Free Flakes for everyone! October 2012 promotion

My latest e-Newsletter has come out today!

~The exclusive October promotion is a FREE Dainty Snowflake with every purchase until the next e-Newsletter! Just write “Free Dainty” (or anything like that) in the comment box at checkout and I will send you a lovely little Dainty Snowflake free of charge. My online shop: Snappy Tatter

These little delights measure approximately 1″ and are perfect to hang in a window, on a mini tree, or enclose as a little surprise in your holiday letter. This is another exclusive promo just for my fans and followers so don’t forget to mention that you would like your Flake!

And if you prefer to purchase outside of my Etsy Shop, just drop a note in your email/blog/facebook request and I will send one along. Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Halloween Everyone!



Want to purchase outside of Etsy? Send me an email ( with what you would like to purchase. I accept PayPal, money orders and checks for email sales. My Etsy shop can take all credit cards directly.

Are you interested in custom or bridal work? I will be happy to collaborate.

Snappy Tatter Gallery Updates

I spent the majority of my day here in Snappy Tatter-land updating my categories and galleries to include my newest work. Time to get your coffee or your tea and relax while you spend a little time perusing Snappy Tatter updates. This counts as “me time” for those of you who need a flimsy excuse. 🙂

New pics are added to the following categories:

Tatted Brooches-PIXIE Butterfly Stickpin, Mum Brooch and Diana Butterfly Stickpins

Tatted Earring Gallery-Bounce, Grace, Wisp, Flair, Flash Drip

Tatted Pendant Gallery-Dainty, Flair, Gerber, Majestic Dragonfly, Sara butterfly

Snappy Couture Jewelry-Leaf Garland, Teeny Tat Chic

Tatted Barrettes and Bobbies-Daisy Bobbies

Gallery of Tatted Snow-Snowball No.20, Janette’s Ice Crystal gallery, and Ice Crystals No. 31, 33 and 35

Gallery of Mini Fiber Art Boxes-Purple Berry Frilly Fleur and Hot Pink Frilly Fleur and a new pic of Sunshine Flutter

Gallery of Fiber Art Boxes-updated pics of: Dandelion Fluff, Pansy Paradise, Abagail, and Sophie’s Garden

Framed Work-Peach Tranquility, Buttercup’s Garden and Follow Me

MOD-new bracelets including the Double MOD that I wear

Enchanted-more pics

And brand new categories have been added:


Dainty, Flair Flowers and Flurry

and The Sophisticate

That is my latest update for Snappy Tatter-land. Follow me on my Facebook Page  or Twitter to be the first to catch all new listings in my Etsy Shop when they come out!



Struck Gold! New Tatted jewelry with Gold components.

My newest additions to my Etsy Shop are here, making use of the new gold plated pin bases I have in my stock. The Glimmer Goldie Mum Brooch is MTO (Made to Order) right now. The one in these pics is on its way to a repeat customer in NY that wanted the brooch for her coat.

(click the pics to be taken to more photos and a full description)

And not only do I have lovely, shiny, gold pin bases in my stash, I also have a stunning variety of Swarovski pearls in lots of colors. This dark gold one was perfect to go with the creamy PIXIE butterfly and gold stickpin.

That is what I have finished currently. I am working on my new rose patterns for a Couture design, a delicate Grace bracelet, a multicolored Mum, Dainty Flake earrings and more Teeny Tat stationery. Oh, and I am crocheting a winter poncho for myself.

It does not get boring around here!



Yay! Everybody raise their glass with me!

Yay! A milestone in Snappy Tatter-land. I just had my 400th sale!!! 🙂

I love round numbers!

And I finally have time to get the snow machine rolling around here. My newest Limited Edition Ice Crystal, No.33…crisp, snowy white embellished with Swarovski crystal.  A Snappy Tatter original design!


This Flake just has to be lucky. 3 is my lucky number and my favorite. I was born 03/23/73. Seriously! At 4:14 AM. Crazy.

Cheers everyone!


Things are moving along in my Etsy shop transformation.

Updates and improvements are beginning to move along in my Etsy shop. I was happily waylay-ed by a lovely custom order for a Debutante choker with magnificent beading through the weekend. I hope to photo it later today. Then got smashed in the head, literally, by a nasty migraine yesterday. My eye doctor’s appointment was a bit too much and I spent the rest of the day on the sofa. But I got a chance to move some items back into my shop this morning even though my head is still aching a little.

The limited edition ornaments are back online.

Brooches and Stickpins are back.

And my favorite, Snappy Couture designs, are updated and available as well.

Gift Certificates are back too, in denominations of $25 and $50. I will keep posting here as my shop fills up again. And I am working hard to organize myself for a new give-away contest. Here’s a hint to what the prize will be….it would flutter away if it wasn’t pinned down! 🙂

Cheers everyone!


Sneak Peek!

A gallery of work that will be going to the Keystone Summit show this week. I will be there Tuesday 12/6 and Friday 12/9 from 10 am till at least 2:30. My Etsy Shop will be back online this coming weekend after everything is wrapped up. This gallery is not everything that will be at my show, just the things I had a chance to snap a picture of this past weekend while working my tail off to prepare!

Adjustable Cocktail Rings!

Bracelets and Cuffs.

25% Off Cocktail Rings…

Barrettes and Sterling Bobby Pins

A few earrings…there are many many more

Necklaces, Statement Necklaces, Couture and Pendants

A partial display of necklaces on top of my sewing table…just figuring out which display pieces will need to travel with me.

Vivien Stick Pin…

Diana Stick Pin…

Pink ribbon Pendant…

A new Rosette Barrette.

Dainty Flake Sterling Bobby Pin…

Dainty Flake Brooch…

More Earrings…

And a new Snowball ornament…

You can contact me at if you have any questions or requests.

See the posts below for more pics of recent work.

Cheers! Jennifer

The Tatted snow has settled & more ways to win the November Give-Away!!!

I have been working to update my snow page and have finally finished adding the links, photos and a little information about my history with tatted snow. You can find the new “Gallery of Tatted Snow” to the left. Or click HERE if you like. Continue reading

A question for you!

You know it figures that after I send out the November e-Newsletter earlier today directing my readers to the “growing Christmas Ornament section” I would go in and change the name of the section. Well, it’s now Enjoy the Holidays”. I like it better. Sounds more inviting and I do an immense amount of work each year geared towards winter and the holidays. So I wanted to put those items together. It was fun to go through my inventory and just pick things that were white, silver, pale blue, red, green, snowflakes etc. and festive and put them all together for the next few months. I might just do that to celebrate each lovely season.

My readers are smart enough to figure out the Christmas Ornaments are in the Holiday section! Aren’t you all!

Question for anyone who would like to give me advice-I really value all of your feedback:

Would you prefer shopping through a themed (Christmas, winter, summer, floral) section with multiple types of items?  Or would you prefer everything was categorized? (bracelets, earrings, cocktail rings, ornaments, fiber art)

I will always keep everything in categories but I am thinking one section that may have what visitors are looking for at the time might be helpful.

I would love to hear your input! Comment below or on Facebook or Tweet me!



Fresh snow is falling!

While I convalesce here on the Snappy Tatter sofa from an evil bout of asthma with my antibiotics, mucinex, ibuprofen and giant box of tissues…I thought I would share the first snowfall of the season. Click each photo to be taken to more pics and full descriptions!