Tatted Barrettes and Bobbies

Tatted Barrettes can be found in my online shop, Snappy Tatter.

Rosette Barrettes

Rosette Barrette with Holly leaves and glass pearl

A new leaf design. This is Holly but with more stitches it can be an oak leaf as well. The Rosette is 6-petal with all picots and one large glass pearl in the center that is held by Sterling bead caps. The Leaves are attached to pale silver 1/2″ ribbon and embellished with pale green glass pearls and matching seed beads. Set on a 3″ metal barrette, this traveled to the Blue Heron for display and sale.

Rosette Barrette in Gold and Green

Rich gold and leaf green cordonnet was used to shuttle tat the Rosette and leaves of this 3″ barrette. The 5-petal rosette sits like a cup with a sparkling edge of gold glass seed beads. The center is an ivory glass pearl. The two leaves are beaded down the vein with a dark green bead. The lace is sewn to a 1/2″ black satin ribbon which is then securely attached to the metal barrette.

I made this particular barrette for a fellow artist at The Blue Heron Art Gallery where I am a member. She has the most fantastic deep red hair that goes all the way down her back and a lovely warm complexion. With her in mind, I created this. The rosette is six petal with long picots and royal green beads tatted around the outer edge. Pale blue beads with copper lining surround the inner edge and bright green beads with copper are tatted into the interior rings. The center is deep gold with a large ivory colored glass pearl. The two leaves are a medium leaf green with the same bright green beads down the center vein.

Ecru colored rosette with two olive colored leaves on a 3″barrette. This 6 petal rosette is shuttle tatted with cream colored seed beads. Bronze pearls are sewn around a large ivory pearl center. The leaves are embellished with matching shiny seed beads.

Mum Barrettes

Below is a gallery of small 2″ barrettes with various versions of flowers and leaves. many can be found in my Etsy Shop, Snappy Tatter.

Tatted Bobby Pins

4 thoughts on “Tatted Barrettes and Bobbies

  1. My first time to view your blog and I just wanted to say that your work is magnificent! Thank you for sharing as you do. God has given you a wonderful talent and I glad to have come across your blog.

    • Hello Jan. My barrettes are original works and the patterns are not available for replication or sale. I’m glad you like the work I have done. My designs are protected by copyright laws and I haven’t decided to share them yet. Thanks for inquiring!

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