I got married!

Actually, I was married to Jay Rickert on June 18th of this year but a bunch of things interrupted my ability to tell all of you until now. I figure, it’s never too late to share that I got married!!!

I married the most wonderful man. I have always felt an almost magical connection to Jay, a joyful and deeply intimate connection. When we first were together I drew the portrait behind his head from a photo he had sent to me. We were still 2300 miles apart and our romance was budding long distance although we had both flown to meet each other by the time I had drawn this. I have never felt so close to someone as when I drew this portrait. That I did not expect. Jay looks a little weepy, a joyous weepy. This photo was taken the day he married me.

So, about the wedding…

We actually were married for less that $200, which is a feat in itself and deserves talking about. My little sister and her family came from Kansas to help us pull everything together a couple of days before the wedding. Mia, my sister, and my nieces, Marissa and Vanessa, helped me get dressed and Larry, my brother-in-law, help Jay get our modest venue prepared.

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The moment you have all been waiting for…the winner of the Birch Leaf Pendant!!!

Without further ado I will announce the name I drew from my favorite green M&M bowl earlier this evening… Continue reading

Birch Leaf Give-away! This weekend only!

Hi All! I am having a short and simple weekend give-away! In order to be entered all you have to do is answer a simple question. Do you prefer Silver or Gold jewelry? I know most people have a preference and because of cost I have mainly stocked Silver findings: clasps, jumprings, chain, pin backs, earring posts and wires and all the little bits it takes to make something into jewelry. I recently branched out and added some gunmetal and black findings and have gold pins available. I am about to place my twice a year inventory purchase so I would like to know if people would be interested in Snappy Tatter expanding to gold jewelry findings. Every person who answers the question “do you prefer silver or gold jewelry” will be entered to win a Birch Leaf pendant in green with a 16″ black leather hoop necklace.

Birch Leaf Pendant

You can enter by commenting at the bottom of this post. Or you can answer the question on my Facebook page or you can reply to my Tweet. Only one entry per person will count. My husband will draw the winner of the Birch Leaf Pendant when he gets home on Tuesday the 28th.

So let’s see a show of hands! Silver? or Gold?



p.s. this post will also show on Facebook and Twitter but only one vote will count. Make sure you don’t answer the question as “Anonymous” or I won’t know who you are!

Relisted Listings, fan faves are back!

While I travel back to the woods later today and spend my time hiking trails by day and tatting new ideas by night, I thought everyone might enjoy a gallery of my recent re-listings. Fan favorites, I wanted to add them to my Made to Order (MTO) listings for those who missed out on purchasing them before. I am trying to do this more and more to fill my shop up with diverse and popular options while I work on new designs.

Now is a great time to shop at Snappy Tatter, purchasing 3 or more items gives you Free Shipping. You can roll birthday and holiday shopping into one purchase and get a little something for yourself as well! The latest Free Shipping information can be found here: JULY EXCLUSIVE

Click each photo to be taken to full descriptions and more photos:

Frilly Simplicity with red crystals

Effervescence Bracelet

Rosette Pendant with Purple PIXIE Butterfly

Modeling the Pendant

Sunflower Pendant

MOD earrings with Hematite beads

Drop earrings with Sterling rounds

Rosette Barrette in Gold and Green

Dainty Bobby Pin

Dainty Pendant in white and ivory

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I will resume shipping and creating MTO purchases when I return. I gotta get packing!



The jewelry a Snappy Tatter wears…

I rarely have time to make myself my own jewelry. After years of designing, you would think I would have a mountain of work. Not so, my friends. I do have a few pieces that I wear constantly or on special occasions. I am never an excessive person by any means and the designs I have made for myself have been out of necessity or as a personal birthday gift.

So here’s my gallery of what I wear along with links to current listings that are similar in my Etsy shop:

One of the first designs I created was a dragonfly. This is my Majestic Dragonfly pendant in red with glass beading and Sterling:

A Dragonfly in Teal and Black in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/75376343

I wear the first asymmetrical Simplicity necklace I ever made. Rings graduate to the center where a round silver pendant hangs and then stay the same smaller size around the other side. The asymmetrical necklaces I make now have a more extreme graduation and dramatic difference in the sides.

These black Simplicity bracelets are graduated and made in the same style: https://www.etsy.com/listing/69208773 & https://www.etsy.com/listing/68985842

Simple Drip earrings in black and pewter that I wear anywhere, anytime.

Tons of different Drips can be found here: Rings, Earrings and Pins

I have had the original Embrace Bracelet for years and wear it with everything. The magnetic clasp is ridiculously strong!

A larger, bolder, silver version in my shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/97073293

I have a black version of my Gerber Daisy with a large CZ in the center, silver-lined glass and twisted tube beads. I couldn’t resist keeping it when I made it! If I remake it I will use a slightly heavier cord next time.

The Gerber Daisies and the Sunflower in my shop: Lilac Gerber Daisy & Pink Gerber daisy & Sunflower

And I had to make myself a Dandelion! This one has bright yellow beading through out its fluffy layers. People look closely at it and remark, “is that a…dandelion?”.  The bail and chain were removed so I could clean it. That will be shown in a later post about tatted lace care.

A similar pattern, the Mum Cocktail Ring: https://www.etsy.com/listing/85644340

The first Enchanted pattern I made was for myself for a special night out. With Hematite beading, shell discs and dangling Hematite tubes, I get so many compliments when I wear this.

I have an Enchanted Necklace available in the Snappy Couture collection of my Etsy shop that is in silver cord with tons of Sterling and pewter glass beading: https://www.etsy.com/listing/65462323

After making dozens of fancy Cocktail Rings, I bought adjustable bases and made myself one to go with a blouse that has turquoise in it. The matching earrings are a newer design that, like my Cocktail Rings, are simple in concept and time-consuming in the execution.

I have many different styles of tatted and beaded Cocktail Rings in this shop section: Rings, Earrings and Pins

My Diana Butterfly goes everywhere with me. She rests on my blouses, coats and sweaters. And She gets so many compliments from people that don’t realize she is a handmade, tatted lace butterfly!

In my Etsy Shop I have a purple Diana Stickpin, a custom color Diana with wings that are fully beaded around the entire edge and many other styles of butterfly pins in this shop section: Tatted Butterfly Jewelry

For last year’s art show in May I wore a rusty orange top and wanted a fancier piece to show off. This design was inspired by my Flurry design which is multiple frilly Dainty Flakes tatted together and heavily beaded. In one of my favorite color combos of dark Terra Cotta, light copper, dark gold, ivory and gold, this design blends well with my warm skin tone. Everyone at my show that year loved this set.

Flurry necklaces can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/80591879 & https://www.etsy.com/listing/85900983

And lastly, my favorite work, the double MOD cuff and matching earrings. Embellished with Hematite beads and gunmetal bead caps, I wear this daily with everything. It feels like a bold, strong statement and it’s right up my alley.

There are many MOD style items in my shop including earrings, pendants and bracelets. The MOD Bracelet in cream: https://www.etsy.com/listing/102527398

Oh! And I can’t forget the Daisy Bobby for my hair!

More Bobbies and Barrettes: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SnappyTatter?section_id=10229099

So that’s what I wear when I actually leave the house!



Shop Update! Direct Checkout for Snappy Tatter

My Snappy Tatter shop has been set up for Direct Checkout on Etsy. This is a new option on Etsy where you will no longer be sent to a third party, PayPal, in order to purchase with your credit card. You will now be able to buy directly just like my other options of money order or personal check without leaving Etsy. Etsy Article: How Direct Checkout works Continue reading