a little smaller to get 1.25″ long earrings.

A New PIXIE Butterfly Pin

Heavy black cordonnet embellished with silver lined gold glass in the wings and a brilliant Swarovski Bi-cone crystal in the center. This little bugger will join my other PIXIE Pins I have listed.

And the Snow machine has started as I am recreating some of my patterns from last year to figure out time and consequently price. I have a lot of satin balls to cover and hope to start designing some new flakes when we go for another cabin vacation in October.


And I got new adjustable ring bases in.  Antique bronze and Platinum coated metal  that adjusts from 6.25 to 8. These will be replacing the agate base rings that I have now because they are adjustable. I am pleased with the quality and look of these ring bases. I have been hesitant to add adjustable bands because I could not find a quality or look I liked. So now my current Cocktail Rings with the Agate Stone Base on Etsy are 25% off. There are only five left and you can find them here.

First, I made one for myself because frankly… I just wanted one.

Silver 8-petal Flair flower with clear glass beading tatted around the edge that has Aurora Borealis coating (a permanent clear, multicolor effect). Very pale mint green beads around the large white glass pearl and Turquoise rondelles that have been coated with a very shiny resin around the center. I love it and it will go with a lot of my turquoise and black and green clothes….and brown, red, orange….

The Dare Cocktail Ring

This is the first time this ring style has been on Etsy. It has sold at shows and at the Blue Heron Art Gallery and is one of my favorite ring designs because I have long thin fingers. Black cordonnet with gold and grape colored glass beading tatted into the design. Deep purple crystals and a large light bronze Czech glass round embellish the center.

Flair Cocktail Ring

The original 6-petal Flair flower design embellished with dark pewter glass around the edges and Hematite through the center on a Platinum coated band. It has a nice weight to it with the Hematite stones.

And a new one…The Cosmos Cocktail Ring

This new design is four graduated layers of beaded tatting in 6 petals. Reminds me of the simple Cosmos flower. A frilly purple Teeny Tat embellishes the center with a large jet black Crystal. I’m liking it. It looks very wide on my hand but my hands are very very small.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my babbling and gallery of new work. I will be adding to the menu to the left as I have time and posting more about Snappy Tatter-land when I can.

Cheers everyone!


I got a new Obsession…

Obsession was one of my first original Snappy Tatter designs and still one of my favorites. Designed while we were hiking the Laurel Highlands, this time consuming and very dense pattern makes a fabulous cuff. I have sold it several times and my mother-in-law wears a black one. Currently, I have a silver one and a larger black one for sale on Etsy.

The pattern came from  an idea that was not working out the way I had planned. It was the beginning of my attempts to design my own patterns and I was still getting used to the turns and twists that have to be negotiated as you try to work something out in tatted lace. Ultimately, this pattern became a striking cuff that needs little embellishment, just a line of beads through the center.

The Obsession lace already takes several hours to complete but one of these days I am going to go all out and totally deck it out with stones and beads and gems. Snappy Couture-it will be fabulous!

In the meantime, my newest version in the center photo has larger rings and longer chains making it one of the widest cuffs I have made at 2.5″ across. It has been beaded through the middle with Hematite and black Czech crystal.

I will add this to my gallery to the left.

We are having rainy day after rainy day here in western PA. And though it is doing wonders for all of my perennials….soggy days can bring the blues. I am remedying that with tatting various flowers over and over.

I will be at the New Castle Riverwalk Arts Festival this May 28th, my first outdoor show. And I would like to have many many things that scream “spring is here!!!!” So lots of flowers, leaves, butterflies, dragonflies. I think this will be fun. And it is in the neighborhood of the gallery I used to belong to so I am hoping to see many of my fellow artist friends. I will have the hubbs with me…he’s so good to me! So-hopefully I can get him to take lots of photos.

Good night all!


Oh! And Yay USA!!!!!

Time for Myself

It rarely happens…that I sit down and work on something for myself. I usually design and create and never see a piece again…that is why I photo everything. At this point I have made so many things I would not remember if it weren’t for the two full albums I keep on the shelf in my studio. I love every piece I make. I like to make everything different. Just to see how it looks with a different bead or size thread or new style of stitching.

But my sister-in-law is having a birthday and a big bash to boot. I never go out or anywhere and I do like to be fancy so much. So I have this fantastic dress that flatters all of my figure (and lately there is more of that) and a pair of black swede boots and black sweater with applique knitted flowers…..I needed a really striking piece of jewelry. If I am going to be closer to 40 than 30 and going out on the town with mostly 20 somethings…I need to be ready.

Hence, I created this piece that has not yet been named. It is three rows of tatting. Each has been beaded differently with hematite beads. First, 2mm seed beads, then fringe beads and last tiny Hematite seeds between the rings. All layers have graduated rings in an asymmetrical and alternating way. Silver lined glass beads and more hematite are threaded through the first two layers. Black lip shell discs and hematite tubes with corrugated silver balls dangle from the third. Huge Sterling rings tie the three layers together and Sterling chain wraps it around my neck. Truly a labor of love. This idea has been in my mind for a long time. I am so pleased that it has developed into more than I could have hoped for. It is so nice to make my own self something special and have it feel perfect for me.

Creating and designing does not deplete me. On the contrary, it fills me and makes me feel whole. The fact that my work has made it all around the world just makes me smile. I will be very proud to wear my own design tomorrow when I go out.

Custom Flourish Choker

One of my favorite things about my Etsy business is communicating with customers that are looking for something handmade and unique. I made this custom choker for a very nice repeat customer. She had bought the Sweetheart Choker for her sister and decided she would like something for herself as well. She wanted the Flourish bracelet design made larger and wider and with Hematite beads.
I used a heavier weight thread and the result is a very substantial feeling 1″ wide choker with 5mm Hematite beads sewn into the centers of the flowers. Tatting is a technique of tying knots to form rings and chains. There are hundreds of knots in this piece and it took several hours to complete. The lace is finished into jewelry by adding Sterling Silver 19mm ribbon ends, a lobster clasp and 2 1/2″ extender chain. I strive to design and finish my work as professionally as possible and add little details like the 4mm Hematite bead at the end of the chain. The Flourish design is an original Snappy Tatter design. The bracelet can be viewed at my Etsy Shop-just click the link to the left.