Tat Fact #4 -TLC = Tatted Lace Care, caring for lace jewelry

A great fact about tatted lace is that it is knotted so it is extraordinarily durable. This is one reason many of you have a delicate handkerchief from older generations that has lovely tatted trim around the edge, or those little note cards with hand drawn stems and tiny tatted flowers glued on them. I call those Teeny Tats and have been making them when I can, trying to get their tatted sweetness back into circulation. I frequently enclose blank, hand decorated Teeny Tats in my sales.


To begin with, I have care instructions at the bottom of my receipt that people receive with their purchase. For some of my work such as Fiber Art, heavily beaded or sculpted work I leave this information off because I would prefer that people contact me about the care of these special items. In which case, I will give my email or hand written instructions on the receipt.

My sales receipt currently reads:

Tatted Lace Care: Press gently between two warm, moist cloths of similar color with hands. Something thin such a tiny crochet hook, bobby pin, or paper clip can be used to reshape the loops. Allow to dry flat. Polish metal with a Silver polishing cloth. Inhibit tarnish-Store in a sealed plastic bag with paper or a Silica Gel package. Please contact me with any questions.


Here is a full explanation, with pictures, of the process of rejuvenating your lace.

Like most people, I like jewelry that is easily taken care of. These instructions for care and storage should help everyone keep their tatted lace in fabulous shape for pretty much an eternity!

This Tat Fact is about storage and pressing beaded tatting. I plan to talk about cleaning lace at a later time after I have had a chance to do some experiments to have photos and accurate descriptions.

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