My shop is Live!

There are just a few things available but I have gotten the hang of how to add items to my website for sale so soon you won’t have to run around the web to buy my work! The top menu to the left shows what is available. All work is currently available and it will ship USPS first class unless you need it faster, in which case, please email me, so I can accommodate you. All Snappy Tatter work is also guaranteed so if something goes wrong, please let me know. I will write out what my guarantee covers soon. The piece below, named Valor, is available under the Tatted motif menu! This is so exciting!!!!!!

Live, Love, Tat!


Yay! Buy direct from Snappy Tatter!

I upgraded my website awhile ago so that my customers and readers would be able to purchase my work directly from me through PayPal. I am not a techy person and often struggle for hours to figure out how to do something simple…or supposedly simple. I am just an artist, after all. Lol. I read and re-read the tutorials for how to set up payment on this website and over and over it was a difficult task. Why weren’t the options showing up that they were promising were there??? Luckily, I am rather mellow this evening and felt like taking on the task. I finally figured it out and will be adding “buy” buttons to eligible items in the galleries. I also will add “buy” buttons when new items are showcased. If you have any questions, I MAY have an answer. For now I have a few kinks to work out and then I will begin with my Couture collection, adding the latest works and “buy” buttons so you no longer have to run around the internet to find my shop to purchase things.

In the meantime…pop on over to the Watch Gallery. The watch shown above is for sale and now you can buy it straight from me with ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!!! Who doesn’t love that!

Live, Love, Tat!


I got married!

Actually, I was married to Jay Rickert on June 18th of this year but a bunch of things interrupted my ability to tell all of you until now. I figure, it’s never too late to share that I got married!!!

I married the most wonderful man. I have always felt an almost magical connection to Jay, a joyful and deeply intimate connection. When we first were together I drew the portrait behind his head from a photo he had sent to me. We were still 2300 miles apart and our romance was budding long distance although we had both flown to meet each other by the time I had drawn this. I have never felt so close to someone as when I drew this portrait. That I did not expect. Jay looks a little weepy, a joyous weepy. This photo was taken the day he married me.

So, about the wedding…

We actually were married for less that $200, which is a feat in itself and deserves talking about. My little sister and her family came from Kansas to help us pull everything together a couple of days before the wedding. Mia, my sister, and my nieces, Marissa and Vanessa, helped me get dressed and Larry, my brother-in-law, help Jay get our modest venue prepared.

Before that everything went simply and with ease. I believe a higher power works in my life and when I am moving in the right direction, I feel a sense of ease. When I need to have pause, and things are not so easy, maybe I need to wait for some reason unknown. I have faith so that is how it works. But this is what happened. We went to get our marriage license and asked the nice woman if she knows of anyone who can officiate our wedding…it just so happens that she does and she charges nothing. That would be a perfect price and we tipped her gratuitously.

Jay and Shelley, our officiant. ^^^^

So then I decided I wanted an outdoor wedding in our lovely bright green park here in town. I called the city and reserved the pavilion and a tree for a few hours…cost $0. I called the local Episcopal church and asked if we could borrow about a dozen of their chairs for a couple of hours, no problem, $0.

Invitations to local friends needed to go out asap. I used my own artwork to create a simple invitation on small with cards, on my own printer. The cards, purple and orange ribbon and flower with a pearl cost $12 plus stamps and I put them together myself and sent them out.

I went to the bakery for a sheet cake in my wedding colors of purple/lavender and orange. Orange is actually my favorite color and it just so happens to coordinate perfectly with my sister’s favorite color of purple. So I decided this would be a beautiful wedding to pull together. My sister and her family picked up the price of the cake…thank YOU!!!

Next, we drove to Ross Dress for Less to begin the search for my dress. I found the perfect fit and design for a summer outdoor wedding. Empire waist with lace trim at the bottom and around the bottom edge of the almost off shoulder design that totally balanced my figure, $14. The beautiful orange sash around my waist was handmade by me from silk material a friend gave me.

Nude colored flat sandals with small sparkles all over them, $13. For Jay we found a new lavender shirt, perfect fit, $15. Charcoal slacks and a belt, $10 and $12, respectively. And there were like 3 ties, one of which was lavender with charcoal paisleys. We both love paisley! $9, I believe. We walked out feeling like winners.

I went back to Ross when my sister and her family came to find outfits for them. The nieces found beautiful flowy summer dresses in rich purple and a dark orange red.

They are so precious! We also found a lavender set that was lovely on my sister. And Larry became our photographer and did a wonderful job catching beautiful moments and a video of the whole ceremony.

While at Ross I found 3 centerpieces for the tables we reserved. I believe they were $6

And finally for our guests I picked up inexpensive plates and cups in orange and white and my nieces hand painted little garlands around the edges of the plates. I was so grateful for all the help from my family!

The Bride’s Jewelry!

I made all of my own jewelry and was delighted doing so. I wanted my long, long, hair up. It was put in several small braids and than swirled on top of my head making a bun by my sister. She pinned it all up and I wanted my own band of jewels and lace around it. I created a band of rings and ran 8mm white glass pearls through it along with Aurora Borealis 48 facet crystals. and Swarosvki crystals.

I made simple dangle earrings to match.

And I worked my fingers to the bone to create a cuff that was embellished at every single joint with silver-lined Czech glass beads. The edging was a Celtic crossover. It was tedious and took days to make. But I love it and it matched the lace at the bottom of my gown. It is about 3.5″ wide.

We had a joyous wedding that was fun, relaxing and easy. We did not break a bank we did not have to run up charges on cards. Our families are far away so they could not attend, with the exception of my little sister. I hope you have enjoyed my good news and photo gallery.

I have been away for awhile and will talk about that later but now that I am back I am finishing new work that will list soon. I know I keep saying that. Lol. But I was away from home for some time and unable to run my business. Snappy Tatter is up and running and I have added many new listings. Come visit and see what is new! I also have my PIXELS site where my drawing and and paintings are sold. I will be working more in both sites and posting production here.

Have a lovely day and don’t forget Live, Love, Tat!


The Butte County Fair-I did a thing.

I have not entered an art show of any kind for years. This is our 3rd summer here in Arco and I decided to spread my wings a little and enter 3 of my embroidered paintings into the modest art show. And I WON! Yay!!!! All 3 of my works earned first place in their categories with two of them also winning the Judge’s Choice award. This is so exciting for me!

DreamerJudge’s Choice Award
The Electric Rose

There will be more embroidered paintings and tatted sculptures coming in the future. I have been working more and am excited to share with you what has been happening around here.

In the meantime,

Live, Love, Tat!


A drive over doublesprings pass.

We like to travel the mountains. It soothes our souls and resets our brains when there has been a lot going on. Here in the high desert of Arco, Idaho, we are already a mile high. And we are surrounded by various mountain ranges, desert, buttes, and a river called the Little Lost River because at some point it disappears into the earth. It adds up to endless opportunities to explore. Here are a few photos from our journey over the pass and back on the highway going home.

Snappy Tatter, my online shop!, is up and running again. My wedding was lovely and I will have photos soon.

Over the next couple of days, I will be changing listings that have free shipping back to their appropriate shipping category so feel free to take advantage of what remains labeled as “free domestic shipping” while I get it changed.

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Free shipping for Memorial Day!

There is FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all items that are already made and ready to ship from now until 5/28! Come snag those earrings, that special piece of fiber art or J Kohr Couture without paying a shipping fee if you live in the US. Message me if you are outside the states and I can offer reduced shipping to you, as well! The Shipping is already adjusted on items that are ready to go! With 78 items that have Free shipping, you are sure to find something to love! Here are just a few…

Come stop by between bar-b-ques and camping…I will be here all ready to pack and ship in Snappy Tatter-land!

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Shop fine lace jewelry from SnappyTatter on Etsy


I just love when customers pick a different color for their handmade jewelry than the regular black, gray and shades of white. This evergreen with leaf green Swarovski crystal pearls version of Obsession is spectacular! With 45 colors to choose from, I can make you what you want! You can find Obsession in black here:

I am currently tatting a wide, tricolor, cuff that is a brand new style. Photos coming soon!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend every one!

Live, love, tat!