Incoming Butterflies!

Seems like lately I just can’t keep up with myself. I have a basket of tatted bits that need to be made into something. I have two new Couture pieces that need listed and I would like to Blog about. I have been working on lots of little butterfly jewelry. I would like to make myself a large cuff bracelet. I would like to start a new Fiber Art design that will begin with embroidery and eventually be a framed work. I have a list of design ideas to execute as long as my arm. I need to get the latest e-Newsletter out. And outside of Etsy there is groceries, laundry, vacuuming, shopping for our vacation and taxes. Oh CRAP! Taxes. Something I vow to do early every year and still only get to at the end of March. Oh well.

So while I get my act together. Here are a few pics of wee butterfly jewelry that is coming soon to my Etsy Shop, Snappy Tatter. All are listed or will be listed within the next few days.


PIXIE Ring Pendant

Tiny Gold PIXIE Earrings with Swarovski

Small silver PIXIE earrings with Sterling beads

Small white PIXIE earrings with purple pearls

3-D Vivien Stickpin with crystal

Red and black Vivien Stickpin with crystal

Vivien's fluttering profile

And don’t forget the Diana Butterfly Stickpin contest continues until 3/9. If you haven’t yet entered, visit this post for all the ways to get your entries: Diana Stickpin Give-Away Leave a comment on the post that you would like to be entered. Here is a photo of Sweet Diana resting on my blouse.

I will return soon with new posts about the creation of my latest Couture, a Butterfly Gala called Flutter and a choker made of tatted leaves called Garland.



My Butterflies have fluttered away!

But not very far! I decided to move my applique items (flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and snowflakes) over to my new shop JJBeads I felt they were better suited to an atmosphere filled with beads, buttons and ribbon. I wanted to make room in my Snappy Tatter shop for more jewelry and fiber art categories. I am hoping everyone who visits JJBeads feels my tatted and crocheted applique fit right in. In the meantime, a few of my butterflies on Snappy Tatter are now on clearance at 50% off! Stop by and check them out if you need applique.

PIXIE butterflies

Sparkle PIXIES


Emma in Berry


Other designs not seen here are Diana who is a 3-D Stick Pin, Daphne who has become a pendant and  Abagail who embellishes a metal box under “Gallery of Fiber Art Boxes 2011” to the left.