Rearranging the Shop Sections!

I spent a little time today rearranging the sections in my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter. A couple of my sections were getting really full with listings. and since I am only allowed 10 sections I have to juggle my listings at times.

The newest layout for my Categories goes like this: (click the heading to be taken to the entire shop section)

Snappy Couture Jewelry


Spring Gala

Fiber Art Designs

The Crystal PIXIE Garden Party

Candie the Tatterpillar

Limited Edition Ornaments

Snowball No.16

Snowball No.10

Tatted Necklaces and Bracelets



Tatted Pendants and Earrings


Brilliance Choker

Fancy Tatted Cocktail Rings and Brooches

Flair Cocktail Ring

Vivien Butterfly

Tatted Barrettes and Bobbies

Lily Bobby

Rosette Barrette

Teeny Tats Stationery

Teeny Tats Handmade Stationery

Teeny Tats Handmade Stationery

Gift Certificates

Snappy Tatter Gift Certificates never expire and cover shipping too!

Cheers everyone!

August Earring Bonus

It’s BONUS time! I only do this once or twice a year and I have an abundance of Drip and Drop earrings so I thought now would be a good time to offer Free earrings with a Fiber Art purchase.

~The August Snappy Tatter promotion is in full swing till the next e-Newsletter in September. Bonus Drip, Drop, Rush or PIXIE butterfly earrings with the purchase of any item from the Framed Art and Boxes section of my shop*. This includes all Butterfly Gardens, Tatterpillars, Floral Pop Ups and Butterfly Portraits. Unique, one-of-a-kind, Snappy Tatter Fiber Art makes a very special gift and is perfectly collectible. That little butterfly box you have had your eye on will bring you a sweet pair of earrings too!

All earrings shown below are listed in my shop and are eligible for the August Bonus. A gallery of qualifying Fiber Art follows. Click each pic to be taken to more photos and full descriptions.

Tatted lace Drop earrings in Gold with Amber crystals -Drops Tatted Earrings in blue with glass beads -Flash Drips Tatted black lace Drop earrings in purple beads -Drops Tatted Lace Earrings in white with gold glass beads -Flash Drips Tatted Lace earrings in Silver -DripsTatted Lace Earrings in creamy white with glass pearls -Frilly Drips -MTO Tatted Lace Earrings in mocha brown - Frilly DRIPS with dark gold glass Tiny Tatted Butterfly Earrings -PIXIES in golden yellow with Swarovski Tatted Lace Earrings in neutral color with pink glass -Rush Tiny Tatted Butterfly Earrings -PIXIES with Sterling beads Tatted Butterfly Earrings -PIXIES in black Little Tatted Butterfly Earrings -PIXIES in white with purple glass pearl Tatted lace earrings black gold amber -Drips Lace Tatted Jewelry Silver Drop earrings with Swarovski Crystals -Drops Tatted  Drop earrings in Cream with Swarovski Crystals -Drops Tatted Earrings Black Lace with crystal and dark gold glass -Rush -MTO Tatted White Drop earrings with adorable Swarovski Butterflies -Drops Tatted Lace Earrings in dark gray -Frilly Drips -MTO Tatted jewelry Ring earrings in Gold with ivory pearls -Drops Tatted jewelry earrings in black with dark gold glass -Drips Tatted Lace Earrings in black with dark gold glass beads -Flash Drips Earrings in Dark Gray Tatting -Flash Drips Earrings Black Lace Tatting with gold and silver -Flash Drips Tatted Lace Earrings in White -Frilly Drips Tatted jewelry Lace Earrings in Navy with cobalt blue -Frilly Drips Tatted lace earrings in Victorian Red with black glass - Drips Tatted lace earrings in red and green -DRIPs Tatted earrings Red Drops with Sterling beads Tatted earrings in Navy with Sterling beads -Drops

Current Snappy Tatter Fiber Art

Tatted and Embroidered Framed Butterfly Portrait -Follow MeTatted Lace PIXIE Butterfly Garden Small Box -Emerald HarvestTatted Lace Fiber Art Butterfly Garden -Buttercup's GardenTatted Fiber Art Catterpillar Garden Small Box -Izzy the Wooly Bear Tatterpillar Tatted Lace Keepsake Butterfly in black and gold -Abagail Tatted Butterfly Garden Small Box -The Purple POPTatted Fiber Art Catterpillar Inchworm Garden Box -Inch by Inch Fiber Art Tatted Butterfly Garden Box -The Cobalt Butterflies Rejoice Tatted Butterfly Keepsake Box -Citrus Flutter Tatted Butterfly Garden Box -The Dandelion Fluff Tatted Lace Butterfly Box -Sweet Darla Tatted small Box with Lace Butterflies -Sunshine Flutter Tatted Lace Butterfly Garden -Sophie's Garden Tatted embroidered lace Butterfly Keepsake -The Crystal PIXIE Garden Party Fiber Art Keepsake Box Tatted Butterfly Garden -Pansy Paradise Tatted Flower Keepsake Box -The Orange Blossom Embroidered Tatted small Box with Lace Flowers and Butterfly -Vivien's Playground Fiber Art Tatted Catterpillar Garden Collectible Box -Candie the Tatterpillar Tatted Fiber Art Butterfly Garden Box -Dandelion Radiance Keepsake Tatted Embroidered Fiber Art Butterfly Garden -Peach Tranquility Tatted Flower Box with Swarovski Crystal -Purple Berry Frilly Fleur Tatted Fiber Art Garden the butterfly garden keepsake box -Summer Bloom Tatted Flower Box with Swarovski Crystal -Hot Pink Frilly Fleur Tatted Lace Butterfly Garden Small Box -Little Miss Sunshine

Drop me a line if you have any question!

Cheers everyone!


*How the August promo works: All eligible earrings will say Drip, Drop, Rush or PIXIE in the item title and description. Just send me an email, a message through Etsy or a comment on your order of which pair of earrings you would like and I will enclose them with your fiber art purchase. Easy peasy. I will also take custom requests for the earrings in this promotion. Multiple purchases means multiple earrings. Gift boxes or separate shipping is not included on Free items. Offer will expire when the next e-Newsletter comes out at the beginning of September.

Want to purchase outside of Etsy? Send me an email with what you would like to purchase. I accept PayPal, money orders and checks for email sales. My Etsy shop can take all credit cards directly.

Photos of work for the upcoming ArtFest!

Hi all! I will be attending the 3rd annual ArtFest in New Castle, PA, on Saturday and Sunday, May 26th and 27th, Memorial Day weekend. I will be bringing everything that is listed in my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter, as well as many pieces I have not listed yet. Here is the first gallery of my unlisted work.

Drip, Frilly Drip and Flash Drip tatted earrings with Czech Glass beads and Glass Pearls:

Drops with Czech Glass and Crystal, Swarovski Crystal or Glass Pearls:

Additional Earrings with Czech Glass, Swarovski, Glass Pearls or Sterling Rounds. Bounce, Decadence, Flair and Hope:

Tatted Pendants:

Daisy with large glass pearl and satin cord

New! Frilly Fan with CZ and Sterling chain

MOD in charcoal with Swarovski Crystal and gunmetal chain

New! MOD II with medallion and glass beads and handmade cable

Birch Leaf with Czech glass beads on wooden disc with sterling chain and beads

Maple Leaf with Czech glass beads on wooden disc with Sterling chain

Pitter Patter in black with Sterling chain

Tatted Necklaces:

Simplicity with Czech glass edge beading and Gold Lip Shell pendant

Flirtation with silver-lined glass and CZ center and silver organdy necklace

New! Graduated Simplicity with Lure motif embellished with a gunmetal findings and Hematite beading

Lure motif detail

New! The Sophisticate. Simplicity chains with Fleur motif embellished with glass pearls gunmetal bead caps and black chain

Fleur Flower detail

All work will be available at the ArtFest.  Most of my work is one of a kind because of the amount of patterns I have created and the flexibility to alter my own work. With the exception of the simplest earrings, I tend to tat my designs or embellish them in a different way each time I make them. I have a tremendous amount of colors to choose from in my stash of cords as well as tons of fabric, findings, ribbon, metallic and embroidery threads and beads. I frequently use exceptional quality Czech glass, glass pearls, Celestial, Czech and Swarovski Crystal, wood, shell, semi-precious stones, Sterling and Cubic Zirconia to embellish my work. The jewelry findings are Sterling Silver, Sterling plated, or Gunmetal plated or Black plated over Aluminum chain.

As well as bringing my photo albums of my work, I will have business cards, gift boxes and brochures on my history, the history of tatting and Fiber Art care.

I will be glad to take custom orders on any design except for the Snappy Couture designs and Fiber Art pieces which are always one-of-a-kind. And I am always happy to collaborate on bridal work.

Cash will be the easiest way to pay. I can take personal checks or credit cards and I will hold the item until personal check clears and then ship directly to your home. As for credit, I can send an invoice through PayPal and ship after it has been paid or set up a listing in my Etsy shop to be paid.

Hopefully, I will have access to electricity in which case I can take credit on the spot through PayPal or my Etsy shop. Keeping my fingers crossed as I noticed I did not check the box for electricity on my application. Ugh. I am going to bring a 20 ft. extension cord to see if I can snag some juice from someone close by.

It’s crunch time in Snappy Tatter-land, lots of tatting and working going on around here. This weekend I will be wrapping everything up with pricing, tags and storing my work for travel. I will add to my gallery of work as I have time.

If you have any questions, comment below or send me an email at

Cheers everyone! Enjoy your day!