A new gallery of Tatting and Fiber Art for the ArtFest

The ArtFest is now less than a week away. Busy busy busy around here. But I thought I would take a break to add some pics of more work that will be going with me to the show.

Flourish Choker with gunmetal Swarovski crystals and Czech glass

Tatted Flourish medallion detail

Brilliance Choker with multicolor Czech glass tatted into the design

Brilliance medallion detail

Golden PIXIE butterfly with Swarovski crystal and leather necklace

Black PIXIE with aqua Swarovski crystal and leather necklace

Two tone MOD Pendant with silver-lined Czech glass and Stardust Sterling bead

Flash Drip earrings with silver-lined beads tatted into the design

Flair earrings in variegated ecru cord with glass and pearls

Simple Frilly Drips in charcoal with gunmetal findings

Little Miss Sunshine PIXIE Garden Box with Czech glass, teeny tatted leaves, variegated purple Colonial knots, and Swarovski crystal

Emerald Harvest PIXIE Garden Box embellished with dark gold glass beading and Swarovski crystal, tatted leaves and flowers, and a large glass pearl.

Izzy the Woolly Bear Tatterpillar

Candie the Tatterpillar in a spring green garden with Swarovski embellishment

And I couldn’t resist, I had to make one more Tatterpillar for the show. This Inchworm is cruising through a handcrafted garden on a 3″x 3″ x 2″deep collectible box. I spent hours tatting and sculpting the little guy, couching the tatted leaves to the linen, filling the centers with satin stitch, and adding all the little colonial knot flower buds. The garden was then trimmed and secured to the padded lid of the box, surrounded by handmade cable and fully lined with olive colored felt.

Inch by Inch…Life’s a Cinch.

The Inchworm Tatterpillar traveling through a linen garden of tatted leaves and colorful colonial knot flowers

P1090036 P1090038 P1090041 P1090037 P1090043

These designs are new and not listed in my Etsy shop, like the gallery in my last post. All items from my shop will also be going to the show so stop over there to peek at everything that will be available.

This upcoming Saturday and Sunday all one-of-a-kind work, Fiber Art and Snappy Couture will be deactivated to avoid work being purchased both at the show and on Etsy. The remaining items will go on a MTO (made to order) status which will be updated depending on whether it was sold when I return.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit!



The Riverwalk was tons of fun!

I recently attended the New Castle Riverwalk Arts Festival, my first outdoor show. And I had a wonderful day! I met tons of people and sold a lot of my work. Everyone was so kind and complimentary. The weather cooperated with sunshine all day. Aside from a couple of heavy wind gusts that left us scrambling to put up side walls on my booth, everything went smoothly. My husband was with me and was completely invaluable when it came to helping me set up and tear down. He brought me food and even stood in my place to give me a break, making his own sales in the process.

my space!

Being my first show, we learned a lot. In the future we need to make sure that my easel pendant and necklace displays are secured to the table…like duct tape. Twice when the wind came through, everything standing went “ker-flop” sending my work sailing across the tables! We recovered quickly. Without my husband I would have been helpless trying to re-establish my displays and put up sidewalls at the same time.

It was a nice, park-like atmosphere with bands all day and food and about 40+ artists and artisans. I got a chance to (stand all day) explain my work, the technique of tatting and talk about what inspires me. Many people just wanted to try on the various Gala necklaces and the Couture jewelry. I loved being able to see how the designs looked and fit on other people.  I sold about a third of the work I took with me and also got several custom orders for tatted jewelry. I was able to hand out brochures with my profile and the technique and history of tatting. I truly hope everyone walked away with a new experience and appreciation for fiber art.

Overall, it was a fun and successful day. It was also an amazing amount of hard work. The next day my feet and legs just burned! I have a new appreciation for people who do these shows regularly. Presentation is as important to me as the quality of my work. I spend an amazing amount of time creating things and feel they deserve to be displayed in the most formal and beautiful manner.  I will do more shows in the future but will need time in between to replenish my work. I sold over 50 pieces of work. Now I have everything I need to be able to do an outside show, from the canopy to the red table cloths and leather displays.

I am back home and trying to pack everything back up so it is ready to go on short notice. Boxes are packed and labeled and my work is stored again so it can be shipped for Etsy sales.

My Etsy shop was on vacation for several days while I prepared and attended the Festival. I was kind of off the grid there for a few days as I recouped.  But now Snappy Tatter is back online. The June coupon is out. 20% off everything all month long! My Blog subscriber’s have this coupon code emailed to them at the beginning of each month. Subscribe at the left and enjoy a constant discount in my online shop! (click here)Snappy Tatter on Etsy

Aside from custom orders I am catching up on my bookkeeping and household duties, weeding, paying bills…and soon I will be listing new work that I am in the process of photographing and writing Etsy listings for. I am back in http://www.-land so I will be keeping up with the Blog, Facebook and Etsy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!