New Snappy Tatter Snowflake styles available!

It’s that time of year folks. There is snow flurrying outside my western Pennsylvania home as I write this! I have 10 Ornament styles that are custom made in my shop now. I plan to have more soon. The following Snappy Tatter designs can be made in two different sizes and several colors. Click each flake picture to be taken to my Etsy shop listing with more pictures and full descriptions including available sizes and colors.

Burst Flake

Burst Flake

Flurry Flake

Flurry Flake


Frilly Flake


Glow Flake


Medallion No.1

Pop Flake

Pop Flake


Puff Flake


Star Flake

Twirly Flake

Twirly Flake

All of these designs are listed with a quantity of 3 most of the time. Larger quantities can be made but will take additional time, just ask. New ideas are popping up in my head all the time so hopefully I will have some new designs listed soon. I thought, since snow is falling outside my window today, I would take the time to showcase all of the Flakes I have available for custom tatting. I also have a couple of Ice Crystals and Snowballs available too. Visit this shop section, Tatted Ornaments, to find both the made to order and read to ship ornaments that are currently ready for this season.

~One-of-a-Kind Ice Crystals and Snowballs~


Updated Pendant Gallery!

I have been spending some time ignoring the winter blah’s by updating my galleries. The Pendant Gallery is now up to date. (I think)

New Additions:
Guardian Angel
Simplicity Ring
Hope Cross
New Photos:
17+ Dainty pendants
Rosette w/PIXIE butterfly
Pitter Patter
Maple Leaf
Majestic Dragonfly


Live, Love, Tat!


Adams Ridge Holiday Show

This is where I will be this coming weekend peeps! All work that is available in my shop that is not Made to Order will be there with me. So you can actually see it in 3-D reality and touch it too. And if you really like it you can take it home with you for the fee on the tag plus a little tax so the misers of the State can get their share. 😀 All Made to order listings will remain in my shop and be available to purchase through the event. Ready made items will not be available online from Friday to some time on Sunday after I recuperate from all the excitement.


And I have great news: I will be able to take credit cards on the spot thanks to Intuit’s GoPayment app! Yahoo! I hope to see my local peeps there. And if you are the adventurous type and would like to come for the event, I can recommend a nice hotel for you to stay in. Happy Holiday shopping you crazy people!

Live, Love, Tat!


November Snow in Snappy Tatter-land!

Ice Crystals!

Snappy Tatter Snow! In keeping with my Ice Crystal tradition, I embellished each Flake with exceptional one-of-a-kind glamor using Swarovski, Celestial and Czech crystals, glass beads and pearls and perfect Swarovski pearls in icy shades and Christmas colors. AB (Aurora Borealis) coating adds a brilliant multicolor shimmer to many of the glass beads.

These are Snappy Tatter original designs. The Ice Crystals and Snowballs I hand make each year are one-of-a-kind and limited edition, perfect for collecting and gift-giving!

Tatting is a knotted lace technique that is closest to micro-macrame. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of tiny knots are tied to form rings and chains. Beads are added one by one as the knots are tied or hand sewn into the finished Flake.

Visit my Etsy shop to view more photos of these and other tatted ornaments!





Snowball No.22 (sold)


Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

a little premature? Sorry…. 😀

Yay! Everybody raise their glass with me!

Yay! A milestone in Snappy Tatter-land. I just had my 400th sale!!! 🙂

I love round numbers!

And I finally have time to get the snow machine rolling around here. My newest Limited Edition Ice Crystal, No.33…crisp, snowy white embellished with Swarovski crystal.  A Snappy Tatter original design!


This Flake just has to be lucky. 3 is my lucky number and my favorite. I was born 03/23/73. Seriously! At 4:14 AM. Crazy.

Cheers everyone!


my children are lazy….

We are a lazy bunch here in Snappy Tatter-land. I am trying every day to move a little more…eat a little less…I am a little thick and going on a cruise with my husband at the end of March. Need to be bikini ready sooooon. Yes, I said it, a cruise. And yes, I am well aware of the Italian cruise debacle that just oh so recently went down. As a matter of fact, the moment I pressed that button on my Netbook that said “Book your Cruise!“, the news broke over our local channel. Seriously, the first report was like 3 seconds after I committed our money,our time and our liiiiiivvvvves to a luxurious Caribbean cruise to celebrate our wedding anniversary and birthdays. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Seth and I were bent over with laughter! We’ll be fine. I’m sure of it. But it wouldn’t hurt for everyone out there say a little bitty prayer for the Kohr’s on the eve of the 18th of March. Seriously folks.

I actually have been very busy around here. I have been designing a new piece that I believe will be called “Butterfly Bouquet”. It is a series of fluttering butterflies is shades of grey, charcoal and black that will surround your throat.

And I have been doing all the necessary small business tasks to get prepared to file my taxes and get organized for the upcoming year.

In the meantime, my children continue to be lazy, silly little creatures that brighten my wintery days. Seriously, these two lounge around 40% of the day, sleep 55% of the day and run around like their tails are on fire and beat each other up 5% of the day. BeBe is on the right…sweet girl and my baby boy is soaking up the sun on the left. He’s momma’s big boy.

BeBe has been sleeping with a pillow since we moved to this house so this night we decided to tuck her in for a good nappy. She stayed like this for hours.

Here is Macky snuggling on the chair in my studio…day after day he is here with me. On this particular day the stuffed pig decided to spoon him. And it looks like Macky brought the pig a leopard mouse for a treat. 😀

This is the new Christmas toy that has led to some serious ambushes between the kids. It has holes on three sides and only room for one (two if they were normal kitty size).

So one is on the outside idly standing by and one is wiggling his butt on the inside…..then POUNCE!

And of course we can’t forget…..Can you see her?How about now?


As we took down the tree in the middle of January…Squirt, our Chinese Water Dragon, ran across the sofa and launched herself into the tree…(okay she missed the first time so momma gave her a second chance)…then she sat there for an hour saying “what the —-?!?” This isn’t Cambodia!

As I keep tatting away the winter blues I want to remind everyone that the new Coupons and Give-aways section lists the latest coupons that are active in my Etsy shop, Snappy Tatter.



I hope everyone is enjoying their lives and their families in the holiday afterglow!

How about a new Snappy Tatter Give-away in February? Any suggestions?



Yay! She’s “Winning”!!!!

First I would like to thank everyone who participated in this month’s  Tatted Earring Give-Away! Thank you!!! Read the rest of this entry »

The Tatted snow has settled & more ways to win the November Give-Away!!!

I have been working to update my snow page and have finally finished adding the links, photos and a little information about my history with tatted snow. You can find the new “Gallery of Tatted Snow” to the left. Or click HERE if you like. Read the rest of this entry »

Fresh Snow and Thank you Contest Entrants!

Congratulations to Melody, Cat, Sarah H., Jennifer E., Carol, Chitra, Kelley, Jovanka, Dee, Connie C., and Don G.! You have all been entered in my Dainty Flake Earring Give-Away!  The contest is open for a 16 more days! Entering is easy. Any of the following actions will win you at least one entry: Subscribe to my Blog, purchase on Etsy, become a fan on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and/or answer my marketing question.

 CONTEST INFO Read the rest of this entry »

New Dainty Flake Pendants on Etsy!

I have been getting rather flaky around here. Snowflake-y! I made a flurry of little Dainty Flakes for pendants and earrings, four of which have already sold before I even listed them. The other four that are completed are here. You can click the photo to see more pics of these little delights.

More are coming soon. I have a nice little bag of unfinished Flakes to work on tomorrow when I get back into my studio including a multiple Dainty Flake necklace which is actually called Flurry. And more Cocktail rings are on their way. Pics are ready, descriptions and listings need written. Then I will share them all with you here.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!


P.S. Don’t forget to enter in the November Dainty Flake Earrings Give-away! Details are here!

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