Thinking ahead…time for Leaves and Snowflakes

I have been diligently tatting here in my home studio. Adding fresh fall and winter designs to my Etsy shop. I haven’t been blogging as much as tatting and having company here.

My father came last weekend with Squirt’s (the water dragon) new home which I have taken photos of  and plan to post about soon.

My husband has finished hand making a large wooden cooking spoon and I will be dedicating a post to him and his spoon making talent soon as well.

Also-I will be having another guest artist that I think everyone will enjoy. I have to get her questions out and the post formatted so hopefully I can introduce you to her by next week.

For some reason my regular life just seems so busy. I am going somewhere most days and weekends are full of company, family and gardening. I guess being busy is not a bad thing but I like life to go slooooow. Days are whizzing by. I have also been overwhelmed with Etsy’s new change to relevance being the default search for the site. I have had to go through all 166 listings and change tags, titles and descriptions to make myself more relevant to this search option. Frankly, it’s a little depressing that I am not as relevant as before. Sniff. So that has made me crazy busy. And just crazy.

I did notice that my pages in my menu to the left for Cocktail rings, Brooches and Barrettes disappeared and I have returned them to the top of the menu today. I probably had some intention of moving them and then life just carried me away before I finished. That seems to be the theme in my life lately. I am floating around like an Autumn leaf.

Speaking of which, here is my latest work, please click on the photo for more description and photos on my Etsy site:

Snappy Tatter

Maple Pendant in Variegation

For this Maple leaf I tatted with gold colored silver-lined seeds all around the edge and a mixture of gold and green down the stem. Tatting and beading in this manner is slow but so worth the time. The leaf edges seem dipped in gold.

Birch Leaf Earrings

My original Birch Leaf pattern with glass rocailles tatted all around the edges. They have a natural look to them that I am really enjoying. I used the finest cordonnet, size 80, and made the pattern a little smaller to get 1.25″ long earrings.

A New PIXIE Butterfly Pin

Heavy black cordonnet embellished with silver lined gold glass in the wings and a brilliant Swarovski Bi-cone crystal in the center. This little bugger will join my other PIXIE Pins I have listed.

And the Snow machine has started as I am recreating some of my patterns from last year to figure out time and consequently price. I have a lot of satin balls to cover and hope to start designing some new flakes when we go for another cabin vacation in October.


And I got new adjustable ring bases in.  Antique bronze and Platinum coated metal  that adjusts from 6.25 to 8. These will be replacing the agate base rings that I have now because they are adjustable. I am pleased with the quality and look of these ring bases. I have been hesitant to add adjustable bands because I could not find a quality or look I liked. So now my current Cocktail Rings with the Agate Stone Base on Etsy are 25% off. There are only five left and you can find them here.

First, I made one for myself because frankly… I just wanted one.

Silver 8-petal Flair flower with clear glass beading tatted around the edge that has Aurora Borealis coating (a permanent clear, multicolor effect). Very pale mint green beads around the large white glass pearl and Turquoise rondelles that have been coated with a very shiny resin around the center. I love it and it will go with a lot of my turquoise and black and green clothes….and brown, red, orange….

The Dare Cocktail Ring

This is the first time this ring style has been on Etsy. It has sold at shows and at the Blue Heron Art Gallery and is one of my favorite ring designs because I have long thin fingers. Black cordonnet with gold and grape colored glass beading tatted into the design. Deep purple crystals and a large light bronze Czech glass round embellish the center.

Flair Cocktail Ring

The original 6-petal Flair flower design embellished with dark pewter glass around the edges and Hematite through the center on a Platinum coated band. It has a nice weight to it with the Hematite stones.

And a new one…The Cosmos Cocktail Ring

This new design is four graduated layers of beaded tatting in 6 petals. Reminds me of the simple Cosmos flower. A frilly purple Teeny Tat embellishes the center with a large jet black Crystal. I’m liking it. It looks very wide on my hand but my hands are very very small.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my babbling and gallery of new work. I will be adding to the menu to the left as I have time and posting more about Snappy Tatter-land when I can.

Cheers everyone!


Latest Etsy Listings…

The latest Etsy listings for Snappy Tatter.

Bounce Tatted Earrings in black with dark pewter glass. 


PIXIE Pin in Victorian red with Swarovski Crystal.


Blossom Pendant in dark purple with CZ.


Sweet Decadence Statement Necklace in Black with glass beading and Hematite.

All photos have been added to the galleries to the left.

Everybody think SPRING

It’s coming…it’s almost here. Forget about the winter doldrums…the snow, the rain, the sludge, the freezing temps. You can’t see you breath anymore. You can see grass for once….the daffodils are making their way to the sun…the birds are coming back to have their babies and a beautiful transformation is about to begin. It will take over and before you know it there will be green and yellow and every other color of the rainbow painting our worlds…

I live in western PA in the US. Winter has been tough. This post is for all of us that would like a little ray of sun in their life….Flowers and Butterflies. Some of my favorite subjects for the tatted lace I have made over the years. Enjoy. Smile!

Some of these items are listed in my Etsy shop.

Everything can be custom made.

I hope I have brightened your day!

Jennifer the Snappy Tatter

Snowballs on Etsy!

Sometimes, when I sit down in the evening to tat I am just in the mood for something a little simpler. Snowflakes are a good past time. I work from my own pattern book and typically change something every time I work. More picots, longer chains, bigger rings…different cord. It is amazing how even small changes can impact the overall design of a tatting pattern. The  Snowball (No.8) shown above is one of my simplest patterns frilly-fied. I added uniform picots to the rings wherever I could creating a pleasantly textured flake. The rings at the points are reversed so the picots lay flat and hug the satin ball. I love the Mallard Blue color with the snow white flake on it. It has been embellished with glass pearls in the rings.

The No.12 Snowball was truly a unique delight to design. I wanted the effect of crystalized flurries. I made many Teeny Tats (tiny picot-ed rings) and secured them with AB coated Celestial Crystal. After spending a considerable amount of time tacking the Teenies to the ball I felt there just needed to be a little bit of something more…whimsical life. In come the wee PIXIE butterflies-peach in color with glass beaded wings and pink Swarovski crystals in their middles. I finished off this PIXIE wonderland with a few clusters of tatted leaves embellished with more Swarovski. It is a delight to my eyes.

I will be listing all the Snowballs as I make them in my menu to the left.

A link to my Snowball shop on Etsy:


My personal Butterfly Garden

This work of Fiber Art is simply named “Butterfly Garden”. It is an indulgence I created for myself a couple of years ago. I decided to do a study in shades of white and neutrals.  Very difficult to photograph, I finally produced photos that are true to color.

The result is butterflies and flowers on a modern background of finely embroidered visual texture. Metallic vines and leaves cross the background adding more depth.

In the end I used shades of white, ecru, taupe, tan and nude. The large butterfly is shuttle-tatted  in several rounds with shades of ecru and taupe pearl cotton, used for it’s beautiful sheen.  The background is hand embroidered on 28ct linen. The many tatted flowers are sequined and beaded.  Wee tatted butterflies overlap onto the brushed metal frame. This piece measures 5 x 7.

This work required a lot of planning and time to design. I researched the perfect stitches, made tons of tiny tatted things, many of which I have used in other work. I chose the perfect color palette and threads in silk, cotton, pearl cotton, metals and nylon. Glass beads  and sequins to match. I just keep working and working until it all looks complete and even more pleasing than my original visualization.  Something special for myself.  The only place this can be seen is in my home. I hope you enjoy the Butterfly Garden.

Fresh Snappy Tatter Designs

Good morning everybody. I am enjoying my morning coffee and the bright sunshine that is streaming through my bay window. Here is more work from the past two weeks that will be going to the Keystone Summit in December.


Flair Pin

PIXIE Butterfly Duo

Birch Leaf pendant in variegated green cordonnet. Bright green glass seed beads with copper lining highlight the twisted vein. Sterling jewelry components and Italian leather cord.
Flair Flower pin in boysenberry cordonnet. Purple iridescent glass seed beads surround a large metallic purple glass bead. Lavender pearls are stitched around the petals. The Flair is attached to a round pin base that is Sterling.
The only thing better than a PIXIE pendant is a double or even triple PIXIE pendant. The PIXIES here are about 3/4″ wide each and beaded with black glass and a Sterling corrugated round in the center. Tatted together they are suspended from black Italian leather by Sterling jewelry components. Love the PIXIES!!!
Now on to the rest of a Snappy day…more coffee, more tatting, SyFy movies and a little vacuuming thrown in for kicks!

Keystone Summit

This tiny Delight…an as of yet un-named butterfly garden box, will premier at the Keystone Summit on December 7th at my husbands industrial park. I will be one of a handful of artists displaying my work for sale and I am super excited. I am busy doing what I love best…tatting and designing. I take my lace-making to a new level by adding teeny beaded flowers and tatted leaves to the top of a tiny little metal box. The background is a fabric with a black and white floral base. The tiny flowers and leaves are tatted as well as the lilac PIXIE butterfly that hovers over them. The butterfly is slightly stiffened to be permanently 3-D. The cording around the garden is handmade in complimentary colored floss. The interior is lined with lavender felt. The entire metal box is 1 1/2″ in diameter. I feel so happy when I create things that are so delightful. Keeps me out of trouble and keeps a spring in my step.

later…I think I will call this “Lavender Love” .