Christmas in July!

It’s Christmas in July in Snappy Tatter-land! I have been camping, designing and tatting through the week and haven’t had much time to Blog, Facebook etc. I have a new Couture choker I am working on. It will be named Goddess. I am hoping to have it finished by the end of the week. And I am working on a feathered wing design that is proving to be quite a challenge. I recently designed a Pink Ribbon pendant for my friend at the post office who is a cancer survivor and I will be posting a Pink Ribbon Pin on Etsy soon. I hope to drop in some photos of the the pendant later today or tomorrow.

We camped through last weekend in the woods of Raccoon Creek. We had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful, we were away from everything and truly relaxed. We came home to a garden that had doubled in size, two lazy cats and a green, happy lizard. Soon we will have cucumbers and tomatoes by the pounds.

SNAPPY SHOP NEWS: Snappy Tatter on Etsy is having a Christmas in July sale. 25% off everything holiday related. For my Blog readers, subscribers and Facebook friends, this is in addition to the July coupons SNAPPYFIREWORKS, which takes 10% off everything or SNAPPYSHIPPING, which is free shipping on everything. The sale price is already adjusted on the items below so you can use either of the coupons at checkout for additional savings. Also-the last of my tatted butterfly applique is still 50% off with automatic free shipping. I have moved my butterfly applique to my sister shop JJBeads.

  All of these items are found in my shop, Snappy Tatter. This sale will continue through all of July.

If you have any questions on how to use a coupon code when shopping through Etsy or would like to purchase outside of Etsy, drop me a line at

I have a super busy day of filling weekend orders and working out my newest designs. I hope to have good pics for everyone later.



My Butterflies have fluttered away!

But not very far! I decided to move my applique items (flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and snowflakes) over to my new shop JJBeads I felt they were better suited to an atmosphere filled with beads, buttons and ribbon. I wanted to make room in my Snappy Tatter shop for more jewelry and fiber art categories. I am hoping everyone who visits JJBeads feels my tatted and crocheted applique fit right in. In the meantime, a few of my butterflies on Snappy Tatter are now on clearance at 50% off! Stop by and check them out if you need applique.

PIXIE butterflies

Sparkle PIXIES


Emma in Berry


Other designs not seen here are Diana who is a 3-D Stick Pin, Daphne who has become a pendant and  Abagail who embellishes a metal box under “Gallery of Fiber Art Boxes 2011” to the left.

Vacation at last…

Going on a 5 day retreat with the husband to Keystone State Park. Super excited! We get to use our TomTom for the first time. We are spending 5 days with  no computer, laptops, blackberry, telephone reception, TV in a modern cabin in the beautiful forests of Pennsylvania. This getaway is to celebrate both of our birthdays and our anniversary (which is today). Hubbs has been particularly lovey today. He even opened the car door for me. I asked who was he and what did he want…he just grinned and said he probably stopped doing that around the time I thought it was entertaining to lock him out of the car as he went to his door. 😮

Both my Etsy shops, Snappy Tatter and JJBeads, are in vacation mode. The last two orders go out tomorrow. I will have plenty of time to think about a new Spring Gala design. And maybe I will have some time to get to my “list of design ideas” I jot down. I have more work to photo and list right now but I am waiting till I come back so I can tend to my shop.  Most importantly, I will be refreshed and renewed breathing in fresh air and walking about in the woods. My husband is a true delight on vacation. We are cut of the same cloth; mostly lazy and focused on food with an intermittent competitive game of rummy keeping us entertained. My bags are packed…

Cheers! JJ

Home is where the tatting is

For nearly the past 2 years I have been a proud member of an art gallery in Volant, Pennsylvania, called The Blue Heron Art Gallery and Cultural Center. I have been waiting to write this post until the dust settled and I had a grip on my feelings but the Blue Heron  and all of the wonderful things associated with our operations is over.

Our gallery was completely operated on a volunteer basis under the direction of Don Gold, the Director. I was his right-hand man so-to-speak…his go-to girl. I managed Operations for him and worked as his assistant. Over the last couple of years I have become close to many of our 40+ fold of artists, especially the volunteers. I trained and scheduled the newbies and maintained our monthly schedule, wrote policies, standardized our information and kept the consignment shop running as smoothly as possible. Now that is over. I could go into a long explanation of why this is…but ultimately I have no desire to sling mud on my Blog and it doesn’t matter now.

I will say that we were under the direction of a 3 member board who decided to take our gallery in a different direction…non existence. We were successful both as a gallery, education center and consignment shop. In fact, we were the most successful business of the Volant cultural corridor last year. Unfortunately, this is not enough. And unfortunately, the prospect of more money wins over cultural richness. Proposals were given that were unfeasible…so the Blue Heron as we know it has crumbled.

The news came on February 12th, when my very sullen director called to give me the news. I went to the BH on the 13th and removed my work and began talking with a lot of the artists about the situation. Emails have been flying all through the net as we all aired our disappointments, sadness and ultimately helplessness. We are a family. We have shared in the BH’s growth, prosperity, difficulties and changes…just like a family does. It has been sad for all of us. Many feelings have been voiced but ultimately, everyone has been shocked at the suddenness of our galleries demise.

I came to terms myself, pretty quickly. I felt that if there was any way the BH would survive I would be involved, but not with any association with the board that brought this so unfairly to fruition.

So…home is truly where the tatting is for me. I brought my work home. And I immediately began posting everything on my Etsy site, Snappy Tatter. So the good thing is there is lots of work to see there now. Other good news  is that I have a chance to work on a new Snappy Couture piece that I should be able to list by the end of the week. And after a few days of dragging around and feeling weepy (hubby brought me beautiful flowers), I started to re-evaluate what I would like my schedule to be like around here and how I would like to advance my work online. So…more blogging-yay! A new Facebook page will be up soon. I would like to see how much of my time that takes up! And of course, the new JJBeads site is coming along great…I plan to be adding applique to that shop soon. I am busy. And even though I worked at home before (and wasn’t paid)…I have less stress, sleep better and am more relaxed. And I am not fielding emails all day long.

So no more Blue Heron lots more Snappy Tatter. Everything is okay.

Check out sometimesiswirl on Etsy

I have been super uber busy here in my home studio. I have been restructuring my organization…hopefully to be more streamlined and efficient in the long run. A little hard work now…save some time later. Lots of labeling and rearranging has been going on during the day and at night I have been entering more listings in my JJBeads Etsy shop and my Snappy Tatter Etsy shop. When I am just too tired to think or tat or putter around in my studio any more…I surf Etsy for fun looking for work I enjoy.

I found a really cool artist that is right up my alley…sometimesiswirl… Her work is moving and delightful. Light and fresh. I get a very wonderful feeling seeing the black and white swirls, curves, blossoms and waves. Very nice!

And…bonus…she enjoys embroidering her designs as well. Three cheers for Fiber Art!  Take a peek at her site. It is a treat for the eyes!


Rearranging my Blog info…

I have spent the morning making some changes to the available information in my left sidebar. My personal bio is now below my photo. The calender is moved to the bottom. And a new list of “Sites I enjoy” has been added under my categories of work. I thought people might be interested in some of the blogs, sites, and Etsy shops that I like to visit.

The first, KitLane, has become my favorite Etsy Seller. I have been buying Needle-Felted creatures called Bobaloos from her for about a year now.

The Kohr Bobaloo Clan

This photo of my collection was taken for Kit at Christmas time. They have their own glass case and sit in my livingroom across from my chair so I can take delight in seeing them every day. My husband has made small risers for them so I can stagger them and see them all. So far in my collection I have Jacobobs (ears down) and Jacabunnies (ears up), a mouse, one called Questionable DNA (pink balled antennae) and 3 peas. Their names are (from left to right) Flossy, Moose, Weebit, Martha, Daucus and O’Sheehan, a lucky and rare four-eared Jacabunny, and the peas.

And yes, those are small glass Christmas trees for the holiday. Kit has an amazing imagination and creates colorful stories to go with her Bobaloos that will leave you in stitches. She makes other small needle-felted fantasy worlds as well and has a very solid following. Right now she has had trouble keeping up with demand…which is a great thing for any Etsy shop owner but if you check out her sold listings, you can read about the Bobaloos and see who she has created.

I have so much more fiber art and jewelry to add but I have been sorting through photos that I have luckily recovered. They need edited and organized and with trying to put new listings in JJBeads and creating new things for Snappy Tatter and the Blue Heron I just don’t have enough hours in the day!

New Etsy shop…am I losing it?

I love Etsy so much I have opened a second shop. No Kidding. I do love Etsy. My Snappy Tatter business is so easy to manage with the platform that Etsy provides. The most time-consuming thing I have to do aside from designing and creating my Fiber Art, is write my item descriptions and keep track of my own tax records. Turns out, from aptitude testing I had when I was young…I am pretty equally right and left brained so there really isn’t any part of operating my small business that isn’t entertaining to me.

So-back on topic…I have opened a second Etsy shop called “JJBeads”.

The idea came to me at the beginning of January when I was placing my semi-annual bead/finding/component order with Fire Mountain Gems.  I order from this online company because of the massive amount of product options and deep discount I can get from ordering a large quantity of items at once. I think they offer superior products in one place, have a very reasonable shipping charge, ship fast and give me options to order a little of an item or a lot. Even if I can find the same quality at Joann Fabric or Michael”s (craft stores in my area) I cannot buy the quantity I need and the price is usually at least twice that of Fire Mountain. I need to keep the bottom line on my work low because the majority of the price of my work is about the time I put into it. Tatting and Fiber Art is labor intensive and my pricing mostly reflects time and effort with the cost of beads/findings/components added.

So-back to the new shop. Twice a year I order in things and say, “holy cow…these Czech glass seed beads are fantastic! But how am I ever going to use 40,000 of them?” Literally.

And that’s just it. I am not a beader. My work is Fiber Art embellished with beads…sometimes hundreds of them but after I get my order I realize that I am saddled with thousands of beads that I have to store and can not possibly ever be used in my work.

If there was a place where I could buy these things in small quantity and the competitive price and low shipping…I would go there instead. That is where JJBeads comes in. There are a lot of times that I have bought too much thread or fabric or impulse buys that I don’t return. I would like my fellow artisans to have the opportunity to buy these things without getting stuck with 40,000 extra of something.

So-yesterday I spent the afternoon setting up JJBeads. Putting policies in place was easy because the business side of my brain just pours out readily most of the time. Set up shipping, currency, shop sections, welcome greeting, personal profile, and take photos for the shop banner and avatar and voila…new shop. Sounds like a lot of work but with already having an Etsy shop to base things on it went rather smoothly.

I am pretty happy with my avatar and banner. I think they are eye catching and memorable and convey what JJBeads is about…specialty items of very good quality.

The first photo is the profile Avatar that will be viewed all over Etsy. In the second, it is cropped for the shop banner and the shop name is shifted. The third photo is the original that I chose from dozens of shots. I did all of this using a great (although complicated at first) program called GIMP that is free on the internet.

Turns out I have a lot more to list than I realized. When I started poking around my studio I just kept finding things here and there. Why do I have 3 dozen metal snaps? Why did I buy 2 spools (40m ea.) of Kreinik filament for one project? Why did I think these lime green beads would go with any of my tatting threads? And so on.

So-finally the biggest task for the new shop. Photos and listings. I take a couple of excellent quality photos of items and have to add the listings one by one. Luckily, my husband bought me an upgraded camera that is so easy to use for Christmas and my photos need little editing and are crisp, accurate in color and sharp. I am hoping to add 5-10 items a day until I get through everything I have.

More work to keep me out of trouble!